wHaT nOw?

I'm a 27 year old female who has had her share of fucked up relationships. I went through the party / slut stage which is what most of my previous entries are about.

Now I'm hoping to find someone to settle down with. Lame, I know...but true.

My favorite diaries:

idiot-milk profile - diary
comments: I think I'm in love with her.......she's fucking hillarious!
chickpea981 profile - diary
comments: She knows how to say what she wants, I love that.
jofetish profile - diary
comments: Fantasy queen right here, also a friend.
cumwithme profile - diary
comments: Wow.....
aureate2 profile - diary
comments: "Conflict is a drug. The most addictive drug ever. And today, many people got very high."
bigmonayho profile - diary
comments: hottie!!!!
daath profile - diary
comments: "I'm a research scientist moonlighting as a fiction writer/photographer/counselor" He's also my handsome online boyfriend :)
asitwere profile - diary
comments: The only *male* diaryland member whom I've made out with!!!! He's a great kisser by the way : )
sexyatheist profile - diary
comments: Met through diaryland. We�ve had dinner, drinks & dancing together. She's smart & sexy, a very dangerous combo!!!
lyssbobiss profile - diary
comments: "I'd rather be me in hell than something fake in heaven"
liquid-mojo profile - diary
comments: The booty shakin girl at the bottom left is awesome! I want one!!!
neangel profile - diary
comments: Met through diaryland, this girl has a voice that I hope to hear on the radio some day. If I were to get married, (which I WON'T) she'd be singing in my wedding. I love this girl, she's so cute & fun, I wish i could hang out with her more
shutupmom profile - diary
comments: I love this girl. I think she's the only girl I know that gets naked and drunk more than myself. She makes me laugh out loud - I must make friends with her :)
lesbiansex profile - diary
comments: Do I even need a comment?
denny-1 profile - diary
comments: If I were a porn star, my name would be crispy creme....
glitterkick profile - diary
comments: I love love love people who make me laugh :)
pantypulldwn profile - diary
comments: A hot affair with juicy details. The married version of me!
pattymelt profile - diary
comments: Anyone who helps me to pick out lesbian porn is cool with me!
LeeboZeebo profile - diary
comments: This guy is funny and I LOVE ME SOME FUNNY SHIT YO
sirkeljerk profile - diary
comments: I love reading about a man who strokes his cock while interviewing women to be his secretary. That's so bad....it excites me :)
lordpolonius profile - diary
comments: And he says my diary is distracting...... :D
frail profile - diary
comments: Another fantastic find by Asit.
alure profile - diary
comments: Sweet girl, comment pending.....
salazabr profile - diary
comments: Not enough words.........................
bixshortie profile - diary
comments: Is this a younger sister - lost at birth? Felt like I was reading myself....
phangasm profile - diary
comments: Pay attention to his nipples!!!
spacemuppet profile - diary
comments: Another cool New Yorker :)
thegoodbiboy profile - diary
comments: my bisexual partner in crime
purex profile - diary
azelya profile - diary
attngetter profile - diary
comments: "If your easily offended get the F*$% off my page"
psod profile - diary
sexycreature profile - diary
comments: Beautiful person, inside & out. *Great* kisser too! Loved hanging out with her in Cali & hope to do it again soon!
barbiewoman profile - diary
comments: I think we come from the same gene pool!
abittergirl profile - diary
comments: comment pending....
ann-frank profile - diary
hotwetdesire profile - diary
comments: has a bi girlfriend and his first entry has me hooked. that's hot!

My favorite music:

Enrique Iglesias
comments: YUM, love those latin bois!
comments: One of my all time favorites.
Kylie Minogue
comments: I can listen to her cd fever over and over - I love it.
Sister Hazel
comments: Love the lyrics.
comments: Love someone who doesn't give a fuk

My favorite movies:

Point of no return
comments: I like when girls kick ass!
Untamed heart
comments: So sad but still one of my favorites.
comments: I could watch this movie 100 times.
GI Jane
comments: Once again - girl kicks ass!
The Sweetest Thing
comments: Very funny.

My favorite authors:

Dan Brown
comments: The Da Vinci Code - read it!!!

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