Memoirs of an Eastender

I still don't quite believe I'm over 30 - even though Ive had more than 2 1/2 years to get used to it!

Separated, small child, total Londoner, but I can make my boring life sound relatively witty!

Find out what I get up to with my problems with men and life - online dating agencies, ex-boyfriends and even ex-husbands feature! Hey, Eastenders has NOTHING on me.

My favorite diaries:

weymouth66 profile - diary
comments: "The thought of the office managers getting visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past made me chuckle..."
dunkm profile - diary
comments: "Today I was challenged to list the people I'd ever slept with. I wasn't happy with the result, really. There were too many, and I couldn't remember 3 names, regretted over half of them, and only a third were proper long term relations
fairyfish profile - diary
comments: "I have developed a weird addiction to Special K bars, and they're not even very nice."
ikeaman profile - diary
comments: "Anyway enough about me, maybe I won�t leave it so long until I write another update" He lied!!!!!!!
mindfluff profile - diary
comments: "am i the only person who upon opening diaryland in their browser sings "diaryland, diaryland, does whatever a diary can" to the spiderman theme tune?"
iwinzulus profile - diary
comments: "I keep meaning to update this darned thing because I've turned into one of those people I hate - the non-updaters."
mutster101 profile - diary
comments: "If you can hear any kind of loud and frequent hissing sound at the moment coming from the vague direction of the Midlands it's probably my spleen venting at regular intervals, a bit like the reactor in Aliens."
jason75 profile - diary
comments: "I asked a guy why he left his last job and his reply was "I worked for my wife and she didnt like me once I revealed I was gay". He was hired and immensely popular with our mostly queer building. New gay man paradise. "
vanoonoo profile - diary
comments: "you'd forget yourself and 38 hours later realise that you hadn't eaten, washed or been to work but that you'd made really great friends with people in latvia and slovenia and you could play chess and solitaire in twelve languages.&quo
fuck-buddy profile - diary
lemonsparkle profile - diary
pinkvelvet33 profile - diary
comments: Wonder if she'll be checking for typos....... :)
eskimodoll profile - diary
babytales profile - diary
comments: One of the first people I ever met off the internet, many MANY moons ago :)
debyhelen profile - diary
bumpsadaisy profile - diary

My favorite music:

Jools Holland
comments: Look, I AM a girl after all - Duncaaaaaaaannnnnn *goes into a trance*

My favorite movies:

True Romancee
comments: Say no more
The Shawshank Redemption
comments: SUCH a moving film
Truly Madly Deeply
comments: It makes me cry every time. Divorcing Jack - I just find this hysterical but powerful too.
Shallow Grave
comments: VERY under-rated. The Cube - am I the only perosn to have even seen this? Let alone love it!
comments: Hitman with a heart - who could resist?

My favorite authors:

Terry Pratchett
comments: What a guy! What a sense of humour!
Carl Hiaasen
comments: I just thank God I'm not as twisted as him!
Marian Keyes
comments: The ultimate UK girlie author
Nick Hornby
comments: He really captures London men of my time.

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