There's more to it than you realize, and eternity hangs in the balance.

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My favorite music:

comments: A vampire, or a victim, it depends on who's around. God I love U2.
"Glory and Consequnce"
comments: This Ben Harper tune is part of the missing secret to the resurrection. A womb of sound.
"I'm Glad Your Mine"
comments: See, Al Green makes you feel good, asking for much more than that is tom foolery.
"El Morocco"
comments: A song by junior saint , there's a link on my diary, listen to it listen to all of them, this one just has sentimental value..
"Only In Dreams"
comments: a song by Weezer that cannot possibly ever be played loud enough.

My favorite movies:

Leaving Las Vegas
comments: Not normally a Nick Cage fan, but this movie is poetry.
comments: Reservoir Dogs only wishes it was this cool.
Cool Hand Luke
comments: Sometimes nothin' is a real cool hand.
The Hustler
comments: the prequel (circa 1961 I think) to Color of Money, but a flawless tale of the beauty of human depravity
Last Night
comments: The world ends at midnight, you've known it will happen for two months, what are you going to do on the last day? Watch this movie if you want an example.

My favorite authors:

Joseph Campbell
comments: Because the man knew what he was talking about, and he knew that didn't make him any better than you or I
Dylan Thomas
comments: a poet who mastered the sound of the language, my favorite :"Her tombstone told when she died"
Tennessee Williams
comments: famous for his plays (one of which is the source of my diaryland name), but his fiction is brilliant too, if you can find his short story "Two on a Party", you'll thank me.
Carl Jung
comments: my hero, this man knew too much about people for his own good, but self admittedly knew nothing of love, just like the rest of us. You can't beat wisdom.
Lee Durkee
comments: trying to give a first time author from MS some props, if you find "Rides of the Midway", check it out.

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