It's only due to me being an almost ceaselessly patient person that I haven't smashed your face in yet.

My favorite diaries:

toejam profile - diary
comments: Funny and gorgeous! I'd say I wished I was American, but she'd know I was lying through my arse.
laydeejane profile - diary
comments: She's nasty in a very funny and caustic way. Get on the wrong side of her and... run away!
stepfordtart profile - diary
comments: We'll always have Kachina!
dangerspouse profile - diary
barefootruby profile - diary
meffinmisfit profile - diary
zenayda profile - diary
comments: :=)
movingsands profile - diary
samcorday profile - diary
comments: :-D

My favorite music:

comments: Fuckin' rock, dude!
comments: They rock old style, bro's!
comments: Fuckin' come doom with me, man!
Cheesy 80's
comments: Hell yeah! Even us rockdudes like to take a break with some classic pop cheddar!
70's ROCK!
comments: They sure knew how to slam their guitars back then, bro's!

My favorite movies:

The Outsiders
comments: SE Hintons classic. I was always an outsider, and this has to be my greatest movie fave of all time! Rock it!
Rumble Fish
comments: SE Hinton again. Classic tale of intelligent, cool biker dude born in the wrong era.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
comments: Who wouldn't ditch school to steal a tyre squealin' Ferrari? I sure as fuck would!
The Driver
comments: Cheesy 70's B Film. Mucho tyre squealing and car chases throughout! Would smashthegas want anything different?
comments: Dunno why this one. It just combined a greatly cheesefest filled storyline with a great soundtrack. Seen it LOADSA times!

My favorite authors:

Ruth Rendell
comments: The dudette of crime writing strikes with every read, kids. Get some cool reads!
R.D. Wingfield
comments: Writerdude of the novels, later adapted for TV as "A Touch Of Frost" Cool books and cool TV show!
Marian Keyes
comments: Most cool feelgood fiction. Gets you laughing and crying with each turn of the page!
Ian Rankin
comments: Responsible for the DI Rebus novels. DI Rebus is a dude.
Lisa Jewell
comments: Only read one of her books, "Friend of the Family," was a fuckin' hoot from go to whoa!

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