The way the world was

Someone once told me "There is more to life than just having fun." I sure as hell hope not!

I was gainfully employed at a local university, and when the projects I worked on ran out of money, they told me 'goodbye'. It was ski season, and so I packed up my marbles and went home. I am currently sponging off the spouse, a situation which suits both of us quite well, as he readily admits that he is high maintenance. *grin.

So, now life is ABSOLUTELY about having fun.

My favorite diaries:

stepfordtart profile - diary
azzweepay profile - diary
warcrygirl profile - diary
comments: "You should be worrying about U-No-Poo, the constipation sensation that's sweeping the nation!"
auntie-mari profile - diary
comments: Honest. A geat quality.
sixweasels profile - diary
comments: Pictures of weasels. What more could you ask for?
arizonasarah profile - diary
comments: Where to even begin? Just read her.
weetabix profile - diary
comments: :)
ursamajor profile - diary
comments: I agree: 32 is not at all what I thought it would be like when I was 16
katherinhand profile - diary
comments: Can write about microscopes without going crazy - I'm impressed!
tuff517 profile - diary
comments: Gives me my daily fix of childhood flashbacks!
tuckandsophi profile - diary
comments: Heh. Put these two together with my brood, and I think they'd probably hatch a plot to take over the world!
noaddedme profile - diary
comments: No longer schizophrenic! ;-D
prolifique profile - diary
chicagojo profile - diary
comments: I'm dying to hear how the boxing goes.
unsentletter profile - diary
comments: It's back, with a new look.
life-my-way profile - diary
comments: I am seriously jealous of the garden.
simplify profile - diary
la-the-sage profile - diary
comments: I've been reading her on-and-off forever, and don't know why I haven't added her sooner!
smartypants profile - diary
comments: Anyone who survived driving in Bahrain is well worth reading!
onecutabove profile - diary
comments: I meant to add her a while ago.
chaosdaily profile - diary
pirateduck profile - diary
comments: A fellow dog lover
ramble-on profile - diary
comments: Gotta agree with that whole celebrity birth control thing. Morons.
hissandtell profile - diary
janetplnetoc profile - diary
marn profile - diary
comments: Spousal Unit. I love it. Not that I want a Spousal Unit. I just like the phrase.
chantalp profile - diary
comments: Makes me glad that I'm doing the home improvement thing one room at a time.
princessreva profile - diary
novicesub profile - diary
fuckupayme profile - diary
mangofarmer profile - diary
comments: Good surveys, and lots of mutal diaries on the Buddy List. And lots of mango-y goodness, too!
artgnome profile - diary
biodtl profile - diary
comments: Umm, the comment on Britney Spears sums it all up: "I mean, it seems a little too easy, like beating a retarded kid at Scrabble or something."
requiel profile - diary
brightopal profile - diary
comments: Hiya!
amblus profile - diary
comments: Makes me feel better about my own job situation!
bunny828 profile - diary
comments: Anyone who hates house work as much as I do is definitely worth reading!
misspinkkate profile - diary
comments: No Frito Feet, but not everyone is so lucky!
twelvebeer profile - diary
comments: So much easier than linking to everyone individually!
trancejen profile - diary
comments: Anyone who can talk about the blue fur on their pasta sauce has got something to contribute to the world!
cosmicrayola profile - diary
starlight42 profile - diary
comments: I'm extremely curious to see how someone else deals with wedding plans!
golfwidow profile - diary
comments: I keep reading, so I figured I should probably link!
wilberteets profile - diary
comments: "You might was well be called the "RatBastards"" I love it.
serenaville profile - diary
comments: I SWEAR I had added her before now. But I guess not. Doh!
chillier profile - diary
comments: Dog pictures AND snow pictures. I'm in heaven!
luvabeans profile - diary
comments: "My boss seems to think that I grew up in the fucking Kennedy compound. I don't even know my forks, people."
cariboutwo profile - diary
comments: The name says it all! :)
junkmel1 profile - diary
comments: Swimming, beading.. What more could you ask for?
crazy4muffin profile - diary
batten profile - diary
comments: I love someone with single-minded passion - skiing, sailing, it's all good!
l-malfoy profile - diary
comments: Sign me up. I want one.
scotvalkyrie profile - diary
gopheroo profile - diary
comments: Anyone who has lots of cats and reads HP fanfics is cool, by definition!
melwadel profile - diary
comments: Found her via Marn. She's got a way more interesting life than I do!
lifeasme66 profile - diary
comments: Clicked on the banner, and now I'm hoping for a good outcome on the trip!
forty-plus profile - diary
comments: New site, same wonderful woman!
whyme63 profile - diary
comments: Anyone who calls her dog 'stinkypaws' can't be all bad!
reader1209 profile - diary
comments: I don't have time to think of anything clever to say - which is an injustice.
bluemeany profile - diary
poolagirl profile - diary
comments: Because I keep reading, and I'm too lazy to keep typing the link in the address bar... ;-D
drgeek profile - diary
comments: Anyone who is a friend of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew has GOT to be on this list!
awittykitty profile - diary
comments: Duh. Why haven't I added her before?
kungfukitten profile - diary
comments: Again, why haven't I added her sooner?
sweetmachine profile - diary
suzannadanna profile - diary
hilthethrill profile - diary
smedindy profile - diary
lonelywife profile - diary
harri3tspy profile - diary
prohibited profile - diary
blog451 profile - diary
idiotsguide profile - diary
comments: My repository for meaningless writing.
geoffchaucer profile - diary
comments: Reminds me of someone, but it was a different country, and the guy is dead.

My favorite music:

comments: It's been a long time, but let's face it, Bon Scott was a genius. Seriously.
Dick Dale
comments: This man brings surf guitar to a totally new level. Check him out - he is unbelievable!
comments: 'The planets' is a really neat combination of themes. Ethereal, yet kick-ass, too!
Irish Rovers
comments: Now this is a group that can inspire you to drink whiskey!
Eric Johnson
comments: Let's just say "Cliffs of Dover". Wow.

My favorite movies:

comments: Russell Crowe - need I say more???
Anything with Sean Connery
comments: For an old guy, he is REALLY SEXY!
Mad Max
comments: Gut-wrenchingly violent, but hey as someone else said, 'carnage is cool'.
Endless Summer
comments: "Ya shoulda been here yesterday!" What more need to be said!
Blues Brothers
comments: Great music, great story, believable nuns - just an AWESOME movie!

My favorite authors:

Jack Finney
comments: Time and Again feels like an acid trip.
comments: Visions of hell - in poetry, nonetheless!
Diana Gabaldon
comments: Men in kilts. **Mmmm!
Charles Schultz
comments: Snoopy is a sage. I'm serious.
Lindsey Davis
comments: I'd like a man like M. Didius Falco - can take a punch or two, but has a tender side, too.

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