if you could, would you walk with me?

I shape myself with handy labels but fail to paint myself whole. Perhaps I am simply fractured tidbits and snippits of trivia.

What may matter: I am 25. Lesbian. Feminist. Dianic. A sexual abuse survivor. Tattooed and pierced. Every adjective and many, many adverbs.

My favorite diaries:

kissthemuse profile - diary
comments: My passions. Reviewed.
aliop33 profile - diary
comments: In these entries, ferocity stares you in the face. One doesn't feel fear, however, but desire. For more.
ariadnesgirl profile - diary
comments: This is like literary heroin: I'm so addicted.
actualeyes profile - diary
comments: The kind of person I ache to know in real life.
activism profile - diary
comments: Progressive, activist alerts. Visit it regularly to help save the world.
blueapple profile - diary
comments: Witty, pithy, utterly addictive. More description coming when I recover.
broken-glass profile - diary
comments: Passionate in so many ways, perpetually observant.
bestentries profile - diary
comments: Finding some of the best entries on Diaryland.
dharmaqueen profile - diary
comments: Seductive writing, a voice I want to hear in person. Author of ariadnesgirl site, so she's brilliant to boot.
dark-kittie profile - diary
comments: Raw, astute, and fierce as all hell.
elipsis profile - diary
comments: "what i really need is to chop off my ego and bury it in... something completely anonymous." Ah, wisdom, thy name is Elipsis.
flashingkoi profile - diary
comments: Like the fish, she is a flash of color, a hint of something larger, below.
girloutcast profile - diary
comments: Shades of gray punctuated by entries blaring with brilliant color; a crime fighting bisexual...
goldenlights profile - diary
comments: Pithy and acerbic, she is salty and wicked in the best sort of way.
greentealeaf profile - diary
comments: Brevity that expresses volumes in its sparseness.
ghanima profile - diary
comments: Seductive as a Pre-Raphaelite; as winsome as a summer breeze; as subversive as a library.
hiddenscars profile - diary
comments: I read her like I drink water--thirstily, necessarily, desireously.
joleen profile - diary
comments: Sharp, witty, and fierce; a guaranteed literary crush.
jenne1017 profile - diary
comments: I wanna be like her.
livingtg profile - diary
comments: In her words: living out a third gender in a two-gender society. Amazing.
lattefairy26 profile - diary
comments: She writes like a dream--wispy vague solid pieces of color.
la-tigresa profile - diary
comments: Like a caged tiger in a zoo, she paces as the world watches complacently, unaware of what they're seeing.
milkwood profile - diary
comments: She gives me major diary envy.
merricat profile - diary
comments: Where to start? Listens to Eddie from Ohio (yay), reads Carl Sagan (double yay) and is part of the activist ring, which makes her a really good person. And she writes well to boot. (triple yay).
orangina21 profile - diary
comments: Some kind of demi-goddess in human form: memorizes trees, reads Douglas Adams *and* Edwidge Danticat, and refuses to believe that college is all about beer.
orpheusd0wn profile - diary
comments: Poetry that makes you want to sing; astute observations and a healthy appreciation for appetizers. A must read.
opalrain profile - diary
comments: Like her name, her iridescence rains onto the screen, drips through her words, leaves stains on your psyche.
overtaken profile - diary
phoenixchild profile - diary
comments: This girl totally cracks me up. She is *very* funny. You must read her.
psychodyke profile - diary
comments: Poetry like scratches--stinging, sharp, leaving a mark that never really fades...
phenomenal profile - diary
comments: Highlighting phenomenal Diaryland women.
pura-vida profile - diary
comments: My newest addiction--description forthcoming.
quantum87 profile - diary
comments: Like the glittering edge of broken glass: so tempting to touch, so painful to be near, and addictive, entirely.
rudelilgirl profile - diary
comments: She's 21 and her mom asks her if "that's what she's going to wear". True pain.
raissa profile - diary
comments: Beautiful site with clear and intuitive entries.
ramanda profile - diary
comments: Thoughts wandering across terrain that is familiar and foreign, like watching people on the train.
sheherezade profile - diary
comments: Her words weave together, folding onto itself, twisting and knotting, until I find myself tangled in the language and breathless from the experience.
sandandwater profile - diary
comments: jenne1017's other half; an addicting read in itself, absolutely sinful when read against jenne's...
shdwsoldier profile - diary
comments: Youth is not wasted on the young here, and age is something that will come, and what already exists is stark and beautiful, like a sapling against a snowstorm.
sparkles37 profile - diary
comments: Sarcasm in a slick layout; some of the wonkiest Google search results I've ever seen.
singes profile - diary
comments: Do not let the simian theme fool you; this is an evolutionary leap forward in diary review.
sylphanie profile - diary
comments: My newest fixation; more fire than air, her words are absolute element.
two-bitpoet profile - diary
comments: The two-bit part is a lie. The poet part is true. The words are all genius.
tithonus profile - diary
comments: Entries of depth and feeling that can inspire hours of inner reflection and a desire for a common room, him, and a pot of coffee.
tofugoddess profile - diary
comments: Smart, succinct, and a veggie (as seen by her name). Yay big fun.
thisuser profile - diary
comments: His "winkled contemplations, dangling thoughts, and protruding ideas" are a traipse through a veritable garden of delights...
transpire profile - diary
comments: Sparse snippets of life: like a Polaroid taped crookedly to a wall, you can only gaze and wonder.
winterfaerie profile - diary
comments: Lush entries--profound, insightful, lithe. One of the most beautiful sites I've ever seen.
unhurt profile - diary
comments: Words reflecting inner pain that one can almost taste.
bookofdreams profile - diary
comments: Words trapped in the most free sense: kept by choice, by passion, by desire.
dearroberta profile - diary
comments: Even the most extravagant adjective cannot come near the brilliant blaze of this open correspondence; I would slice my wrist to receive letters like these...
montparnasse profile - diary
comments: Our side of the Seine, indeed.
femmeproject profile - diary
comments: Women, writing. And the magic ensues.
rhyme profile - diary
comments: Entries like vodka shots: trenchant but so godly good.
tou-mou profile - diary
comments: I tremble at trying to describe her writing: I am not the mistress of language that she is.
fairybtch profile - diary
comments: Seductively short entries, like shoulders brushing against each other...
erato profile - diary
amantium profile - diary
bilateral profile - diary

My favorite music:

PJ Harvey
Alix Olson
Antigone Rising

My favorite movies:

Much Ado About Nothing
comments: Oh, Emma Thompson...
Talented Mr. Ripley
comments: Could Cate Blanchett be any sexier?
When Night is Falling
comments: *drool*
Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love
comments: I can still remember the first time I saw this flick; it blew me away that there were such things as 'real' lesbian films...
Red Violin
comments: Spans hundreds of years, has a lush soundtrack, and Samuel L. Jackson. Enough said.

My favorite authors:

Edna St. Vincent Millay
comments: Flippant, sexy, honest, vibrant, and bi: one of my earliest crushes.
Emma Donoghue
comments: "Kissing the Witch"--my personal Bible, Book of Shadows, holy text, whatever
Jeanette Winterson
comments: My perpetual muse.
Djuna Barnes
comments: Challenges me constantly.
Virginia Woolf
comments: She shapes my psyche.

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