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I'm a designer and illustrator with a passion for seashells, lighthouses, all things retro, the color green, and acrylic paint.

She is a three year old Flat-Coated retriever with a diva complex and a passion for sticks, balls, moldy old blankets and anything that you might happen to be eating at the moment. Unless it's an orange. Because although she thinks she likes oranges, she really doesn't and will immediately spit it out on to the carpet and give you a really evil look.

My favorite diaries:

peth profile - diary
comments: funnel cake, jaffa cakes and candy hearts assembled secretly in tottering towers of fun behind the puppet theatre, right next to giant wooden cut-out of Eloise.
novembre profile - diary
comments: licorice whips
sooner profile - diary
comments: strawberry shortcake, creme brulee and espresso rimmed with lemon
furiousgeorg profile - diary
comments: pink frosted cup cakes and terry's chocolate oranges
lydibug profile - diary
comments: cotton candy and angelfood cake.
bevin profile - diary
comments: hot lips and martinis
clark-kent profile - diary
comments: homemade and wholesome muffins festooned with the stars and stripes. And a veritable buffet of tangy dips.
saint-louise profile - diary
comments: lemon tarts, gummy worms, and holy water
might profile - diary
comments: Pie! but of course.
adumbration profile - diary
comments: Orange smarties stacked like poker chips
weymouth66 profile - diary
comments: Cadbury creme eggs
finnegan profile - diary
comments: after dinner mints
nudeplatypus profile - diary
comments: S'mores
cindie-loo profile - diary
comments: candy necklaces and ring pops and suckers shaped like Elvis
meism profile - diary
comments: cherries jubilee
habbit profile - diary
comments: pop rocks and allergy medication
beulahbondo profile - diary
comments: important looking layer cakes
heidiann profile - diary
comments: orange tootsie pops
addieplum profile - diary
comments: plum pudding!
six30 profile - diary
comments: lemon drops
smartypants profile - diary
comments: icy pops and Mr. Freezy
mew-mew profile - diary
comments: fancy!
supershan profile - diary
comments: shiny, pink jelly beans
autumnus profile - diary
comments: eye candy of the highest order. delish!
salmondriver profile - diary
comments: strawberry pink mousse in a fish shaped mould. With pinecones on the side. and maybe also whipped cream. and orange slices.
nyquilgirl profile - diary
comments: licorice allsorts, all stacked and striped and bumpy with "hundreds and thousands"
arajane profile - diary
comments: cake porn
life-like profile - diary
comments: corn dogs and cotton candy and all things Carnie (carney?). And Froot Loops, Fruity Pepples, Frankenberry and Captian Crunch.
demoderby profile - diary
comments: jetbot revisited...she remains for ever and always my design guru making me all envious with her candy coloured pix
katiedoyle profile - diary
comments: nearly as charming and delightful as I am.
warmbit profile - diary
comments: photo food
hulabelly profile - diary
comments: drooling on her tiny blue bedroom slippers
fridayfilms profile - diary
comments: "I was wined and dined by a viable career, but I haven�t heard from it since."

My favorite music:

The Rev. Horton Heat
comments: Steamin' punk-a-billy songs about red rockets o'love and other white trash misadventures - ya gotta love it
Beth Orton
comments: Songs that sear your soul
Cat Stevens
comments: 'cuz he's all wacky and spiritual and stuff
Rufus Wainwright
comments: pretty much combines the best of the above
Badly Drawn Boy
comments: About badly drawn boys - need i say more?

My favorite movies:

All the President's Men
comments: Almost completely responsible for conjuring up the major and mostly false romantic notions that led me to my short and unspectacular first career as a reporter.
Ordinary People
comments: 'cuz i cry from beginning to end.
Raising Arizona
comments: Nicholas Cage totally reminds me of Snoopy's much underrated loser brother Spike in this one. LOVE the Coen Brothers.
Four weddings and a Funeral
comments: Where i first fell in love with Hugh. (it's all about that boy.)
Roman Holiday
comments: Who was more perfect than Audrey Hepburn? And who more devilish and dashing than Greggory Peck?

My favorite authors:

j.d. Salinger
comments: franny and zooey and oh yeah, a guy named Holden
John Updike
comments: It's my whole New England hang-up. Plus, he went to art school too. And then there's this short story he wrote called "the A&P" which may be the best short story ever not written by Alice Munro. And a lot of groovin' novels too.
Alice Munro
comments: unless you're Canadian, you've probably never heard of her, but she may be the best short story writer living or dead.
Anne Tyler
comments: Read "Breathing Lessons". Please.

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