From the Department of Blogology: This is where I do that thing--how you say, "blog." I also have a bonafide secret online diary because I believe everybody should. I like lists and litanies, accumulations. I like hidden things, and secret languages and ciphers, and things encapsulating other things. I like the dead among the living and the living among the dead. I was a Bona Fide Eighties Girl at one time (the eighties). I have never drunk absinthe but I don't let that stop me. I smoke like a fiend. I eat opium cakes for breakfast. And mashers, of course. And bangers, whatever they are. With Tabasco sauce. Everything with Tabasco sauce, I say! I eschew black jellybeans and dislike birds, but even more, talk of birds. I still haven't read DeLillo, damn it all to hell. I know the names of the ballet positions in French. I can drive. Oh yeah, and I am Melissa Jones Fiori, translator-at-large, parent-in-progress and maker of poemlike things. I was also a Formula 4 racer in another life, and the inventor of the Mint Julep. Yup.

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