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Does anyone actually read this part? This is the gateway to my corner of the cosmic asylum, peopled by some of the most extraordinary inmates you could ever hope to meet. I kinda like it that way, too.

My favorite diaries:

dangerspouse profile - diary
comments: Possibly the ultimate bad-boy, or so he'd like us to believe. But no matter what he says, he's not the ugliest - though I'll give him 'funniest'
tuckandsophi profile - diary
comments: This diary chronicles the lives of Poolagirl's dogs. And it's as good as that sounds.
her-story profile - diary
comments: She speaks with the voice of every mother I know. She is insightful, funny, heartbreaking, and dead-on when it comes to the reality of parenting.
wench77 profile - diary
comments: Funny, insightful, intense, bisexual, and just a terrific person, too. She writes to an audience of ALL.
poolagirl profile - diary
comments: Capable of some of the most evocative work I've seen in a while - generally short entries will nonetheless stick in your soul.
ladywhispers profile - diary
comments: Not technically a favorite, this is my alter-ego and an original fantasy work in progress
chaosdaily profile - diary
comments: Beware - read this and get hungry! She works around food and her writing is lucious.
hcatty profile - diary
comments: This twenty-something doesn't update often but her style is bubbly and delicious!
cosmicrayola profile - diary
comments: She may be my astral twin. I'll let you know when I find out for sure. :)
boxx9000 profile - diary
comments: She has lived my life, or at least a significant portion of it. And she's given us the privilege of eavesdropping as she rejoins normal humanity - if there is such a thing.
hissandtell profile - diary
comments: It was inevitable. Nobody can resist hissandtell. Nobody. Not even me.
fairygodmum profile - diary
comments: I have to add her on principle. Everyone should go and wish for HER to get the job of her dream!
gwtw profile - diary
comments: I really need to catch up. His profile swears he's boring. I think he's lying. Can't wait to find out!
sunnflower profile - diary
comments: I just discovered this writer and found her style fascinating. She manages to combine both warmth and elegance, no small feat!
jonquill profile - diary
comments: I am not worthy... OMG I read one entry here and realized I was reading a master. Extraordinary perceptions.
colz profile - diary
comments: Another radio person, who like me gets to babysit the rest of the station. I'd send her a sympathy card but you know radio pay...
selfbiased profile - diary
comments: An intriguing young wordsmith who's managed to cram several lifetimes into a fairly short chronological age.
acaldwell profile - diary
comments: One of Diaryland's more unique voices. Irreverent, a little odd, he's got lots to say - and he says it loud and clear!
augustdreams profile - diary
comments: A new discovery, this diarist's entries (what I've read of them so far) are well written and thought provoking.
starlight42 profile - diary
comments: This newlywed offers a peek into her life and has some pretty darned interesting asides on the world at large. She makes her readers feel like part of the family.
bluemeany profile - diary
comments: She's bad. She's home from the middle east. And she didn't kill her hubby.
iambucket profile - diary
comments: Poolagirl's other family on Diaryland. I just found her. She just found me again, I think. I'm still getting clarification, but thinking it could be interesting to find out!
d-manz profile - diary
comments: Short on entries but long on smarts; biting humor, just wonderful. I'm staying tuned :)
sparklybecca profile - diary
comments: Sister to hcatty, you get the other side of the picture from this young woman.
smedindy profile - diary
comments: Dad, sports afficianado, music addict... Yup, and he waxes loquacious on other stuff, too
luciab profile - diary
comments: Loves the old and bemoans school. Been there!
pissymystic profile - diary
comments: I love a fellow twisted soul, baybee!!
wildrosie profile - diary
comments: Having just met this remarkable lady and having a heck of a blast, how can I not read??
dezines profile - diary
comments: This one's my own - just my template play spot, where I work on designs for other folks.
beauty4ashs profile - diary
ahwell profile - diary
dryheat profile - diary
comments: WildRosie's alternate diary, with poetry and more
zangeles profile - diary
comments: WildRosie's friend and more, Zangeles is branching out to post the battle with nicotine and alcohol.
prolifique profile - diary
comments: Eeny Meeny Miney Moe...
crotchety profile - diary
comments: Craziness - are they for real???
h2ophobic profile - diary
comments: Catching up is a pain in the a**. However, I'm thinking I really should read this diary more often...
skibigsky profile - diary
comments: After promising myself faithfully for six months or so, I'm FINALLY adding this diary. Fergive me?
bluesleepy profile - diary
comments: Okay, my bad. I should have added her eons ago. I assume I will be flogged, since burned at the stake is passe.
gopheroo profile - diary
comments: New find and new mommy to be soon!
thirdeye7601 profile - diary
comments: Even newer find and also a mommy-to-be

My favorite music:

My favorite movies:

Mrs. Winterborne
comments: Cheesy, funny, romantic, and funny. And did I mention funny?
Lord of the Rings
comments: Okay I cheated. This is a trilogy, and I can't separate any one of them. But the settings are incomparable, the acting is outstanding, and I love Tolkien. Deal
Weekend At Bernie's
comments: The best in highbrow entertainment... er, okay, I saw it with my sister and the theater put us out for getting too rowdy. That's how hard we were laughing.
Raiders of the Lost Ark
comments: This still sets the standard for action/adventure.

My favorite authors:

Robert Ludlum
comments: Nobody does political intrigue better. His writing is taut, suspenseful, and as much fun as a day in a candy shop!
Piers Anthony
comments: All right, the Xanth series has been pushed to the limits - but the early work is just too much fun to ignore. Prolific and personable, Mr. Anthony has broken a lot of boundaries in several fantasy venues.
Stephen R. Donaldson
comments: Mr. Donaldson writes the most intense fantasy/sci-fi work you'll ever see. His hero is the most unlikely, and therefore possibly the most believable, of all characters I've read. If you haven't read the White Gold Wielder series, DO.

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