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My favorite diaries:

bluedoor profile - diary
hulamoons profile - diary
comments: The one and only Luna, a gentle creative creature in the American Northwest. I love this girl.
kuinileti profile - diary
comments: All her plans work. It is a wonder to behold.
odalisk profile - diary
comments: beautifully in depth, deliciously intimate, wonderfully intense, always readable
yeahright profile - diary
kodachrome profile - diary
partygirl profile - diary
joleen profile - diary
inarticulate profile - diary
comments: I become more convinced all the time that she's something of an alter ego living on the West Coast.
astiocles profile - diary
sleepyskin profile - diary
davidde profile - diary
throcky profile - diary
comments: I want Throcky to teach me Everything.
akagrl profile - diary
sixweasels profile - diary
miguelito profile - diary
groinvault profile - diary
comments: The person I most want to write an autobiographical novel.
sparklytears profile - diary
fluff328 profile - diary
jwinokur profile - diary
comments: funny boy
linkology profile - diary
comments: it's the blog bug, bud.
molu4 profile - diary
comments: i love her for more than just her yellow, yellow hair.
frances1972 profile - diary
comments: There's that Seymour Glass thing. And the Steve Earle thing. And the thing where she understands dancing in your bed at 3 a.m. with headphones and "King of the Road" on the tape deck.
ivecojeff profile - diary
comments: He makes things. He does things with trees. And he has the Luke Skywalker pants.
fadein profile - diary
clonetrade profile - diary
comments: Pure, number-crunching poetry
la-the-sage profile - diary
pablo profile - diary
actiongrl profile - diary
cuillin profile - diary
ghostlight profile - diary
lou-cat profile - diary
twids profile - diary
brittania profile - diary
comments: She reigns from the Southeast. I'm sure I didn't whup her ass at Pictionary.
jeweltones profile - diary
henry profile - diary
comments: i still miss him, and the chocolately goodness
erlenweg6 profile - diary
splorch profile - diary
trancejen profile - diary
snoozebar profile - diary
flusianna profile - diary
hoebag9 profile - diary
johto profile - diary
implosive profile - diary
boy-ashamed profile - diary
comments: It's raw and it's good
jabu profile - diary
comments: he is the Great Jabu!
wendchymes profile - diary
minstrelite profile - diary
manchmal profile - diary
catsoul profile - diary
dangerspouse profile - diary

My favorite music:

Emmylou Harris
comments: "I am a poor wayfaring stranger." Heather Nova, Jonatha Brooke, Iris DeMent, Del McCoury, Lucinda Williams, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Lyle Lovett, Dwight Yoakum and of course the master, George Jones
Elvis Costello
comments: I was thinking that one important character clue is knowing WHOM exactly a person thinks of when you say "Elvis" - Costello, Presley or Stoiko?
comments: Still obsessed with Weezer and now also Cake. Still waiting for Nickel album. Portishead, Cibo Matto, Rasputina, Nerf Herder.
Steven Sondheim
comments: Sweeney Todd is my favorite musical, followed by Candide, followed by maybe Kismet or Carousel.
The Smiths
comments: I still mourn for the Smiths. I've never liked solo Morrisey (his music, that is - not the man. ah!) quite as much.

My favorite movies:

comments: Another fav is Das Boot. It gets a mention w/ Brazil because I first saw, and loved, both the same year. I began learning German because of Das Boot, and I rekindled my love of all things fantastic, dystopian and SF thanks to Brazil.
Fanny and Alexander
comments: My No. 1 absolute favorite movie. I even have the original 6-hour TV version on tape (dubbed into German - I taped it off of German TV).
Annie Hall
comments: It's hard to pick just one Woody Allen movie. Also: Radio Days, Bullets Over Broadway, Manhattan, Hannah and Her Sisters. Also: Shadows and Fog. (Haha! Just kidding.)
comments: My fav documentary, 1 of my fav movies, period. I remember looking at my brother's Cheap Trick album as a kid and being very, very disturbed. Mostly, I adore Charles. His elaborately stylized journal that devolves into chickenscratch. Amazing!
comments: I just saw this movie again. I have to say it's a masterpiece: the camera work. Who cares about location? We, the camera, must stay right with Rosetta in her world of the bare minimum. Amazing and gripping. No music - not necessary.

My favorite authors:

These are my favorite short story writers:
comments: Cheever, Bowles, Carver, Munro, Borges, Wedekind, Porter, Bambara, Zweig. Favorite SF short story: "The Story of Her Life" by Ted Chiang
These are my favorite novelists:
comments: Hardy, Austen, Bowles, Levi, Byatt, Murdoch, LeGuin, N. Stephenson, J. Berger, P.K. Dick, Salinger, Pagnol, Heinlein
These are my favorite poets:
comments: Kunitz, Plumly, Li-Young Lee, L. Gregerson, Lorca, Shihab Nye, Enzensberger, Tennyson
Thomas Hardy
comments: Hardy gets special mention because my favorite book is Jude the Obscure.
Primo Levi
comments: Also gets special mention because of The Periodic Table, in second place and closing fast along with Marcel Pagnol's The Water of the Hills (Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources).

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