The Masked Mofo in "Mr. The Past vs. Mrs. The Future"

I am The Masked Mofo. 'ello.

This is me, writing about me, and my eternal struggle caught between the past and the future. Detailing the mistakes I have made, the mistakes I am about to make and some small victories along the way.

I might even be just like you, but I probably have bigger hair.

Oh yeah, and I'm a Super Crime Fighting Vigilante Hero Guy... in my dreams.


--The Artist who until fairly recently was known (in certain circles) as "The Artist formerly known as 'The Masked Mofo'" but who is now again known as simply The Masked Mofo.

My favorite diaries:

EVEROBOTO profile - diary
comments: I am but an electron, and she is the nucleus I am lucky enough to revolve around. I am absolutely in love with this woman! Vivent longtemps la reine en m�tal !!
DISCOTHEKID profile - diary
comments: 'So there we were in the doorway of this chinese take-out joint...' Disco is one of the most counterintuitive minds running.People just like him invented PunkRock, Discordianism and Anarchy.Great friend, but I think he secretly wants to date me.
GROOVESPOOK profile - diary
comments: Creative, Congenial, Cognitive, Cohesive, Convivial, Cartoonistical, Convex, Cretinous Composer, with lots of cream and sugar.
brewreviews profile - diary
comments: Ask me how I missed making this a favorite?? How??? I don't know, but let's let bygones be bygones, shall we? BrewReviews rocks!
genghis-jon profile - diary
comments: Great diary. Keenly 'f-ing' funny.
golfwidow profile - diary
comments: Dig it!
kalanianaole profile - diary
comments: "Death comes in threes.I blame Holst's Bringer of War. Mars gave the Romans war and blood and sorrow. And candy. Now that it's the closest it's been in 60,000 years, jerk is continuing his wrathful and fattening ways on my America.
kungfukitten profile - diary
comments: The name was enough for me, but she also digs Drunken master, Labyrinth, Anne Rice aaaaand Kung Fu. Blows apart my cool meter.
leftunspoken profile - diary
comments: "Oh well. If you're going to get wet anyway, you might as well dive all the way in. Endings be damned." -The Mofo agrees.
PORKTORNADO profile - diary
comments: 'Funny,' the other white meat.
ramanda profile - diary
comments: Proud survivor of the 1st annual Prank Canada Day. And, I'm the 69th user to list her as a favorite, woo hoo! Amanda Rocks!!
rkwj1 profile - diary
comments: Fellow lover of Phoebe Cates' Tits.
SAVECRAIG profile - diary
comments: "I usually stay up late on sunday nights because for some reason I subconsciously think that it will put off monday morning, but I usually just end up feeling like crap on monday morning."
towelphaser profile - diary
comments: Beloved indie rock star/ninja/spaceman/robot love machine/king.
twelvebeer profile - diary
comments: Faster than Greg Louganis Speedo's, more powerful than DD7 w/ Orange Action, wiser than a bag of poorly soaked rocks. Forerunners of unsolicited, out-of-context quotes. Bought my love with their choice of my wife as a beermate!
ambrosia1 profile - diary
comments: MISSING IN ACTION: I've always known that my wife is a goddess. Finally her inherent divinity is being properly documented.
halfdevoured profile - diary
comments: MISSING IN ACTION: Superb artistic mind. Lending ecclesiastical credence to Diaryland.
lealoo profile - diary
comments: MISSING IN ACTION: Three words. Domestic Demi-Goddess!! Three more words. TigerLily, SnowDrop and Mucha!
leonmcphelps profile - diary
comments: MISSING IN ACTION: Funny as two glasses of heck and some cheap red wine!! This undeniably unique photoshop journeyman is very strong and awesome in the force. He will be an Adobe Jedi master one day.
usagiisgod profile - diary
comments: MISSING IN ACTION: MBOTM guest journalist extraordinaire! Awesome fellow Metal-head!

My favorite music:

Nicolo Paganini
Franz Liszt
Randy Rhoads
The Beatles

My favorite movies:

Big Trouble in Little China
Where Eagles Dare
True Romance
Fist of the North Star
Kill Bill

My favorite authors:

Clive Barker
Robert Anton Wilson
Robert Jordan
Alan Watts
Neil Gaiman

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