chances are i've either left you, spat on the sidewalk next to you, drunkenly groped your ex-boyfriend, made you cackle, sneered at the back of your head, loved someone you hated, conspired against the air you called your friend, or ate your last cheez-it.

get over it.

My favorite diaries:

throwingjuly profile - diary
comments: "fuck patriotism. canada rules."
starberrysky profile - diary
comments: "Conor decides that he wants a laugh track installed in his spoon so that his life will be like a sitcom (?) So every time he scoops up a spoonful of gumbo he laughs hysterically"
boofkadinky profile - diary
comments: "for the rest of the week i shall only be wearing clothes that make me giggle"
thejanechord profile - diary
comments: "even a punk needs a paycheck."--- until the end of the world.
lightfallsup profile - diary
comments: "that's the best way to be in love, sixty seconds at a time. "
ryarianne profile - diary
comments: "more men should be fabulous in bed. that way, when one is, it isn't so absolutely shocking that you become preoccupied with it for days..."
moonrattles profile - diary
comments: "We were pretty young, and I was likely the only person who really needed to remember."
orpheusd0wn profile - diary
comments: "There is a balance. There is not a middle. You can balance a two pound and fifty pound weight. Harmony has never been about equality, but it's always the best goal."
fellbehind profile - diary
comments: "Dying suddenly and unexpectedly doesn't sound very appealing. That's why I'm killing myself slowly and deliberately through a steady diet of cigarettes and Dr. Pepper."
finalscore profile - diary
comments: "doesn't it hurt, my dear, when your heart breaks? and doesn't it hurt when wings fall and breath stalls and blood pours?"
jkookz731 profile - diary
comments: "i am going to act like this day didn't exist."
kathykat profile - diary
comments: beautiful girl.
icefacade profile - diary
comments: the most dedicated reader yet with stones in her pockets.
dobo profile - diary
comments: all a girl could ask for in life ... and he's mine.

My favorite music:

alkaline trio
ani difranco
comments: and kind of like spitting, kill holiday, yellowcard, weakerthans, helgeson story, slowfore, used, quarashi, jimmy eat world, algebra one, mineral, brandtson, elliot, mr t experience, gloria record, sunny day real estate, cursive, at the drive in, nofx
comments: let's not forget... sensefield, bright eyes, lyndsay diaries, karate, tom waits, paper chase, hum, errortype:11, pinehurst kids, reggie and the full effect, foo fighters, appleseed cast, hot water music, bad religion, toad the wet sprocket

My favorite movies:

the breakfast club
comments: made me want to tell stories.
comments: where i learned about love.
kicking and screaming
comments: told me the truth about life after college.
the philadelphia story
comments: lets us know that hijinks can still be fun.
slc punk
comments: along with: fight club, his girl friday, last time i commited suicide, clockwork orange, better off dead, red, blue, white, emperor and the assassin, the game, all about eve, permanent midnight, donnie darko, titus, and many many many more.

My favorite authors:

tom robbins
comments: red hair is caused by sugar and lust.
nick hornby
comments: it is about a boy.
richard brautigan
comments: get lost.
william faulkner
comments: mmmmmm, crazy drunk southerners.
jd salinger
comments: on top of... joyce, wilde, shakespeare, kerouac, hunter s thompson, james merrill, nabokov, henry rollins, fitzgerald, darius james, burroughs, ginsberg, seamus heaney, malidoma some....more more more

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