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"Although these words ordinarily lack literary, political, or scientific value, they are not entirely outside the protection of the First Amendment. Some uses of even the most offensive words are unquestionably protected... It is a characteristic of speech such as this that both its capacity to offend and its "social value" vary with the circumstances. Words that are commonplace in one setting are shocking in another." [FCC v. Pacifica]

"It is often true that one man's vulgarity is another's lyric... largely because governmental officials cannot make principled distinctions in this area... the Consitution leaves matters of taste and style to the individual." [Cohen v. California]

the author claims full copyrights to all original material written by her and contained in this diary.

the author is an uninhibited atheist ex-expatriate law student francophile whose life resembles a soap opera in all the right ways.

My favorite diaries:

aregularguy profile - diary
comments: "I would like to have sex with Minderella. I'd fuck the shit outta that white girl."
davidde profile - diary
comments: "Recently, I had a canned peaches lid attack me not once but twice in the same twenty-four hour period"
ericg profile - diary
comments: "Fucking crap, I hate having to take time to eat. It's so stupid and a total waste of time."
e-r-i-s profile - diary
comments: diary-designer extraordinaire
fivetwo profile - diary
comments: "and I have yet to get sick of seeing burly British guys sticking their cocks into slender Eastern European women"
groinvault profile - diary
comments: "I guess I was just too fascinated. I mean, I really was kinda curious to see just how bitter and childish a 43-year-old man can be"
i-love-sex profile - diary
comments: "it was just like a popsicle, but with a much more heated feeling then coldness of a popsicle"
jonnybox profile - diary
comments: "Also, I am falling in love with my diary. Is that vanity or a mental disorder? "
loveaffair profile - diary
comments: a love affair with a coworker
lunasoul profile - diary
comments: "I think this is the first time in my life that I've actually thought about making a conscious effort to remember. There is an endpoint now and I don't want to forget my journey there."
nudeplatypus profile - diary
comments: "because ever since she accepted the moniker of J-Lo, she just gets on my nerves"
odalisk profile - diary
comments: "I could never tolerate any sort of prolonged sexual interaction with a poorly endowed man. It�s a sort of rotten thing to say, but it�s true."
perceptions profile - diary
comments: a very famous diary by a very talented boy.
peth profile - diary
comments: "and the orange, flamey and firey, is crushed velvet. decadence."
planitclare profile - diary
comments: one of the first diaries i ever really liked.
porktornado profile - diary
comments: "Sorry, sugarbritches, but all that means to me is one more fucking birthday present to buy, so if you want a friend, get a dog and leave me the hell out of it."
reactorcore profile - diary
comments: "but I would never approach such a person, and instead, I would try to come off as not in pursuit myself"
saint-louise profile - diary
comments: "I need to get at least one use out of the dress before I cut it up to make rags to wipe down my toilet bowl"
sam profile - diary
comments: "someone should talk to this woman about vaginas. My vagina is the best toy I've got"
saxyjackclar profile - diary
comments: "In other, more cheerful news, I think I have met a boy who I like a lot, but I won't give further details, as is customary."
schoonie profile - diary
comments: "Ma'am, your daughter can't register because she is suspended from school for failing all of her classes. People can't come back to school when they do that."
shutupmom profile - diary
sooner profile - diary
comments: "On the radio today there was mention of a plane crash. I mention it only as a public service, not as a potential bit of terrorism"
unclaimed profile - diary
comments: "I tell you, if ever I feel fat and ugly, I'm going to Wal-Mart. It makes me feel better about myself in a wholly egotistical kind of way. I mean, you can just see the genetics fucking up on people in there."
minibarbie profile - diary
comments: "Ya know what would be fucking hillarious?---if I could make my BAC and GPA equal, without lowering my GPA, of course. Wait--no, that wouldn't really be all that funny cuz I'd be dead."
asitwere profile - diary
comments: "I do miss fleeting subway love affairs. I see a pretty face, sometimes I smile, even more rarely does the person smile back, and for the whole shaky/squeaky ride I imagine life with this person. I take pleasure in attention from beautiful strangers.
hardlyasaint profile - diary
comments: "It's hard to be completely happy when half of you is working against it, even if unintentionally."
galatearedux profile - diary
comments: "And I hope when I see you tomorrow night I'll know just by the way you touch me that you couldn't stop thinking about me."
meeyapede profile - diary
comments: "Because, as I�ve said a hundred times, and will say a hundred more: regret is for the weakest kind of idiot, and because now is so damned good that all the shit was worth it, worth it, worth it."
jonasparker profile - diary
comments: "I am so fucking sick of this constant self-esteem garbage. Too fat, too skinny, too poor, too rich, too smart, too stupid, too blonde, too white, too black. Too fucking bad."
mrgrey profile - diary
comments: "The third error is in calling me a whore. I don't charge, therefore I am a slut. A male slut, but a slut none the less. Please, it is such a simple concept to grasp."

My favorite music:

comments: Madonna is God.
Movie Soundtracks
comments: I buy so many soundtracks I can't think of my favorite individual bands any more!
The Beatles
comments: Yes, the Beatles.
comments: I will not let a man ruin this cd for me
Serge Gainsbourg
comments: French French French and such a classic

My favorite movies:

Le Fabuleux Destin d'Am�lie Poulain
comments: Beautiful-life affirming-feel good-go out and hug a stranger-fall in love with Paris all over again-smile until your face hurts-work of art
Before Sunrise
comments: Makes me nostalgic for Europe and younger days.
comments: The most underrated movie ever. Why can't more movies be this good?
Run Lola Run
comments: Adrenaline rush.
Shawshank Redemption
comments: Hope *is* the best of things

My favorite authors:

Ayn Rand
comments: Dagny likes it rough. And a thousand other reasons.
Haruki Murakami
comments: My companion during the ten weeks in Tokyo.
Ana�s Nin
comments: Who doesn't like literary porn?
Anna Gavalda
comments: I would like someone to wait for me somewhere.
John Grisham
comments: Something to read on the plane, and a glimmer of hope of life beyond lawyering.

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