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from jakalope :
67 is not old at all. I hope your father pulls through ok. =)
from liebling :
Oh no. I just wanted to ask why you decided to quit but then thought reading your entry would be a clever idea. And damn, I would have quit, too. That really was a mean way of treating you. Good luck with the job hunt. :)
from ldybug1113 :
i'm sorry stuff's going crappy for you lately. i work for a hospital and recently stayed at it for a week- usually hospitals will send a survey to it's patients after they leave about how their stay went. if your hospital does that for your scott (i too have a scott, hehe) make sure he/you note(s) the people who did or didn't do their jobs and that either you/he express your concerns or gratitudes about your stay. most hospitals take their surveys seriously- make your voices heard. just thought i'd drop you this note and wish the both of you well. i'm an avid reader and enjoy your life stories. have a great day. ;)
from gumphood :
I pictured you actually like feeling around the class room with your eyes shut
from gumphood :
thank you for the additive!
from justvisiting :
Thank you for your kind words.
from button-maker :
Your banner is cute.
from f-i-n :
what's up? Clicked your banner...
from candoor :
looking forward to more sweet dreams and happy new years :)
from jackthripper :
I was just checkin out your profile and I thought I'd let you know how frickin wicked you are, as I'm sure you already know. Oyster boy rules!
from typelove :
hello. i saw your link on the love-online ring and i was wondering if you would like to join my diary. it's a place for people who are involved in online relationships to write their feelings and support each other.
from beautifulmes :
Happy belated birthday!!!
from candoor :
s'ok, PETS should unite too (and Happy Birthdayto you, jo!)
from kellybutton :
it's from "Hook". Just to let you know. Cheers.
from nightingale- :
POETS UNITE!! Wow, for a second there I almost wrote PETS...that would've been interesting...I liked the diary. Fun stuff. Also liked the layout...JAAACK the Pumpkin KIIING!! I'm gonna go now...
from glassxshards :
i like your layout. nightmare before christmas rules.
from ladypheebs :
oooooooo, spine-tingling layout.
from englshfreak :
have you thoought of posting signs about the "stray" cat???. If he is a pet of somones ..they would ber happy to hear that you have him and would probally want him back. just a thought..... *smooches*
from parlance :
Oh Red and I love thee.
from baby-gurl101 :
I wish i was a bird. But knowing my luck... when i die ill come back as gangreen or howeva the hell you spell it. And if not tht... some sort of parasite tht lives in ur ass.
from americangeek :
So, I checked my buddy list, and saw lots of red, but a banner at the top caught my eye. I checked all the red, then said I should check that banner, as I clicked, I said, "watch this be a diary I've seen before with a new banner" hehe... who woulda thunk it?
from j9cutiebaboy : the poem about your mother...made me*t
from sweet-malice :
yeah! funny guys rock!! :D -Blanca
from funda :
This is a test. (beep) This is a test of the Emergency Valentine's Day System. (EVS) This test is to see if leaving notes around DLand will make this a wonderful day (and weekend) in spite of not particularly being with anyone romantically at the moment. (ummm) May the results be that all this love in my heart found some productive use. (smile) And maybe a giggle or few (Happy V-Day from my other persona too :)
from argolam :
I sex don't sex know sex what sex it sex was sex, but sex something sex in sex your sex banner sex caught sex my sex eye.
from peachyhaye :
Hey! I don't know if you know but I read your diary all the time. :-P and by the way, the "kitty" doctors appointment, it won't hurt AT ALL. I promise. I thought it would when I had my first one, but it didn't. You can barely even feel it. Promise. so don't be nervous. :) if you ever get around to it, you should read my diary! :-P seeya!
from macfarlane :
Happy New Year!
from lifes-a-bich :
i saw your musical choices, you should check out pink floyd, i think youd like them. But you dont have to take my word for it, come to my diary in about a week, today being the eighth, and you can hear for yourself.
from othelladub :
oh my!
from ionme :
Where does 'Scottybear' live (sorry I missed that)? I'm happy for you, you've been so googoo lately it's sickening haha.....when's the wedding date :P
from hadassah :
Go girl, I am so happy for you. Woot! My guys coming this weekend wish me luck too k? Have fun my friend.
from hadassah :
hey girl, Have a fgreat time with your guy. I met a wonderful guy on the internet and am spending my second weekend with him this coming. Go with your instinct. I know there are a few internet monsters out there but there are also some great guys out there too. I wish you luck.
