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26! Lawyer! Femme! Drag King! Spoken Word! Columnist! Small dogs! Chickens! Mullets! Parties! Knitting!

My favorite diaries:

Sooner profile - diary
comments: Brian introduced me to Diaryland. He's Pretty and Witty. He's my only midget friend.
Peth profile - diary
comments: Oh Peth. Ever so lovely. Ever so orange. She is a dreamsicle.
thbestfriend profile - diary
comments: The BestFriend
ringoffire profile - diary
comments: Lauren is really funny. Lauren is blonde and not annoying. Lauren turned me on to Johnny Cash. Lauren made my ex-girlfriend uncomfortable once. Lauren laughs at my law school jokes but got out before it was too late.
magookkg profile - diary
comments: Funny Law Slave Dyke Classmate & Friend.
zantimisfit profile - diary
LadyJustice profile - diary
comments: Conservative Liberal Law Slave Classmate & Friend.
addieplum profile - diary
comments: dinery
wendchymes profile - diary
comments: Sierra Fairy Flutterfly
citizenjane profile - diary
comments: Lawyer Dyke. Owner of the Sexiest Orange Cat ever!!
brownboy profile - diary
comments: Sexy boy. Simultaneosly a bit of dyke, fag, and straight guy all in one.
Anat profile - diary
comments: Power Femme Dyke.
Spunkygypsy profile - diary
comments: Thinking, theatrical, festiegoing dyke. And cute as PIE!!
LilacEvening profile - diary
comments: Compelling.
xparrynightx profile - diary
comments: Minnesota has never been this interesting
thedykeic profile - diary
comments: Psychic Law Slave Dyke
pinktricity profile - diary
comments: She's ever so delicious.
huntington profile - diary
comments: SF Gay Boy Law Slave
whyihateyou profile - diary
comments: I fucking hate her. Ball of skank.
nudeplatypus profile - diary
comments: Law Slave Nude Food
weeme profile - diary
comments: Hot Canadian Midget Porn
badsnake profile - diary
comments: Hot Southern Dyke
comfortfood profile - diary
comments: Hot Southern Dyke with recipes!
ladeeleroy profile - diary
comments: caged pancake
lovepuddles profile - diary
comments: OMIGOD!!! Visit her and congratulate her on her engagement!
ericmallen profile - diary
comments: MARRIED.
cuntfeel profile - diary
gendermayhem profile - diary
malice profile - diary
chubbychic profile - diary
Quiconque profile - diary
concidering profile - diary
lv2write00 profile - diary
comments: Lesbian Pulp

My favorite music:

Ani DiFranco
Indigo Girls
comments: I think "Closer to Fine" is the Lesbian National Anthem. If you can't sing all of the words, then you're probably not as gay as you thought.
Alix Olson
Johnny Cash
comments: If you shot a man in Reno (just to watch him die) how can you end up in a CALIFORNIA prison??

My favorite movies:

Chasing Amy
Drop Dead Gorgeous
comments: Minnesotan accents!
My Best Friend's Wedding
comments: Romantic Comedies: Part of the problem; part of the solution.
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
All Over Me

My favorite authors:

Toni Morrison
Alice Walker
Wally Lamb
Michelle Tea
Armistead Maupin

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