Fancy's Follie

Slightly used older female.(Grins like a happy cat)

Full time mother part time jeweler.

So, I guess I would be an artist, poet, witch,tarot reader,and full time MOTHER, dancer. Both my kids are on their own paths. My son who is 22 studies Celtic and Druidic magic. My daughter (13) hasn't decieded, just that the "normal" religion leaves too much out of the mix.

I am mostly homebound, so have plenty of time to craft things and play online. I like online games like "Asherons Call".

I watch all types of movies and read way too much. My boyfriend likes most of it so we get to share.

Our house is on the beach and next to a good size creek. Alaska is an ever changing place and one I love to live in. I just miss real freeways and malls. (thats what my car says anyway).

My favorite diaries:

pal-adin profile - diary
comments: like it, needs more, poor bored guy. Get him started and he knows how to write a good story.
musesfool profile - diary
comments: she can really write, she hooked me with the X-Men stuff though. LOL
al-araan profile - diary
comments: Skimps on sleep, but can write when he feels like it. So get with it!
sundry profile - diary
comments: the best tonic for a boring day. Really she can make anyone laugh
kitchenwitch profile - diary
comments: young (to me) kitchen witch after my own style. Kind of nice.. Interesting to read the ups and downs of life

My favorite music:

comments: heavy metal at its best
Led Zepplin
comments: One of my favorite concerts featured "Stairway to Heaven"
Green Day
comments: late night radio
comments: He's hot and sings well. Nuf said
David Bowie
comments: Anything and Always.

My favorite movies:

Alien 1 and 2
comments: The female did not get eaten, the female was also the alien. hmmm
comments: Oh my-and just about all his movies, but this one had real grit
Star Wars
comments: All of them
The Rings
comments: All of them.*G*
comments: Funny, just too funny. Unless we want to start talking old vampire movies

My favorite authors:

comments: well, now we know what shaped my reading and movie habits
comments: when I was younger
L.K. Hamilton
comments: Annita Blake Vampire Exicutioner series. Short woman that rocks with a gun. Of course she has issues one of her boyfriends is dead. Oh well, he buys flowers.
David Weber
comments: Honor Harrington a woman who commands from the deck of a space ship and does it well. She is so real. And we always want more. check out
Eric Flint
comments: Space, Alternat history, war in both

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