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I am 26, a kitchen witch, mother of three, my beautiful 8 year old witchling who is homeschooled, my blue eyed baby boy, who turned 2 years old on June 30th 2006, and my sweet little Willow, who was born June 9th, 2006. I am also a wife, married four years this Mabon to James, my gorgeous hunk of English Cowboy.

This is my diary. The space where I ramble on about everything and nothing.

Newest News: We have ANOTHER baby! Willow Iris, born June 9th, 2006.

My favorite diaries:

Loxleigh profile - diary
comments: "6. I love my wife"
Avalonte profile - diary
comments: "I'm back!! Did you miss me? "
xwitchlingx profile - diary
comments: "I want to be an ice cream woman or an police woman when I grow up. An ice cream woman so I can give ice cream to little kids! And an police woman to arest robbers then krimenals."
Katress profile - diary
comments: "It just amazes me sometimes that some of these people can walk and breathe at the same time their brainpower is so diminished. Truly amazing"
I-girl profile - diary
comments: "You know it�s a bad bad person who makes you feel sorry and sympathetic for P. Diddy. Not that they broke up, but that the poor schmo has been the dude who has been with her the longest. "
TranceJen profile - diary
comments: "Yes, we are the best friends in the world. (But if you step on my foot one more time, I'm going to kill you with a cocktail straw through the eyeball.)"
ava-reborn profile - diary
comments: Another diary!!!!
laylagoddess profile - diary
comments: "For a long time I have lived in the camp of �People never really change they just get better at hiding it.�
sno-princess profile - diary
comments: "I get my own apartment. I can shit with the door open, walk around naked, watch t.v. at two in the morning, yell at my kids when I need to, etc. These are the things you really take for granted when you are not allowed to do them."
jinninfollie profile - diary
comments: "Back-up, Back-up!!! Virus Hackers should have their own little corner of torment somewhere. I really hate the little buggers. I would like to "slice", "dice" and slap them on a slide to be forgotten. "
samantha616 profile - diary
comments: "McDonalds? I'd rather party hard in a public bathroom then go hang out with all of her welfare buddies from work (she works at McD's), and sit there and smell dead, ground up cow while trying to pretend to enjoy myself around *HER*.&qu
lealoo profile - diary
comments: "Tony has been practising his evil laugh for the past two days. It's kind of an Eh Heh heh heh hhhhehhhh. This makes me think that he may have decided to launch his evil plot for World Domination earlier than we had previously expected."
bansheerose profile - diary
comments: "I miss my muffin!! I can't wait till I can get online and get one of those cyber hugs from him. Two years I am going to move to England and we shall be the Jack and Karen of England. "
nakedbarista profile - diary
comments: Another homeschooling mommy!
MagickReview profile - diary
comments: "We cater toward those of us who prefer the mystical... Whether they be Witch, Wiccan, Pagan, or Druid... Or just want a little Magick in their lives..."
spacebabe profile - diary
comments: "Got exceptionally drunk on Saturday night and only realised how bad on Sunday when I saw people's photos of the night. And there was me snogging some OTHER bird "
Mercurial73 profile - diary
comments: "Maybe that's what I should do with my life. I should be a stripper. A pregnant stripper. Now that's funny."
Jenne1017 profile - diary
comments: "We've done established that I am an odd, weird, peculiar person, correct?"
MaryBoleyn profile - diary
comments: "I be Mary Boleyn, elder and more refined sister of Anne and Georges Boleyn, daughter of Sir Thomas Boleyn and Elizabeth Howard, Lady Boleyn, and niece of his Excellency, the honorable Sir Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk"
trinity63 profile - diary
comments: "That foggy-pms-I-hate-the-world-headachy-impatient-get-out-of-my-fucking-way-leave-me-alone-I-need-TLC has settled itself over my head like a thick dark thunder cloud. "
xdarkrainx profile - diary
comments: my other brother
VanillaKitty profile - diary
comments: "I have started to crosstitch. Yea, me.... crosstitching... stop laughing! I always told KAT that I wouldn't have the patience for it, but it's not that bad."
MsLeslie profile - diary
comments: "Still, I think you'd have to admit that anyone who felt the need to take what I write and use the words as if they came from themselves is, well.... even more pathetic than me, don't you think?"
discothekid profile - diary
comments: "I hate looking for clothes in the city. Next to watching baby seals being eaten by sharks on the nature channel, or waiting in line at Home Depot, shopping for clothes in the city comes in at a close third of things someone like me shouldn�t have to
idiot-milk profile - diary
comments: "Tell me you f=-ked up. Tell me that you'll fix it. Tell me that it won't happen again. Do NOT tell me, however, that it's not your fault. Do NOT give me a million and one reasons why you are not responsible. "
ludicn profile - diary
comments: "What is this sick obsession I have with staying up all night? And, will it pass?"
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: "Neither did anything else happen the way it was planned, on account of an unfoldin' crisis. Well, maybe 'crisis' is too strong a word, but 'mess' is too weak, and 'confloption' doesn't capture the emotional...
finepickle profile - diary
