Have Law, Will Travel. Wire Tigerknight.

Vir Super Hostem - "above his enemies." International lawyer of mysterious quasi-profundities, righting wrongs (and wronging Rights) the world round.

My favorite diaries:

Ilonina profile - diary
comments: Some of the most insightful writing on the 'net; alas, locked away.
tater-fay profile - diary
comments: Bit of fresh air for all of us accustomed to the vicarious lifestyle...romance so seldom is drafted with such an eye or honesty.
theshrike profile - diary
comments: Exploring the inner soul of the midwest.
lifequest profile - diary
comments: Tales from the disjunctive side of reality...
Rumblelizard profile - diary
comments: Satire, tirades, humor, and wit. What more could a diarist provide?
thisisme14 profile - diary
comments: Precocious--a helping high school life to reconnect with reality. Don't worry, I've nothing against God or any religion, but am deeply hostile to religiosity.
drgeek profile - diary
comments: Recommended by Ilonina...impressed by his writing.
violetwoman profile - diary
comments: Best wishes in breaking the chocolate addiction--perhaps I'll join after breaking my other addictions
republicans profile - diary
comments: What real "diaryland reviews" should be doing: collect the interesting, comment on why, share with all.
charminggirl profile - diary
comments: There are many different types of courage--one is simply dealing with what life gives us. Keep on!
life-o-rama profile - diary
comments: solid thinking on a variety of levels, even the mushy stuff
botanologia profile - diary
comments: from DrGeek, profundities and humor, all around
blucollarboy profile - diary
comments: If I see you in Baghdad, I'll buy the beer, and we'll both chuckle awkwardly at our mutual awkwardness.
spacemuppet profile - diary
comments: an eye for the telling detail, and tales worth telling--depth and insight...
odalisk profile - diary
comments: possibly crossed paths
jynxed profile - diary
comments: Funny gent from my home town
aghostisborn profile - diary
comments: The sweet yet shy side of a soul still becoming acquainted with her own luster

My favorite music:

comments: Music that introduced me to human rights...REM, the Smiths, the Clash, David Bowie, Tears for Fears--who says the 80s were soulless?
Cocteau Twins
comments: Music to restore passion to one's aura...This Ascension, Bel Canto, Clannad, Cranberries, Love Spirals Downwards, and Morcheeba, Lorena McKennit.
comments: Music to inspire...for film scores...James Horner, Howard Shore, John Williams, Basil Poledouris, Hans Zimmer...
Dead Can Dance
comments: Ascend to a transcendental heaven...see also Deep Forest, Oceania, Delerium, Peter Gabriel...
Nine Inch Nails
comments: And if you descend into hell, know that you aren't alone there.

My favorite movies:

Lord of the Rings
comments: Ben-Hur and Titanic also won 11 Oscars. Ben-hur sucked. Nix the chariot race and you wind up with Judeo-Christian propagandistic prattle.
Lion in Winter
comments: Katherine Hepburn at her iron-willed finest. A love story, divorce story, a children will stab daddy in the back with a dagger story. Classic.
comments: President Bartlett (Martin Sheen) gave away the money earned while playing a minor role, noting, "How could anyone profit off of Gandhi?" Must have been good psychotherapy after Apocalypse Now.
Dances with Wolves
comments: I am John Dunbar. Except, not on the plains. Nor in the civil war. Nor riding a horse, playing with a wolf, or shooting a gun. OK, aside from that, I am John Dunbar.
comments: "All men die, not all men ever really live." Yeah, right. Anybody could go start a war to get revenge against those who killed the woman he loved. Speaking Latin--now that's difficult. (All those Latin Masses, Mel...)

My favorite authors:

Gabriel Garcia Marquez
comments: Love in the time of Cholera...some day, may I too find myself permanently on such a riverboat.
J.R.R. Tolkien
comments: "The road goes ever on and on."
Immanuel Kant
comments: Note to self: when crazed axe murderer comes to door asking if I am hiding his victim, must tell truth. Truth = "Let me see that axe--I might be hiding him inside the handle"
Dag Hammerskjold
comments: "Pray that your loneliness drives you to find a cause great enough to die for, worth living for."
Nobel Laureates
comments: I will read every one of them...

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