31, designer, former academic, smart enough to know better, wants four walls, a roof, some flowers, a garden with asparagus, some decent film and music, a couple perfect poems, my dogs, husband, sweat pants, some well-crafted sentences, some snow and ice, my camera, to weigh less, and maybe some friends.

I have put a new password on this page. If you want it, email me at [email protected].

My favorite diaries:

emow profile - diary
comments: Oh, yay! Tales of two felines, stalkers, and other things. If she'd only update.
ravieslave profile - diary
comments: Good sentence structure. I kinda wish I could write in her coherently poetic style.
meeyapede profile - diary
comments: Stories from New Yawk. Wait. Now it's Stories from St. Louis. That has a different ring.
joleen profile - diary
comments: I like her style, and I like her writing, of my favorites.
and profile - diary
comments: A stumbled-upon person who seems like she will be interesting. Weird: I usually am not friends with so many women, but almost all of the people listed here are chicks.
yclept profile - diary
comments: If history is any indication, this one oughta be astounding.
princesscee profile - diary
pumpkinfish profile - diary
comments: "i love being easy and difficult and pretty and ugly and loved and unloved." Also, it's clear that she's read Faulkner.
jabu profile - diary
comments: found here or there. perhaps writes?
midagedangst profile - diary
comments: oughta write editorials
vocaccia profile - diary
comments: makes science jokes and writes about things other than "what happened today"
dailyme profile - diary
comments: Understands the beauty of logical discourse and is interesting, too.
molu4 profile - diary
comments: "I want to bust out of this place, this staid existence, want to destroy all discussion."
sarahsundae profile - diary
crazy4muffin profile - diary
pura-vida profile - diary
comments: Thank God, another smart girl.
pumpkinhouse profile - diary
comments: I admire her precision.
sleepyzoe profile - diary
comments: she won Meeyapede's contest! And sews, SZ sews.
packsawallop profile - diary
comments: adventures!
xo-liesl profile - diary
comments: straight-forward.
g1rly-g1rl profile - diary
whiskeyblood profile - diary
comments: Deja who? Oh, yeah. It's the sleeker, browner, you.
moretoknow profile - diary
comments: I'm not sure how I missed her journal before now. It's nice to find something intuitively good, when you're convinced everything is old-hat. But this is more than a journal. Like, lots more.
evolver profile - diary
comments: like ariel, lauren rises from the ashes.
uberfrau profile - diary
comments: all hegel and everything. californian hegel.
raisinet profile - diary
enondoiel profile - diary
comments: norge
schmutzie profile - diary
comments: not to be confused with 'schmutzig.' All sorts of great stuff here. That is all.
tealeaf5 profile - diary
comments: Easily superb.
the29th profile - diary
bettinas profile - diary
comments: She and I have peculiar similarities.
xinpheldspbx profile - diary
comments: Could it be? Is it a BOY on my list? Only because he's da bomb.
anomalee profile - diary
comments: involved
finction profile - diary
sanetwin profile - diary
comments: honest, she is.
otherlife profile - diary
stormyclaude profile - diary
comments: thorough. very.
dark-embrace profile - diary
lildebkitty profile - diary
surcey profile - diary
ghostlight profile - diary
teachin-usa profile - diary
comments: Fun, and candid, and she lives what might be the most beautiful part of the whole world.
novembre profile - diary
comments: words with ways. ways with words.
twangry profile - diary
red-jade profile - diary
comments: Resilient girl, and she plays with lights.
xanthium profile - diary
comments: In Xanthidu did Xanthi um.
mopie profile - diary
jumblygiant profile - diary
comments: Another Ohiowa girl. Honest, serious, funny...and, remarkably, still in Ohio. Good stuff here.
excogitate profile - diary
moretophoto profile - diary
comments: lauren + pixels!
linkology profile - diary
comments: tea+leaves+links+words
wamsutafairy profile - diary
comments: This girl would be fabulous if she would quit copying me. Like my name, and my interests, and my face, and all. I'm just kidding. She is my internet twin, no shit.
slit profile - diary
incog-notion profile - diary
mockbirdgirl profile - diary
fledgling- profile - diary
comments: A new place for a great person.
torchwood profile - diary
a-green-leaf profile - diary
comments: self explanatory.
geoffchaucer profile - diary

My favorite music:

Lou Reed
comments: If I had this dude's voice, and his sun glasses, I could be the supreme dictator of the world. And don't think for one instant that I wouldn't like that.
comments: 2nd. And Beethoven...I like the 4th & 7 symphonies, and the 5th piano concerto with chorale fantasie. I hate the fact that when I type 'Beethoven 4th' into Limewire, I get 8 million hits to the fourth movement of the 9th symphony. Fuck the 9th.
comments: Tom Waits. Also The Wallflowers, even though the album is haunting me and, therefore, hidden somewhere in my house. Bach's piano and cello stuff.
comments: Old Trent stays here like my favorite t-shirt from 10th grade. I couldn't have written my thesis without him. Also: Ella, Wir Sind Helden, Indigo Girls, Gillian Welch
New Order
comments: Johnny Cash, The Smith, Joy Divison, Steve Earle, The Postal Service, Allison Krause, Interpol, The Shins, Die Fantastischen 5, The Cure, Bjork, Sinead, The Earlies, Cardigans, James, Portishead, BV Social Club, Gus Gus, Aimee Mann, Dire Straits, Beck, B

My favorite movies:

Almost Famous
comments: So this is the only movie I know of that makes me cry. Maybe it's absurd, but that scene in the airport really kills me. Update: You Can Count On Me makes me cry harder.
The Sweet Hereafter
comments: Probably the best film every made, I think. Originally a novel by R. Banks. Scarry pied piper scene at the end.In a similar vein: The Ice Storm rocks, too. Anything but American Beauty.
comments: Persona, Winter Light, Fellini: La Strada, also City of Lost Children, anything Buffy, Wonder Boys, Gattaca, The Insider, All the Real Girls, Storytelling
Eyes Wide Shut
comments: Am I the only one who liked it? And for some weird reason, I'm also enamored by, um...the movie Threesome.
comments: Of course, Amelie. And Lola Rennt. Run Lola Run. Donnie Darko was here, but there is a giant unforgiveable flaw in that film which annoys the fuck out of me.

My favorite authors:

William Faulkner
comments: brilliant curmudgeon with enough narrative genius to impress gods. My thesis was on the ways in which his narrative methods reveal (in fact ARE) thought and perception. And I like Bakhtin a lot, too, while I'm raving.
James Joyce
comments: Give me "The Dead," some mint ice cream, and a space heater and I'm content for a few months.
Annie Proulx
comments: And Virginia Woolf. I like that both are women, write, and aren't some poststructuralist moronic feminist lazy whiners. On a different note: I also like Fitzgerald. And Mark Twain.
Adam Phillips
comments: Object Relations neo-freudian. Wrote "On Kissing, Tickling, and Being bored." Or Nabokov's Speak Memory, but he thinks himself a bit too clever for my tastes.
James Wright
comments: I don't think I'll ever get tired of rereading "Above the River." Mmm. Other poets: Merwin, Kinnell, Keats, Donne, Eliot, Stevens, Carver, Celan, Rilke, Montale, Milosz

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