comments: "1. Vegas sucks. Or rather, the store in Vegas sucks and is no fun to run at all and I wish they would just hire someone who is not me to run in and let me go home."
willowrain profile - diary
comments: "Well, I have decided that my son is way to smart for a six year old. He needs to start eating boogers or something, just to even it out a little bit. "
prostituee profile - diary
comments: "So I dunno. Threesome. You say "oh yeah, I've done that" and suddenly people are like *GASP* because there's this whole other side to you. I haven't. But that's my reaction when I find out that a friend has done that.&q
UncleBob profile - diary
comments: "In that respect, little kids are like telemarketers. They're constantly badgering you at the most inopportune times. Thank God for sound proof closets and duct tape though, huh?"
jonathan profile - diary
comments: "I wanted to grunt my disapproval. He cups the butt end of the fag in the palm of his hand, like a miscreant school-boy trying to hide what he is doing. You come to gardens like these to spoil your senses, not to have the scents poisoned by tobacco&q
blue-candy-b profile - diary
comments: "I know I would, because I was addicted to this, and this was for little tickets. I'm sure if it were for money, I'd have kept going and going. So I'm going to be safe and stay away from Casinos for the rest of my life."
sunnflower profile - diary
comments: "Cleaning can be an adventure. Vacuum and you're sure to catch the fringe of the rug or suck up some pocket change. Start fluttering that feather duster about and something is bound to fall over - perhaps something beloved or costly. "
swordsmaiden profile - diary
comments: "I feel like passing it off as PMS, but I hate doing that, for the sole reason that it makes me and women in general appear to be hormonal messes and not real people with feelings. "
Nightschild profile - diary
comments: "Time slips through the fingers faster than one can grab hold of it. "
Goewin profile - diary
comments: "He's much too young for me, and we can hardly have a conversation without him mentioning Buzz Lightyear or Spiderman. Still, he's awfully cute and has blue eyes the color of a cloudless summer sky. "
devouredsoul profile - diary
comments: "..I am gone...this is me no longer...i have changed...i am past being devoured by hatred, greed, and tears...goodbye forever, loves. .. "
vividdreamer profile - diary
comments: "Damn HBO and their good sense to take the show off while it's still incredibly popular. Couldn't they just drag it out in 90210-esqe fashion so that loyal viewers like me will still be wondering whether or not the girls will get married&qu
catsmeow1224 profile - diary
comments: "Now, I don't typically get involved in matters like this, but I think Diaryland is in deep shit. Has anyone noticed that Andrew has become a little... desperate? What with the Summer snack pack and all."
thecrankyone profile - diary
comments: "I love Star Wars, Buffy, Sci-fi in general, books, movies, cats, and computers. I hate stupid, uptight people, housework, my job, and not having any money."
ghanima profile - diary
comments: "I have more jade jewelry than any woman has a right to own. "
scanzilla profile - diary
comments: "To further mark their scent, a lot of guys don't even have the common courtesy to wash thier hands after using the bathroom. This way any remnant of piss and shit left on their fingers can be passed to other people with a friendly hand shake. &
sianni profile - diary
comments: "As far as the name thing for Sianni goes � that can also apply to me � apart from the headaches and other health problems. My health problems are my gut."
sleepyzoe profile - diary
comments: "Okay, I really don't regret it [at all], and it was really R's decision to keep our genitals within the confines of their respective Levi's, but I did respect and agree with that decision. "
serenaville profile - diary
comments: "Meddle not with one of the Only Connections Mommy Has To The Outside World, for you are bite-sized, and taste good with ketchup."
renovatingme profile - diary
comments: A lovely new read... Can't wait to get to know her!
annarain profile - diary
comments: "Wow! A pornographer/chef who wants to help pay my bills! Of course I had to reply"
pgn-mystique profile - diary
comments: Another Pagan Mommy!

My favorite music:

comments: Had a serious THING for Gavin Rossdale when i was a teeny bopper
comments: Love to listen to her for a witchy mood, Sheperd Moon is great for casting a circle!
Dixie Chicks
comments: I LOVE them, White trash wedding is hilarious
Emerald Rose
comments: They are my newest musical find, and the Vampire Girl From Orn has become my favorite song...
comments: The King Album is my all time fav

My favorite movies:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
comments: I love this movie, but I think the TV show is better
comments: Wicked Funny
The Crow
comments: Again, I had a crush on Brandon Lee as a teeny bopper (even though he was dead)
Harold and Maude
comments: So weird!!!!!!!
The Princess Bride
comments: My husband and I adore it We are gonna name our first boy Westley

My favorite authors:

My husband
comments: Intelligent, Witty, Classy, somewhat pompous (but I love him anyway)
Dean Koontz
comments: I've read everything he's ever written.... He is my favorite!!!!
Charlaine Harris
comments: Oooh!!! My newest find, and I've read everything I can get my hands on!
Terry Brooks
comments: One of my all time favorites....
Laurell K. Hamilton
comments: She is a great author, and I love her, even though I think there is beginning to be too much sex and not enough story!!!

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