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Not that Katie Doyle. Occasional Poet. Certified Landscape Designer. Maker of Jewelry. Sometime Actor. Procrastinatrix Extraordinaire. Writer. Worshipper of Puppies. Would-be Singer. Artiste a la Curse. Independent Moderate. Television Junkie. Go-to Girl and All-around Responsible Chick. PMS Virago. Movie Fan. Lipstick Addict.

My favorite diaries:

smartypants profile - diary
comments: I don't know who this Mimi Smartypants chick is, but she rocks. I *love* her diary. It's entirely possible I'm addicted.
marn profile - diary
comments: Anyone with that dry a sense of humour can't be bad. Plus, she's the only other person in Diaryland who listed Mary-Chapin Carpenter in her list of favorite bands.
sundry profile - diary
comments: Ohmigod. You GOTTA read the story about the tarantula. I busted a gut.
ann-frank profile - diary
comments: Anyone who holds Bud Girls in that much disdain *must* be cool.
cuppajoe profile - diary
comments: The only guy on the list. But hey, he's funny. Even if he did just discover greek omelettes, yo.
lunaadored profile - diary
comments: Her diary is kinda like a peaceful little oasis in the mad jangle of noise that is sometimes Diaryland.
charmcity profile - diary
comments: "I wanna fight crime. But I'm not picky about what color spandex I get. As long as the chick from 'Alias' can be my partner."
goodlovin profile - diary
comments: "holy scandal batman. kelly clarkson may have already had a record contract? what is this world coming to? how will i ever trust reality tv contestants again?"
ajax profile - diary
comments: "Because everyone loves a pretentious secretary."
bohemist profile - diary
comments: Can't get there from here, but you can from her profile, if you're serious. Beautiful, beautiful writer and girl.
metame profile - diary
comments: Welcome back from the Great White North....
jettemarie profile - diary
comments: "Question Everything" pretty much says it all.
mattferrara profile - diary
comments: "I've decided everything I do is going to have a code-name now, and I'll not be undone by the Federal Government in giving these things names to stir the salute out of every God fearing nationalist."
rumblelizard profile - diary
comments: No comment as yet, but even though she hails from the Midwest, she bothers to question the line, and I gotta dig that. Plus, she didn't yell at me for being dumb. :)
heraghty profile - diary
comments: Interesting. Maybe even intriguing. Definitely thought-provoking. Sadly, the quote I want to use is too long. It's the first paragraph: http://heraghty.diaryland.com/kinesis.html
fergie profile - diary
comments: Hopefully he's too busy hurting bad drivers to notice me quoting: "...all it takes to sway opinion about your actions or persona in this country are some new clothes and fucking highlights in your hair."
maredeath profile - diary
comments: "my horroscope said 'flirt. it relaxes you.' it's wrong. i am tense and un-flirtatious."
icomeundone profile - diary
comments: Because she says we are like Thoroughly Modern Millie when I would have settled for Auntie Mame, and that makes me want to come to the banquet and belly up to the bar.
sunnflower profile - diary
comments: Survivor Suburban Style. And, you know, without the headgames. I really like her, which really surprises me, considering she actually taped American Idol when she could not watch it. Bygones.
apyjo profile - diary
comments: Very nice human being. She kinda breaks my heart sometimes.
wateryone profile - diary
comments: "I just repeat to myself over and over 'batgirl was a librarian'." What a find. Seriously. Total discovery. I love the things she thinks about.
golfwidow profile - diary
comments: "I believe, firmly, in my heart of hearts, that the real least-asked question in the English language is 'How long does fudge keep?' Who the fuck ever had fudge around long enough for that to be an issue?"
weeme profile - diary
comments: I found her thru Sunnflower. The words charming and delightful spring to mind, though I hate to admit it. I hate when people are more charming and delightful than me. Shut up; I *used* to be.
lourspete profile - diary
comments: The best bear in the entire world.
stealmypurse profile - diary
comments: Ahna. :) The other half of the Thoroughly Modern Millie Team. Me being this half, of course. :)
k1ttykat profile - diary
comments: On dreams: "Can be kinda entertaining but stupid Freud had to go and 'interpret' them and turn them all into some sort of indication of varying sexual problems. Idiot."
dasauce profile - diary
comments: An acquired taste, he recently returned to D'land after a rather extended hiatus. :)
moonferret profile - diary
comments: "It really sucks to be a perfectionist poet." Like when one writes silly kitty haiku: "I lean to kiss soft / kittenpaws and weaseltoes. / Wait. Poo has been there." Unfortunately, she left with no forwarding address. :(
imaphatpig profile - diary
comments: "I am finally at that point that I thought I would never get to (adulthood) and I am realizing that it's all crap and not NEARLY as cool as it was supposed to have been. How did this happen?"
banefulvenus profile - diary
comments: "It�s the small things that truly make your day�."
albygocougs profile - diary
comments: "there wasnt much sleep to be had last night. i dont know who used it all up before i could get my share."
dullstar profile - diary
comments: "I hate people who look at me, say something to somebody near them, and then they both look at me. If there is something on my face that doesn't look like it needs to be there, be a bud and clue me in."
tariqa profile - diary
comments: Keep me goin' strong and working for change, please!
l-empress profile - diary
comments: She just posts blurbs on D'land now; you have go to http://l-empress.liscious.net to really read her. She's one of those people whom I am relieved to discover, because she *gets* it.
cheese1180 profile - diary
comments: "He's a cat, so his thought processes are probably more accurately represented like this: 'Meow meow reeeow mrow meowmeow meow.'"
onlymayday profile - diary
comments: I can't fit the quote I want to in, but it's about her grandfather and is located here: http://onlymayday.diaryland.com/today.html and has to do with the Great Wall of China and a certain moronic nurse. Also, her template is *beautiful*.
sunshine0221 profile - diary
comments: She's amusing and likes tv. Plus, she linked to a recipe for boiling water. What's not to like? :)
bonkrood profile - diary
comments: Broken ankle, earthquake, politics...she keeps her head through it all.
that33girlie profile - diary
comments: don't know why took so long to add; quote forthcoming
beautiflntmr profile - diary
comments: "Happy Politically-correct Holidays, fuckers!"
f-i-n profile - diary
comments: Fin is one of those writers who, if she chooses to be, will still be read 50+ years from now. She's a classic, achingly beautiful writer.

My favorite music:

Jann Arden
The Beatles
Remy Zero
Ella Fitzgerald
Mary-Chapin Carpenter

My favorite movies:

The Cutting Edge
comments: Toooooooooe-piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick
The Princess Bride
comments: Pick a line, any line.
Van Helsing
comments: Look, I can't help it. I know it's awful. I love it anyway.
Indiana Jones
comments: 1 & 3
High Fidelity

My favorite authors:

Meg Cabot
Pamela Dean
Simon Green
Jim Butcher
Steven Brust

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