I am one of those true lover of words,I just love the way they taste, the way they feel, rolling around inside your mouth, the pictures they evoke, the emotion they provoke, the echo of sound as it passes your ear. Words are like stars to me, each rare and unique, and all the better to wish upon.

My favorite diaries:

Pablo profile - diary
comments: glitteringUnShiverableHoneyVanillaLiquidLoveBitterSweetMilkPureedMonkeyGlandsBoy, with extra toppings :)
euphorically profile - diary
Cubiclegirl profile - diary
comments: because she shines the brightest in the star filled galaxy that is Diaryland
giallothang profile - diary
comments: a stunningly honest diary with gripping vulnerable profound gialloesque truths
wyndspirit profile - diary
Nictate profile - diary
comments: she has sucked me into the vortex of her beautiful neurosis
pinktricity profile - diary
comments: Unbelieveably talented mistress of prose and raw honesty that grips you with it's sparkling beauty
local-girl profile - diary
comments: what you see in me, I see in you~
Itylus profile - diary
comments: because he Roars for me, and tilts his hat at a rakeish angle, because he knows it makes me smile :)
quoted profile - diary
comments: fun-fun-fun
arbitrary profile - diary
hijinks profile - diary
comments: cause she is just so adorable and has TOYS!!!!!!!! but, she won't share chiv.... hmmm we'll see about that! :)
Sooner profile - diary
comments: to ikea we go, to ikea we go, following the yellow brick road. beware of flying monkeys, to ikea we go!
Peth profile - diary
comments: because she cries in the car, sometimes too. and well, that deserves some recognition. wanna borrow some of my kleeex?
chiv profile - diary
comments: because he can't be arsed to do much of anything, and yet strangely he always lets me fish in his pocket for a kit kat, king size
quietthought profile - diary
comments: well, I must confirm the rumour, that yes, he is the father of my love babies. happy now?
banana3159 profile - diary
comments: because she is lovely, and because she is so much more than you can ever capture with mere words
thisisjohn profile - diary
comments: I am a sucker for anything poetic, and this- is -good
minderella profile - diary
comments: j'ai reve de toi, ~ and because she calls me wenderella
mechanica profile - diary
comments: yay! she says I am allowed to view her diary! WOO HOO!
btchelicious profile - diary
comments: because she is my friday night date
jwinokur profile - diary
comments: pierced and witty, doesn't get much better than that
perceptions profile - diary
comments: an abyss of wonder
undermywings profile - diary
comments: love , laura
redniko profile - diary
comments: procrastinate away
whip-smart profile - diary
comments: the only marriage proposal I have gotten so far, need i say any more?
bevin profile - diary
comments: because we share a love of tiaras, and boas and cosmopolitans
sleepyskin profile - diary
comments: lushly beautiful, she makes me linger
lv2write00 profile - diary
comments: amuse-bouche to my day
bathsheba profile - diary
comments: glimpses of where I am now, glimpses of where I want to end up someday and so very very beautiful and real
dreamofblue profile - diary
tealeaf5 profile - diary
comments: a kindred friend returns with babies and everything :)
tithonus profile - diary
comments: down under boy
childofmine profile - diary
comments: dreams of blue

My favorite music:

The Cure
comments: unrelenting obsessive devotion, which i find somewhat embarrassing as i enter ( against my will ) my 30's
comments: yep, it's true all moz fans are beautiful tragic people
Tori Amos
comments: she will always be the ethereal transcendant godess of demi tragiqueens
Lloyd cole
comments: he is right, it IS always raining on bleecker street
The Smiths
comments: radiohead cold play all the eighties brit pop one hit wonders smashing pumpkins delerium gene bjork heather nova dido

My favorite movies:

the english patient
comments: have yet to meet anyone who would walk through a desert for me, have you ?
comments: What an enchanting Poetic and oh so FRENCH Film! ( and in A GOOD WAY!)
lovers of the arctic circle
comments: take a risk, see it and oh yeah, i really liked run lola run
~ R E D ~
comments: favourite one out of the trilogy * also love Besieged, Sophies Choice, Like Water for chocolate, The Lover and most foreign films
comments: this movie could possibly be one of my favourites, if only i understood the ending. wish i had the disease so i could forget that i am too stupid to get the ending

My favorite authors:

comments: If you can quote neruda, may i lay at your feet ?
Dave Eggers
comments: A heartbreaking work of staggering genius was one of the most amazing friends i have made in a long time. Never knew the obscure thoughts in my head were being picked up in a strangers echo 3,000 miles away
sylvia plath
comments: " there is a price for the viewing of my scars" and oh yes, Anais Nin too
Kate Atkinson
comments: a few weeks ago, someone stole my copy of her book,called Scenes from a Museum. I was in the surgical waiting room, at lennox hill hospital. Now you know it has to be a good book, because instead of being mad, i figured i had contributed to NY literacy
John Fowles
comments: The French Lieutenants Woman is one of my favourite books.

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