i could live in hope

"the monstrous thing is not that man has created roses out of this dungheap, but that for some reason, he should want roses." - henry miller

My favorite diaries:

sageadvice profile - diary
comments: "I'm sure there's a moral here but I have no idea what it is."
orpheusd0wn profile - diary
comments: "Something about this woman's flesh is pure arson."
whiskytown profile - diary
comments: "Beauty isn�t in the eye of the beholder anymore. The eye of the beholder is staring at the USA Today and he just stepped right in the middle of a patch of beauty and his goddamn loafer just ground it into equal parts broken irony and slightly runny
perceptions profile - diary
comments: "hospital records indicate he was healthy at birth, but then it says here that the patient came down with an acute case of youth, and there was nothing they could do. "
throwingjuly profile - diary
comments: "there should be a place for people in the process of giving up on life, but who've ruled out doing anything foolish or melodramatic."
labeled-girl profile - diary
comments: "we'll start here i suppose... not at the beginning, nor the end... but somewhere in the middle. you know, where life is."
endserenadng profile - diary
comments: "our silence turns violet as you tictoctic away from me. and your childlike heart and your childlike hands. [i miss the sound of your voice.]
stillshimr profile - diary
comments: "I'm letting go slowly, but the train is speeding up and I'm afraid that if I don't catch up, I'll lose everything and have to watch it all dissappear into the distance."
shutupmom profile - diary
thejanechord profile - diary
comments: "they say that the next step in human evolution will be the loss of the pinky finger, because we don't use it all that much. i don't know. if that's why we're going to lose anything, i imagine it would be our eyes."
corronado333 profile - diary
comments: evil pogo evil
seethingblue profile - diary
comments: "i longed to be in a used book store where people actually browsed through books and weren't titillated by collateral damage starring arnold schwarzenegger, taking sips from their biodegradable coffee cups, chewing on the ends of plastic stirrer
bendme profile - diary
comments: "you were the same as me but on your knees."
moonrattles profile - diary
comments: "Who will care for these things if I don't? I'm tending my garden now. Sometimes these things need to come out, need to be checked for bugs and fungus. Need to be watered and nurtured and kept alive. Who else would care about them?
onepinksock profile - diary
comments: "But that is only what I would observe about her if I loved her�(now you know why i am in trouble)"
finalscore profile - diary
comments: "nothing ever STAYS with me. it flies away leaving me cold and battered."
lousrose profile - diary
comments: "In case you didn't know, I'm totally in love with the city and haven't even been there."
meadowdream profile - diary
comments: "Voices only drop darkness down when it comes to you and I. "
jwinokur profile - diary
comments: "I am not just content with my decision to drink my own urine. I am downright proud of it."
recieveher profile - diary
comments: "dear yuri, you say some pretty cool things"
solarlab profile - diary
comments: "fall mornings are cleaner than a six-year-old bukowski's vocabulary. "
contrivance profile - diary
comments: "this is after the blindness, after the glances"
autumnimages profile - diary
comments: "the worst kind of judgements made about people are the ones that last"
karaokekatey profile - diary
comments: "people make me pro-nucleur"
dixiewhiskey profile - diary
comments: "how do you sleep when you've got ceilings to stare at?"
explodingboy profile - diary
comments: "the party was so electric that even the turkeys began to dance"
radiogurl profile - diary
comments: "Life has had a very interesting turn, in a Mrs. Robinson-meets-Hello Dolly kind of way."
darkflora profile - diary
comments: "I am the page of cups."
opiod profile - diary
comments: "1 beer, feeling a little let down by diaryland"
soon profile - diary
comments: "i've gotten, over the last couple of years, much worse at dealing with loneliness. it used to be my favorite hobby, my favorite past-time."
aquietboy profile - diary
comments: "the next time that you decide to go for a walk, i think it would be in everybody's best interest if you invited me."
undermined profile - diary
comments: "i continue my love affair with the balcony."
the-thinline profile - diary
comments: "one day, therewilljustbe pieces"
caustic- profile - diary
comments: " it's sad when the only thing left to say is that i feel nothing for you anymore."
n-reverence profile - diary
comments: "Sitting on Earthern Chairs of Stone, We are all Welcome on the Front Row."
aint-nothin profile - diary
comments: "late nights consisting of hurtful headphones telling me secrets only you or i would know. replaying your notes over in my head as i transcend into slumber. these parties consist of 1 guest and thats only me."
damefortune profile - diary
comments: "I said �how many girls did you kiss?� and he told me I�d be angry. I told him I wouldn�t be mad at him if he had kissed girls on his vacation. He said four. I told him I lied, set the drink down on the floor, and walked out.
smokeshack profile - diary
number9dream profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: my cycle of love of with this band never seems to end.
cap'n jazz
comments: a group of kids make some of the most desperate and intense music ever made
van morrison
comments: the velvet underground, sun ra, jeff buckley, sublime
rainer maria
comments: wherever i go, i keep coming back to this.
jeff buckley
comments: because, seriously, is this guy for real?

My favorite movies:

cool hand luke
comments: look, paul newman is the coolest man to ever touch the face of the screen and along with the hustler and the color of money, this movie is why
straw dogs
comments: the lost boys, trainspotting, donnie darko, breakfast at tiffany's, seven, the color of money, the hustler, thwere the money is, butch cassidy and the sundance kid, a river runs through it, amadeus, high fidelity, almost famous, say anything
henry fool
comments: a modernized film story of two of my favorite writers (james joyce and samuel becket) and it is just all around brilliant in every way.
sex, lies and videotape
comments: the truth. finally. (also: a streetcar named desire, bullit, the great escape, the wild bunch, rebel without a cause, giant, the three colors trilogy, decalogue, charakter, sex and lucia, on the waterfront)
the last waltz
comments: okay, it's a rock film, but it's still incredibly good.

My favorite authors:

charles bukowski
comments: rebel, drunk, romantic, poet, one of the last men to truley be in love with life soley because he didn't understand a fucking thing about it and didn't give a damn that he didn't
henry miller
comments: "and if it be asked- "didst thou enjoy thy stay on earth?"- i shall reply: "my life was one long rosy crucifixtion.""
samuel beckett
comments: lorca, joe orton, jim carroll, jeanette winterson, tim sandlin, james joyce, hunter thomson, agatha christie (just hercule poirot who is, to quote fast eddie felson "a student of human moves")
frank o'hara
comments: the closest words can come to pollock's "blue poles"
camden joy
comments: fyodor doestoevski, martin amis, thomas pynchon, yecgeny zamyatin, saul williams, anne sexton, chomsky, sarah vowell, nick hornby, nabakov, tom robbins

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