Here I am! See me, love me.

I'm a slut. Where's MY parade?

My favorite diaries:

weetabix profile - diary
comments: "Sometimes I think I need a Greek chorus to follow me around and sing about why I shouldn't do things. "
critterwil profile - diary
comments: Complete darling, karaoke diva - one of the greatest people to grace Louisville with her presence.
daizymaizy profile - diary
comments: Regardless of what the retarded president says, I married this woman. Spice! Yay!
rosstafarian profile - diary
comments: He was right. I'm never prepared for his preserves. But, dammit, I try.
unsentletter profile - diary
comments: It appeals to my more passive-aggressive side.
rhitplayboy profile - diary
comments: Even though he DID happen to catch Vanilla Coke before I did, I still think he's swell. And he actually thinks that my car is the funmobile.
polishstreak profile - diary
comments: I wish she lived next door to me. She really is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.
swimmmer72 profile - diary
comments: "I thought I'd try thinking inside the box." Brilliant.
badsnake profile - diary
comments: Lesbian polyamory and role-playing at the Rancho Lesbiano. Sounds like my idea of a good time. Also, she's just as smitten with Margaret Cho as I am.
not-a-finger profile - diary
pattymelt profile - diary
comments: I love living vicariously. I need to get laid HALF as often as this girl does.
cyanophyta profile - diary
comments: Yes, I'll admit it. That crazy little list-maker brightens my day.
intheory27 profile - diary
comments: my aspiration in life to to be able to express the honesty and heart that she expresses in a single sentence. Amazing.
ionme profile - diary
comments: Proof that beautiful, interesting, bisexual women exist outside of my imagination.
trendymatt profile - diary
comments: Go. Read the lies. Get a color consultation while you're there. My best friend and favorite drinkin' buddy lies herein.
kiki-blue profile - diary
comments: Luminary's new diary. I'm such a fan of this Aussie, I need all I can get.
evolver profile - diary
comments: Lauren's new digs. Everyone pop over and say cheerio!
indigo-love profile - diary
comments: I like her. Isn't that enough for you people?
sexyatheist profile - diary
comments: Painfully gorgeous (as I've been told), deeply insightful. Note to self: move to L.A.
salazabr profile - diary
comments: J's GE. Not that I know what it means, but if she likes him, he's surely okay with me.
fuzzhead profile - diary
schoonie profile - diary
comments: He came back. Oh, happy day!
neangel profile - diary

My favorite music:

The Smashing Pumpkins
comments: And for the first time I'm telling you how much I need and bleed for your every move and waking sound.
The Killers
comments: We don't mean to satisfy tonight, so get your eyes off of my bride tonight. It's like a cigarette in the mouth or a handshake in the doorway. I look at you and smile because I'm fine now.
John Mayer
comments: Back to me...I know that it comes back to me. Doesn't it scare you? Your will is not as strong as it used to be.
Gavin DeGraw
comments: I'm surrounded by identity crisis everywhere I turn. Am I the only one who's noticed? I can't be the only one who's learned.
comments: We might as well be strangers in another town for all I know of you now.

My favorite movies:

Kissing Jessica Stein
comments: I'm in love with Helen.
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
comments: "We can't stop here. This is bat country." "Scoot over, you fat bastard."
American Pie/American Pie 2
comments: "No, you don't just go groping around. You gotta preheat the oven before you stick in the turkey." Sage words of advice.
Garden State
comments: Love exists in the strangest and most familiar places. Watch it. And then watch it again.
When Harry Met Sally
comments: "At that moment I knew. I knew the way you know about a good melon."

My favorite authors:

Wally Lamb
comments: I've never seen a man who can write from the perspective of a woman so well.
Margaret Cho
comments: "Sometimes I think I have sex with people just to avoid real intimacy."
Lou Paget
comments: The Big O has changed my life. Really. I'm not kidding.
Ellen Degeneres
comments: I now know what it's like to have a conversation with me. Go read "My Point, and I Do Have One" now. It is hilarious.
Reverend Samuel Kader
comments: For anyone who thinks that the religious right has it all wrong.

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