from kabukicharms :
Wow i disapear for a while and you've become quite to popular one, and quite a dirty little thing at that, well glad things are going well, ciao
from othelladub :
oh my!!
from rainbow-revu :
We would love to review you! Come on over and request one today!
from mmeanaya :
woohoo!nice diary...keep it up!
from hadassah :
your diary rocks girl.... Keep it up.
from anhelo :
I completely agree with you. They should make a pill that does that.
from amethyst-13 :
hehe, it's my boyfriend and I's two month anniversary tomorrow also. :) :P I'm glad to hear that you're so happy. Isn't love great? I gotta go, ttyl, bye.
from lousrose :
jesus could your banner be any more conceited?
from me-me-meee :
I love the "adorable" banner!! The world needs morepositive attitudes like that. Unfortunately I am not yet ready to contribute. LOL
from ldybug1113 :
hey, what's your neopet's name? we could be neobuddies and i could send you stuff :) katie :p
from amishboy :
Oh silly goose. So how does a boy become privy to your IM address? I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
from gumphood :
Hehehe. You know I already HAVE been here a few times.
from amishboy :
This is probably different than most responses you receive - but you see, I really like cake. And I think your cakes are great. It takes a lot of creativity to make a helmet cake. Keep up the good work!
from freak318 :
Hey i really liked ur first masterbation story... it was.. well... very intersestin ;)
from sexybitch67 :
all i can say is wow! you are good, do you submit any of your stuff? you should. wow!
from c45530p314 :
That entry was so amazing. I cried, seriously. I just want you to know that your words are beautiful, no matter what you write about. You're right; this diary is for you, but there are people out there who really do appreciate it. I just thought I'd let you know.
from jme-reviews :
Hi I just started a new review site named jme-reviews. If you would like to have your diary reviewed please check out my site! Thank you ! -jamie-
from ldybug1113 :
eh, that's ok ;) I had at least three people helping me with the whole thing. I'm an absolute goob when it comes to stuff like that, I think I only took up maybe...5 hours of my precious time to try and figure it out. Sometimes I have demons of stupidity hiding out in the confines of my brain. Thanks for dropping me a note though :) i like reading your stuff, makes me laugh. :D So don't stop writing, you've got me, your mini-fan club over here in good ole Illinois! ;) hehe. ~*kAtIe*~
from gumphood :
i liked it I read the whole this, but I have usually liked what you write.
from gumphood :
I liked you list of rules. What I liked even more is that they were all listed as number one. Exactly what a guy would do. I am a guy
from ldybug1113 :
hey...could you give me the dummy version of how to put pics on one's diary(entry)? you seem to be pretty html savvy...thanks! ~katie~
from pigment :
Your entry made me laugh... Very cool diary. :)
from blusmurf10 :
I like your design... Yes I'm a newbee... Awe how cute, my diary is just starting out. lol. yes tootles
from usednabused8 :
Often enough... "online" (you're right, bullshit term) friends, are the best friends you can have. They are impartial, they are only yours, not your "real" (all friends are) friend's. This guy is a real jerk off, and he used you, which is just wrong. You're in the right... just thought I'd let ya know. ~michael
from me-me-meee :
He's not a friend, he's a flake.. that is the most inconsiderate thing I've ever heard. TRUE friends don't come and go. The positive thing is that now you have more time for making positive friendships.
from jamisonn :
okay that's mission is to protect you...goodbye
from mcnercia :
...nice. ;-) lol
from dani-lou :
I think this is just a crappy week for everyone! Hugs, Dani.
from blindliquid :
Wow i just clicked your banner, great page an good diary, thanks ;)
from amishboy :
I dig your diary. I dig southern girls. I dig your fantasies. Any good southern fantasies? lot's of heat to work with there.
from pixiechicks :
i love your diary!
from puree :
I love your diary. You are very... delightful.
from loser8720 :
O.o AYE(exclamation point) wot's this then(question mark) o.O
from captnemo :
If you love Baseball movies you should check out the Natural. A better movie than Feild of Dreams. Interesting Diary by the way.
from meeyapede :
I have to show that "shag stick" picture to a friend of mine in the UK. Hee. Oh and I liked the story- so many people, when they write dirty stuff, change their voice and vocab and sound ridiculous, with hilarious euphemisms for everything. And I'm impressed that you didn't do anything like that. Yay you!
from ldybug1113 :
fukin A! you have a neopet too! you rock. i wanna come work with you- we'd have such fun! my neopet lookup is "ldybug1113," lets be neofriends! hell ya. my new buddy- jofetish. ::grins & rubs hands together deviously:: such fun, such fun. katie :)
from sianni :
hehe :) your diary rocks :) i'm adding you to my faves list!
