Just being me

I am Lisa

I am the words that flow

I am poetry

I am the poem below...

tears followed by smiles

joy followed by pain

a mixed up crazy world

thus starts my day again

written by LMY-12-29-04

My favorite diaries:

obstinacy profile - diary
comments: amy's dead diary
schoonie profile - diary
comments: interesting. funny. seems to be worth some lustful thoughts ;)
abhorgod profile - diary
comments: amusing, disgusting, hateful. hehehe.
ionme profile - diary
comments: my bisexual girlfriend J...mmmm....we love toys and porn ;)
appetizer profile - diary
comments: he's interesting, funny, and young. what more could i ask for? well, i'll ask for that later. he may just have the cheese for my cracker. haha.
thelastnomad profile - diary
comments: adam...just him being his true egotistical self :P
av0260 profile - diary
comments: ummm....someone i thought was a friend. eh, i'll keep reading him if he ever decides to update.
amishboy profile - diary
comments: all i can say is, i read a few entries and i'm hooked. a very humorous person :) i just love humor, don't you?
sanderso profile - diary
comments: another dead diary...i really should take him off of here...hmm...
darkapplepie profile - diary
comments: another guy from down under. mmmm....that sounds kinda kinky ;)
americangeek profile - diary
comments: justin...my friend justin. nice guy :)
smugma profile - diary
comments: funny guy and a slacker to boot ;)
supernovae profile - diary
comments: nice guy. a writer and loves taking pictures. geeky guys rule! ;)
lv2write00 profile - diary
comments: heh...entertaining lesbian...cool ;)
amalgamate profile - diary
comments: amy's other dead diary...where the fuck is she?
xeriphism profile - diary
comments: hmm...what to say? putting you here, sexy, cuz i don't wanna lose track of ya ;)
haruchai profile - diary
comments: my bestest friend scott and the love of my life ;) he's so good to me and for me and he loves to make me sigh, laugh, think, gasp, breathe heavy, squirm in my chair...yep, all of those things :P
stupidmen profile - diary
comments: justin being a bad, bad boy :P
mcearstix profile - diary
comments: interesting pics and words. i like :)
purplebanana profile - diary
comments: plain and simple truth
macfarlane profile - diary
comments: should have added sooner, but lost track of some people. *To you* I like your diary :)
gumphood profile - diary
comments: Someone that visited me a long time ago, but one I never added. Makes me laugh! Welcome you :)
liebling profile - diary
comments: hi! cool diary :) plus she has me as a favorite!
xher-secrets profile - diary
comments: i like her. a very honest person about her feelings :)
kungfukitten profile - diary
comments: interesting. hmm...
milkmaid profile - diary
comments: honesty
dragprincess profile - diary
comments: truth

My favorite music:

foo fighters
comments: mmmm.....dave grohl.....*drooling like homer*
good charlotte
comments: freaky boys! ya know i luv 'em!
comments: love the sound and the look
Rob Zombie
comments: sure every song sounds the same, but i still love that sound! it turns me on and makes me all squishy :P
comments: simple plan,311,unwritten law,brand new,linkin park,the used,the offspring,eve6,marilyn manson,oasis,collective soul,counting crows,system of a down,green day,dave matthews,static-x, korn,type o negative,pete yorn,weezer,incubus,bach,pachelbel, vivaldi

My favorite movies:

empire records
comments: i've seen it like 50 times, but it never gets old.
vacation (all)
comments: any and all of national lampoon's vacation movies...even that stinky european one :P
comments: yeah, i know, kiddie movie, but i love it.
the craft
comments: love it! sometimes you just gotta be evil }:)
comments: *giggles* it just makes me happy. i've seen it about 400 times. a true classic :)

My favorite authors:

bentley little
comments: evil writing. about as good as the master stephen king
tim burton
comments: i love the book 'the melancholy death of oyster boy'
edward gorey
comments: excellent artist and writer
laird koenig
comments: the classic...'the little girl who lives down the lane'

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