I'm back!

I changed up my profile and archived my older entries, so I must be. ;)

My favorite diaries:

intheory27 profile - diary
comments: As if I were a beat, as if I had the beat, as if I lived the beat.
memnoch-thed profile - diary
comments: I held Milton and knew what it was to burn.
andrew profile - diary
comments: For a redneck he had a surprisingly scottish accent, but other than that he really was exactly like Bill McNeal from Newsradio.
alicatstrut profile - diary
comments: Now I admit that, perhaps intentionally, I write in a very retarded form of English. (For the record, she writes in a lovely form of English :)
perceptions profile - diary
comments: i recognize this. i recognize this and i'm compassionate, but i recognize this and i'm angry too. i recognize this and i don't feel any better.
heidiann profile - diary
comments: "People juggling monkeys! Monkeys juggling things! MONKEYS JUGGLING OTHER MONKEYS!” Yeah…that was me. Do you see what you people miss out on by not knowing me in person?
coffeesnob profile - diary
comments: indiana is virginia is belgium is here. All are sometimes places you are not.
theshakedown profile - diary
comments: Aaaaaand, for that matter, when did I ever say I wanted to hear that shit from you? NEVER, that's when, jackassface!
frogathonic profile - diary
comments: Every attempt I made to place myself up on that altar was met with a transforming image that made my bridal veil a prison and golden wedding bands into shackles.
trendymatt profile - diary
comments: 'My name is Milk. I do a body good.' One student's example of a cheesy pick-up line. I was never that creative in 10th grade!
lyssbobiss profile - diary
comments: My cat is gay. He's been carrying around in his mouth, for the past hour, my bottle of extra strength Midol.
silent-stars profile - diary
comments: I swear to fucking God, if I hear the phrase, "Well I have to do this thing for Chi Omega" one more time, someone's head is coming off.
nosuperman profile - diary
comments: there is a purpose to all of these words. but, i'm still not sure if i want to say them.
manchmal profile - diary
comments: I didn't start this, and I can't step outside of this, and I can't be someone else. And, then again, I don't know what is possible.
sea-secret profile - diary
comments: Moving on equations, velvet between the thighs and your plan stitched everywhere and the rest was missing.
mirasoprano profile - diary
comments: We live in dangerous times, among dangerous people with dangerous ideas. Is it any wonder that some of us wish not to live?
vidapacifica profile - diary
comments: There are people you encounter in life who are so brilliant, you don't want to accidentally dull them in an essay.
what-stars profile - diary
comments: I am the girl working at the library wondering why I need to keep stating that I am the girl working at the library.
pertinent profile - diary
comments: ...only lonely travail over paths tread by feet-too heavy/ in endless pathetic wretched self-serving solitude.
guildenstern profile - diary
comments: ...even the beginning of this was an accidental click on the link to Notepad instead of Calculator and a thought that refused to express itself as a decimal fraction rounded up to the third point.
nada-y-todo profile - diary
comments: I need to be able to roll up old utterances into a ball and welcome new memories with some sort of wide-eyed desire to feel. I need hope without abandon and realization without resignation...
anniewaits profile - diary
comments: i've come to the conclusion that my cat hates me in leopard prints because i'm not worthy to wear the pattern of her ancestors.
rachelliz profile - diary
comments: Since I'm no longer looking for "forever," you would think I wouldn't worry about wasting time. But I bet I will.
throwingjuly profile - diary
comments: so what happens in those moments of real silence, when the needs and wants of your body and mind fade away and you're left with...?
lightfallsup profile - diary
comments: some hours are harsh tormentors even when you're standing in the light at the end of the tunnel.
smartypants profile - diary
comments: This flight on Transcendental Airlines has been oversouled!
ottodixless profile - diary
comments: People object to rationality because it's a tool of power and capital, but you could say the same about happiness, and nobody's opposed to that.

My favorite music:

Joni Mitchell
comments: I wish I had a river I could skate away on.
Rilo Kiley
comments: These are times that can't be weathered and we have never been back there since then.
Sondre Lerche
comments: You know so well, it may never be.
The Decemberists
comments: Take my hand for tender. I am tortured, ever tortured.
Cat Stevens
comments: If I make it to the waterside, I'll be sure to write you a note, or something.

My favorite movies:

comments: I think it's exquisite.
Good Night, and Good Luck.
comments: We will not walk in fear of one another.
Opening Night
comments: Don't worry. I'm doing this to myself.
Jules et Jim
comments: We played with life and lost.
comments: Oh! how I'll believe in those peanuts!

My favorite authors:

Virginia Woolf
comments: It had become, she knew, giving one last look at it over her shoulder, already the past.
Jeanette Winterson
comments: The cities of the interior are vast, do not lie on any map.
Edith Wharton
comments: Where is that country? Have you ever been there?
Gertrude Stein
comments: Perhaps we were not so young then but there were a great many young in the world and perhaps that comes to the same thing.
Edna St Vincent Millay
comments: Let us abdicate now; let us disintegrate quietly here, convivially imbibing the pleasanter poisons.

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