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My favorite diaries:

Mootet profile - diary
comments: "I am happiest when others are miserable."
Rumblelizard profile - diary
comments: "Being crucified has a way of fucking up your whole day."
heidiann profile - diary
comments: "the Barbie Dream House became some kind of S/M bordello as soon as I walked in the room."
Jason75 profile - diary
comments: "next thing I remember was waking up in the morning in bed with a 21 piece bucket of KFC next to me, the skeletons of seveal of their chickens placed neatly on a serviette beside my bed and a roaring hangover."
twentyone profile - diary
comments: "i guess opposites attract even in the other world."
swordfern profile - diary
comments: "I fight to stay awake longer becuase in-the-dark conversations are always the most important."
realjesus profile - diary
comments: "go hang a salami; i'm a lasagna hog!"
violet-leigh profile - diary
comments: "Whoever told Vin Diesel he can act is a very disturbed person. "
fivetwo profile - diary
forestdream profile - diary
comments: ""Om!" I replied, waving a partially cooked sausage around. "I am the guru of garlic sausage. For behold! All is encompassed within the garlic of the sausage." "
tathagres profile - diary
comments: "Truth Beauty Freedom Love. I am these."
chubbychic profile - diary
comments: "Now let me tell you fashion gurus out there something you should already know: Unless you're Nelly Furtado, white people with dreds look like nasty babydolls with their hair pulled out."
refusal profile - diary
comments: "[re invention of religions] ...Maybe that's just because there are a lot more people now than in the past, and a lot of those people have a lot more leisure time and are less likely to be burnt at the stake for heresy"
shimmyshimmy profile - diary
comments: "Sometimes I only want to take to the hills and find little ways to give back to the land, and take next to nothing for myself."
rayajjaar profile - diary
comments: "Everytime that she bent over I looked...I'm not afraid to admit that. I looked down her shirt and I was hoping that she would fall out of it."
boogiebeep profile - diary
comments: "my baby was conceived in a heat-of-the-moment-fuck-me-now-and-make-it-fast-in-case-we-get-caught rendezvous"
oceangypsy profile - diary
comments: "please don't judge me just by my dreams."
snailpetal profile - diary
comments: "you know it's been a good night wake up with hand-prints all over your butt :)"
tigerknight profile - diary
comments: "So it goes: one can stop violent crime by blocking sexuality. "
tommy212 profile - diary
comments: "For the first time in my life I have boobs, and they jiggle while I run. It�s wicked cool. "
usagiisgod profile - diary
comments: "A woman called me sexy this morning. Unprovoked and for no apparent reason. Nofuckingsequiter, both in occurence and my reportage."
trancejen profile - diary
comments: [re Social Sec Office]"I think that there's a rule against smiling. They've probably installed posters in the breakroom that feature yellow smiley faces stamped out with bold red circles and lines."
luvabeans profile - diary
comments: "Stoopid wanderlust. Time to get my hanky, fill it with victuals, tie it to a broom-handle, and ride the rails."
ivymalfoy profile - diary
comments: "Osanna made an odd gasping noise in the back of her throat and Ivy smirked in silence, and then turned on one booted heel in Snapes direction."
viperj profile - diary
everoboto profile - diary
comments: "I'm sure Justin will get back at her by making out with Michael Jackson during a steamy duet of "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'." Ma Ma Se, Ma Ma Sa, Ma Ma Coo Sa, bitch."
jex profile - diary
comments: "I wonder if Inspector Gadget has a detachable penis. Or maybe his schlong is like a swiss army knife. You know, instead of a saw, etc. It has ribs...french ticklers...heh. Swiss Army Penis."
the-magus profile - diary
ddraigwen profile - diary
comments: "So here is for the unexpected, the suprises and wonder that life has in store for us. May it always be a mystery and never be dull."
kitchenwitch profile - diary
comments: "Hang me up by my toenails and beat me with a hazel switch while screaming bad! bad delinquent fine payer person..."
bellhead profile - diary
comments: "With a nice fart, out came the sloppy goodness of mixing white russians with light source."
robynb profile - diary
comments: "[...]start from scratch[...]maybe that way men will stop being insensitive, emotionless, non-caring fuckers and women will stop being paranoid, emotional, illogical whores."
keryanna profile - diary
comments: "I have just have to giggle everytime sometimes talks about O.P.P. For me, it means something totally different from "Ontario Provential Police"."
lady-malfoy profile - diary
opusshrugged profile - diary
shedid profile - diary
comments: "Operation 'get a boyfriend to have sex with' is now in full effect. Watch out men, I am on the prowl"
mornglory profile - diary
fuzzmom profile - diary
edgarfrog profile - diary
absinthesigh profile - diary
xperi-mental profile - diary
witchful profile - diary
maskedmofo profile - diary

My favorite music:

Heavy Metal
comments: (I'm doing "genres") From KISS to Iron Maiden, Manowar, to Storm, Amorphis, Typo O Negative, My Dying Bride.... I use the term "heavy metal" loosely here!
Rap/R n B
comments: The more "hard" stuff NWA, Ice Cube, Notorius BIG the good dancy tunez like Naughty by Nature... and some "faggy" stuff like MOntell Jordan
George Michael
comments: He's a style on his own :) Oh- AND Saint Nick (well - Nick Cave anyway...) He's also a style of his own
Jazz/Funky Stuff/MPB
comments: Hard to give examples here - from Janis & Jimmi to James Brown to Thelonius Monk to Miles to Milton Nascimento, Gilberto Gil, Caetano and Elis
comments: Funky dance music like Dimitri from Paris, crappy 70's disco tunes, a bit of the ol' Goth thrown in like Sisters of Mercy, some industrial kinda stuff Thrill Kill Kult, Revolting Cocks... what a plethora eh? As long as it's good and non

My favorite movies:

Eddie Murphy
comments: Coz he rocks :)
comments: French usually can't go wrong with a French film. Italian is sometimes wonderful, sometimes utter rubbish - Spanish - Almodovar - he's great!
comments: Been gettin into the Jap cartoons lately!
comments: Crappy old "tit" movies with vampyres chasing half naked neglige'd women... Christopher Lee is the man!
comments: As long as it's NOT Jim Carrey. From Holywood to budget... but i kinda dislike "painfull" holywood shite - esp comedy with stupid stuff like Jim.

My favorite authors:

comments: Especially TSR - Ravenloft, Forgotten Realms kinda stuff is best, not really into the "aliens" sci-fi bt if well written i'll give it a go. This is not in order btw - all depends on my mood
Vampyre Novels
comments: I DEVOUR those... luv 'em! even the crap ones. On of my faves is "Carmilla" by S. Le Fanu.
Gothic Horror
comments: Kinda goes hand in hand with vampyres... Poe, etc - it's (nearly) all good!
comments: Old and modern - Bocaccio, Dante to E.M Forster to stuff like Maupassant, Pavese....
comments: Yes - reference - dictionaries, textbooks (esp ones dealing with ancient civilisations - Egypt, etc) and latelly investment strategy books

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