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Think of me as the product of too many Muppet Labs experiments; the colleague and friend of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.

My favorite diaries:

spankerwammo profile - diary
comments: a key voice in a truly amazing band
mrs-roboto profile - diary
comments: a witty refugee to Seattle suburbia from the madness of the East Coast
toastcrumbs profile - diary
comments: mmmm.... toasty
weetabix profile - diary
comments: capable of a side-splitting turn of phrase: "I think Iím also going to lobby Esteban to change our last name to Bickford. Or perhaps Bipple. Like nipple, only with a touch of Wonder bread."
ilonina profile - diary
comments: she makes me want to visit Ireland, a pint of Guiness in my right hand, a tome by Joyce under my left arm
pageme profile - diary
comments: I've always kind of liked Betty Page, and, hair color references remind me of grad school
meeyapede profile - diary
comments: anyone who is into Byzantium, Cole Porter, Medieval History, and Stoli Rasberry, can't be all bad... unless she wants to be.
itzie profile - diary
comments: another hip Seattlite who always seems to know the cool book reading to attend or cool band to see
jason75 profile - diary
comments: I too admit to skipping at times when walking would be more appropriate
jonathan profile - diary
comments: masculine, knowing eroticism coupled with a hint of bittersweet tragedy to bring a dimension of realism
letaboo profile - diary
comments: musings about politlcs, sex, love, and existence from a Valley Girl turned rebel in the Southland
ladybug-red profile - diary
comments: I sense that she has some great stories to tell, and I can't wait to hear them...
metaleve profile - diary
comments: I must bow and pay homage to the Empress of Metal...
harri3tspy profile - diary
comments: I recognize her struggle to be wife and mother, student and academic at the same time... not that I'm ever going to be a wife or mother.
ann-frank profile - diary
comments: All hail Ann-Frankenstein!
ariadne518 profile - diary
comments: Musings of a non-tenure track university instructor... I know that life oh-so-well.
borogoves profile - diary
comments: yeah, and you know that and the mome raths outgrabe-d, baby
metonym profile - diary
comments: the gradual opening of a cocoon and the slow stretching of butterfly wings
elgan profile - diary
comments: Her diary reminds me of a time when I was actively involved in practicing and performing music... ah, those were the days.
clarity25 profile - diary
comments: Hauntingly beautiful, her flowing text details all the wonderful and ugly aspects of the human condition
spritopias profile - diary
comments: Possessing a wonderful ironic sense of humor
hissandtell profile - diary
comments: I love a good farmyard-goosey tale when it is told with eloquence and lusty relish
pipersplace profile - diary
comments: yes, her place is sexy... but also very down to earth and observational
enceinte profile - diary
comments: tales of grit and ribaldry
science-girl profile - diary
comments: any budding scientist who links to tshirthell is my kind of budding scientist
teranika profile - diary
comments: a leading exponent of "the bag system"
essaywriter profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: my first love, and no love can be like the first - favorite CDs: Trick Of The Tail and Wind & Wuthering
chris cornell
comments: be it soundgarden, audioslave, or on his own, he touches something deep inside
billie holiday
comments: music for the ages with a limited instrument, breathtaking
johnny cash
comments: the man is a true classic, an architype, that transcends all musical categories
asylum street spankers
comments: from christine, to wammo, from guy to pops, seeing this band is like a revival meeting for my soul

My favorite movies:

the adventures of baron munchausen
comments: Terry Guilliam's most fanciful, and breathtakingly romatic, fantasy to date
the shawshank redemption
comments: this movie operates on so many levels for me, dealing with ignorance and transcendence, struggle and remorse
the myth of fingerprints
comments: my family did not resemble the family in this film, but the houses and the scenery remind me of home
wonder boys
comments: where else but in a Curtis Hanson film would a middle aged man choose Frances McDormand over Katie Holmes?
fight club
comments: philosophy, masculinity, comedy, soap, and ed norton

My favorite authors:

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