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Shocked when I'm happy, and pissed when I'm not. Obsessed with: Animal rights; my Ass; Bitch Magazine; Byzantium; my Cats; my Clinton; Commercials; Andrea Dworkin; the English language; Gender; Ikons; John Kerry; Khazaria; Medieval history; Marlboro reds; my Mouth; New York City; Propoganda; Russia; 7th Heaven; Saints; Sex; the Simpsons; Vodka; Women

My favorite diaries:

emow profile - diary
comments: One cat is orange-black-beautiful, the other is a poutiful supermodel. Plus, she like, saves kids and shit.
manchmal profile - diary
comments: Not only does she exist in real life (or so I've heard), she SMOKES in it, too.
sleepyzoe profile - diary
comments: Who the hell knew Ohio was so fucking cool? And had so many hot chicks in it?
wench77 profile - diary
comments: She's actually talented enough to make a living from her art. I mean, JESUS, that's impressive.
kaetchen profile - diary
comments: This chick uses *footnotes* in her entry. I could weep with affection.
jerrbear profile - diary
comments: The nicest ursine in Oakland; looks hot as hell dressed as Britney Spears. No, really!
pura-vida profile - diary
comments: Further proof that intelligent people are the sexiest. (Was any doubt?)
tcklyrpharsn profile - diary
comments: Also pronounced "tickle the parson," but it's all Greek to me (heh).
floyd-man profile - diary
comments: Giving hope to Texas, Texans, and drunks the world over.
thefluffykat profile - diary
comments: mom was saying all of the things that she loved about Wisconsin so that she wouldn't miss Quebec as much, then, ironically, we passed a farm and the strong, repugnant scent of cow shit drifted into the car.
minyoo profile - diary
comments: Totally and completely "gets it," which is so rare. YaknowhatImean?
connie-cobb profile - diary
comments: Clever and funny, but (unlike me) never redundant or verbose.
kentraine profile - diary
comments: If you like my layout, she's the one you should compliment.
lokicat profile - diary
comments: Lokicat says, "I am the Shiz-nit!" And, yes. Yes she is.
tinywings profile - diary
comments: "Why am I so surprised every time I realize someone's been saying good things about me while I wasn't around...?"
emziedoo52 profile - diary
comments: "I need a vacation. We all do."
justamerican profile - diary
proudnerd profile - diary
comments: Konyeshno, ya loobit yeyo. A vii? Ili bii gloopiye doorak?
toshchaya profile - diary
comments: Ya lyooblyoo govoritz' i chitatz' pa-rooski.
asitwere profile - diary
comments: Prince of Gotham, and so *nice* he makes me feel like an evil bitch by comparison. Oh wait. I AM an evil bitch. Oops.
phatgrrl profile - diary
comments: locked for now. Sucks to be you, huh?
cream profile - diary
comments: also locked. But haha, I can still read it!
drgeek profile - diary
comments: With a name like that, does he need a description? (He does? Well tough shit, go read the damn diary.)
minormeow profile - diary
comments: (that's what meewee makes when I scratch her ears!)
son-shade profile - diary
comments: No, he did not scare me away...yet.
slobber profile - diary
tincan815 profile - diary
ssegwilde profile - diary
comments: Ooh, I really do like her. But, why is she scared of me? Hmmmm...
mrgrey profile - diary
comments: I just wish more *women* had this kind of attitude about sex.
themarassa profile - diary
comments: Kitty! How'd she ever stumble off of this list in the first place?
odalisk profile - diary
comments: Women like us are taking over academia. It's fucking excellent. And a big "you're welcome" to all our future students!
evil-edna profile - diary
comments: The reigning queen of Bitchfest
schmutzie profile - diary
everoboto profile - diary
comments: The first cool metalhead I've encountered since high school. And I bet she's hot, too.

My favorite music:

Cole Porter
comments: Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday, Duke Ellington, Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington
Al Green
comments: Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Patsy Cline, James Brown, Aretha Franklin
Tenacious D
comments: The Dead Milkmen, Cat Stevens, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Cash
Missy Elliot
comments: Outkast, Busta Rhymes, Ms. Jade, Timbaland, Panjabi MC
The Smiths
comments: Lisa Germano, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Babes in Toyland [all in tribute to my adolescence]

My favorite movies:

Andrei Rublyev
War Zone
Annie Hall
Mr. Death

My favorite authors:

Fyodor Dostoevsky
comments: Bulgakov, Babel Gogol, Turgenev, Chekhov, Pushkin, Sologub, Bunin
Milorad Pavic
comments: Karel Capek, Sholom Aleichem, Schopenhauer (stop laughing- it's true.)
Elaine Pagels
comments: C. W. Bynum, Jaroslav Pelikan, Erwin Panofsky, Mary Daly, Carlos Ginzburg, John Boswell
Jorge Luis Borges
comments: Umberto Eco, Gore Vidal, G.G. Marquez, John Irving (hey, even I need a break sometimes)
Frank O'Hara
comments: John Bricuth, Robert Creeley, Adrienne Rich, Philip Larkin, Margaret Atwood

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