from adiscoverer :
have you seen "minority report" lately? the description of that dream reminds me of it.
from pimmelmann :
Stop writing sex stuff. You're probably fat and unattractive. Don't fantasize in front of the computer. Just sitting there will make your behind spread. Go exercise or get plastic surgery or something like that.
from patrician :
mmm... that is pretty... expressive. hehe.
from scott09 :
Boxers of course. Do you believe your first sexualexperience is the template for the rest of yur life?
from sianni :
hm - nice fantasy! got me all hot and bothered... :)
from hatehaven :
Hi. interesting diary. Your horneyness reminds me of me and my fiance, heh.
from funda :
Communications through music and lyric are at once safe and infinite, public and intimate, a creative kismet. That is just a few of the reasons it is exciting.
from americangeek :
I like the addition to the layout.... pretty eyes :)
from funda :
from funda :
I am impressed by this entry (and when this is read, this entry may have become that entry that you might remember but everyone else will refer to as "which entry?" but that is ok, I am going back to continue reading it again.
from playboybuny4 :
omg yer storeis are great!!!!!!!!! i LOVE reading yer diary...and yer hot steamy fanties are wonderful..i love 'em!! feel free to read my diary IM me or e-mail me! i would to hear from you!~ take care~
from playboybuny4 :
omg yer storeis are great!!!!!!!!! i LOVE reading yer diary...and yer hot steamy fanties are wonderful..i love 'em!! feel free to read my diary IM me or e-mail me! i would to hear from you!~ take care~
from iamalanwhoru :
Your Archives...are they supposed to be doubled like that? =\
from funda :
you are fun.
from falenangel :
i love ur diary! hehe i read it all the time. and my current layout reminds me of you! if ud like the code feel free to take it! hehe :) i wish i had my own place w/ my own computer so i can stay up all nite online! heh!! :) take cares
from ldybug1113 :
heh, you make me laugh. you're my new buddy. read my entry "angst" totally feel ya, babe. :) kate ps~ i love "nightmare b4 christmas"
from mscalico :
I think your page is cool and its in my favs box now - keep up the good work :)))
from preciousgift :
Clicked on your banner and you've made me laugh quite a few times. Never lose your sense of humor. Be seeing you soon cause I've added you to my favs.
from lostgirl13 :
Your diary is one of the most humorous diaries I have read so far. Keep it up.
from anadalaa :
Hmm. I should say you've had the most entertanining diary Ive read so far.. Im sick, and unable to go out, so Im stuck here on the computer for a day, bored-ness :) Just thought I'd let ya know (And hey- Im blonde too!)
from xeriphism :
now you are a girl in the world who has a link from me too :P~ haha also to do that thing it's like a um <marquee> thing if you want to view the source of my thing and just rip it off blatantly that's cool by me :P hell i ripped that code off my works website *laughs*
from rabbitlove :
great diary, your last entry srt of relates to my resent past
from tryna01 :
I honestly can not remember how I came across your diary, but I like it. Holla!
from x-x-zero-x-x :
wooo hooo! Halloween! my fav holiday :)
from violet-sins :
You know, I never thought I'd see another girl as pervy as me and then I come across your journal and here you are, another girl as pervy as me. Your journal rocks my socks...keep up the good work, power to pervy girls.
from tosad5122 :
hey i was wondering if you could tell me how i could tell this guy that i really care about that i am bi... i can tell anyone else but when it comes to him i am very scared that he is going to be all weird if i tell him... and i really don't want to loose him.. he means the world to me... oh yeah and your diary Kicks Ass!!!!please if you can write me somtime... thanx
from ocumatic :
Actually im from texas, so yeah i do know about Kroger...
from kabukicharms :
My god that whole thing about books made want to marry you, ive always had the same little vision... minus the shelves i just want random piles. So many books that its too the point that im using them as furniture. I think ive made several posts about being a bibliophile. Anyway, on a side note (no pun intended) they sell eggnog here all year you can get it at the grocery store whenever...
from americangeek :
yes, something did catch my eye on your banner. Actually, several things.... poetry, humor, honesty, love, hate, work, friends, and confusion.... wait, wasn't there something else? ;)
from dust-settle :
your diary rocks...but you know that already. =)
from anm727 :
Do you change your underwear often? I guess your banner means, you just have mood changes? Cool diary. :)
from supernovae :
Your diary rules. As an inhibited college boy, I'd love to talk to you. I probably live really far away, though. =) ... Wow, I wouldn't want to take all that stuff to a deserted island - mostly because the idea is to get away from it all. I think if my computer blew up I'd shout, "I'm free!" =) Take care. Check out my diary if you get a minute.
