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Three pages, single spaced, Times New Roman, draw various themes together with non sequitur laden warblings, be sure to use at least one off putting pop-culture reference right in your lead, and mention that you live in Brooklyn. People like Brooklyn.

My favorite diaries:

schmutzie profile - diary
comments: It was the dying verb list that won me over.
bebelua profile - diary
comments: Honest, witty, lacking in any capitalization, and occationally containing the word hooey.
ophelia profile - diary
comments: When not quoting Everclear, thought v.g.
areistia profile - diary
comments: Great with soul-bear-i-ness.
elgan profile - diary
comments: Canadian politics aside, a very intelligent and interesting woman.
stonebridge profile - diary
comments: Ice makers should be sound proofed.
theturtle profile - diary
comments: Anyone who openly and publicly refers to Astroglide might well have a story to tell.
euphoria21 profile - diary
comments: Just keep scrolling down, the loveliness in down there.
greentealeaf profile - diary
comments: A toy truck found in the water by a drainage pipe outside a dormant factory.
muppet23 profile - diary
comments: Lyricism on the dashboard
luvabeans profile - diary
comments: I count time in brain cells destroyed, she has other methods...
ochweidnit profile - diary
comments: "...formula poo is like raw sewage puked up by a fungal sports socks demon with vaginosis of the mouth."
helian profile - diary
comments: Flash Cards from middle school geography
offbymyself profile - diary
comments: Taking a look...
unsentletter profile - diary
comments: Re-routed from Santa
strawberrri profile - diary
comments: 'I don't write in here for a week, and in that time autumn comes along and licks our faces with its chilly tongue! Or something like that."
buffylass profile - diary
comments: Taking a look...
smashthegas profile - diary
comments: The man says fuck more than I do.
captvfirefly profile - diary

My favorite music:

Pearl Jam
comments: The opening strains of "Jeremy" pulled me away from Debbie Gibson, and for that I am eternally thankfull.
comments: For my money, the best "lie on your back and consider the woe that is your life"-music ever.
Le Tigre
comments: "My Metrocard" - Anthem of subway commuter.
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
comments: The reason I began saying: "Damn, that's punk-cover good."
comments: Because I like being a solid year behind our British friends.

My favorite movies:

Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf
comments: Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor should have gotten a guest spot on Fear Factor.
King of Kong
comments: For nerds, and non-nerds alike. There was cheering in my theater.
Roman Holiday
comments: No one has the balls to have the guy not get the girl anymore. Esspecially if it's because she has more important things to do.
comments: Maggie Gyllenhaal gets bonus points for being intermittently adorable and disturbing.
Truman Show
comments: Sad to say, there is movie in this world that can make me cry.

My favorite authors:

Joss Whedon
comments: Come on! He's the closest thing we have to a genre auteur in the modern era.
Steven Hall
comments: Raw Shark Texts is up there for most creative thing I've read in a good long time.
David Sedaris
comments: The master template for all self-effacing auto-biographers
Romulus Linney
comments: Just pick up a collection of his plays. Please.
Tom Stoppard
comments: He's a stuck up prick, but, damnit, he writes good.

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