Oompa-Loompas From Hell

This is a collection essays about sex and cynicism by a profoundly egotistical man that just writes whatever pops into his head at the time. It could be a day or a month between entries. It rarely contains aspects of my personal life, and is written mostly to satisfy me, and if you get a chuckle from it, so much the better.

My favorite diaries:

jerseygrrl profile - diary
comments: She quit updating a year ago, but read all of her entries anyway... very funny
Chubby Chic profile - diary
comments: just go read it
madam-diva profile - diary
comments: Why you should be nice to your waitress, or she is gonna write about it!
kittyslave profile - diary
comments: Mostly honest and a wee bit screwed up... thats what on-line diaries are about!
badsnake profile - diary
comments: I like the writing, but the banner alone is worth the trip, oh.. and more kinky sex
melwadel profile - diary
comments: Shes funny, shes funky, shes Jewish... Shes Mel!
roadsideleft profile - diary
comments: Short and sweet, longer than a Haiku, but makes you look for behind the words
smartepants profile - diary
comments: Another Diary that follows the rule of less is more
idiot-milk profile - diary
comments: Ok, I admit it.. she has a cute photo and I was just flirting... but she is funny, damn funny. I am still going to interest her in BDSM though...
muxxie profile - diary
comments: A very cute womans tales of personal sin... I like personal sin.
yngdivorcee profile - diary
comments: Young Woman just working it through, she also flatters me :)
sleepyzoe profile - diary
comments: Well, she sent me a picture for my readers gallery :)
carrythezer0 profile - diary
comments: She likes my writing, I wonder if she is single?
lv2write00 profile - diary
comments: Any banner that implies lesbian sex action with produce has to lead someplace good.
mslovejoy profile - diary
comments: Reviews of Diaryland Diaries!
hadassah profile - diary
comments: just so much fun to read.
gwensworld profile - diary
comments: she is quite addicted to pixie sticks
ssegwilde profile - diary
comments: Not just smart, pretty damn cute too
shmeder profile - diary
comments: She asked to be in my readers gallery. Thats good enough!
diaryreviews profile - diary
comments: Hopefully reviewing me soon

My favorite music:


My favorite movies:

Man, Woman, Eat, Drink
THe King of Masks
Strictly Ballroom
O Brother Were Art Thou

My favorite authors:

Susie Bright
David Eddings
Orson Scott Card
Stephen J. Gould

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