from msundrstood :
Hey there! I just wanted to tell you I'll soon be adding your diary to my faves...I've been reading for awhile and I think you're hilarious! You're like, an X-rated me!!!LOL
from lilchrissi :
You are so damn funny!! And I love your banner! Stop in and say hi sometime. *waves*
from punkdorkster :
hey! i don't really know why i am writing htis but i just wanted to say that from the eyes of a 14 year old that you are not old, someone old would be some 70 year old lady that won't get up because her bones will break to dust if she does. now IF your that lady then yes you are old but if your not then tell anyone who tells you your old to just bite your young ass or something! and about your list of that i love or would love if i was with someone i would love the exact same things!!! especially the ones where a guy would find little things like a penny with the year you were born on it, i just love those kind of things but it is very hard to find that type of guy! well i guess i'm just going to go shut up now! Blessed Be, Alycia
from princesscris :
You're cool! I'm adding you to my faves! :)
from vile-bitch :
Well hello... This is one hell of an interesting diary. :) Just wondering... how old are you?
from lilchrissi :
Oh dear lord.. another dirty version of me. *heh* sweet!!! I have some pretty erotic thoughts of my own if you can locate them once you get past all of the happy/sad dramatic crap. Take care doll! Loved your entry by the way... Guys are all slackers but if they're hott lick 'em twice until you get the center of that toostie pop. *lmao*
from myhorizons :
Great banner ad!
from tragiclovest :
I saw your banner and had to click on it... and I've only got ONE thing to say to you... "Damn the Man! Save the Empire!" :D
from pink-finch :
Hi! I found your diary blinking at the top of the site. Your a good writer, and from what I read you sound like a good person. I live in NJ, and stuff. Well, yeah, so I thought you might like to know that stuff. OK see-ya. Wait... I need help with my girlfriend. Can you help me? E-mail if you want to. [email protected]. You don't have to if you don't want to, but I would like to get to know you, but just as friends, because your a lot like me and I can relate to what you write. Seeya, and if you decide to help, Thank you!
from redheadgal :
oh dear god. i think i found my naughty thoughts twin. you rock. no doubt about it. im me sometime. :) peace.
from feverlover21 :
Hey that naked idea is not bad I've already got my nipple pierced so I've got a place to hang my id badge. Except I work at a customer service job and I don't wear one...bummer
from smile4onlyu :
i love your diary! i cant get enough. i just found it and i had to read it from start to finish! keep writing girl!
from feverlover21 :
you are such a crack up..:) I clicked on your banner and I definitly want to update with you more often..write me a note so I can have your link to update you more often. P.S ignore the family and be you...just be safe
from brandonman :
I read your diary and loved it. Email me if you want to sometime; [email protected]
from cuhrayzeh :
Man someone added me! hahaha
from schoonie :
I hate my alarm clock, too; it sucks a big fat ass every morning, and it makes me cringe to hear one on a movie or something. Thank you for saying I am yummy.
from ionme :
Hi, I'm J, I love the way your mind works. I am with someone who wants to be dominated, says he wants me to inflict pain on him, any ideas? I have the nipple pinching and candlewax covered.
from iheartboobs :
you need to write scripts for pornos, definitely.
from mroutt :
enjoy the diary.
from abhorgod :
No more vacation, bastard. And yes, you were so close to ecstacy, my body and the drug, haha. i got a tongue that works like stalin could dictate. LIKE NATURALLY bam - orgasm (im high, love me)
from abhorgod :
go to mapquest, put in yer town, then put in Whippany NJ - drive here and call me from your cell and ill tell you exactly where im at. I LOVE YOU BABY
from iheartboobs :
and i was starting to think that maybe the stuff that happens in pornos actually does happen in real life. too bad you were kidding. nice entry though, but i think sometimes the reason good looking girls hang out with the butt ugly ones is to make themselves look better.
from abhorgod :
you make me wet woman. finish packing your bags already, im getting antsy. hope you dont mind jersey, its only polluted in my room. bring your boobs too, we will need them
from abhorgod :
hard liquor, porn, trying stuff (ANAL) twice. why dont we shack up for a while, or until you try it twice. and if you have before, than i repeat. twice, with me.
from heidiann :
Yay for Empire Records and Mallrats!

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