Gonzo Parenting Or How I Spent The Rest Of My Life...

*The Gonzo stands for an attitude and a form of journalism--not H.S.T.-style drug use*

Here's a boy who is a full-time-single-parent; grew up in Vermont and would still be there other than the distinct lack of Videogame Industry to make a living in, up 'they-yaa'--thus living in SoVerySoCal.

Overall, the daily act of writing this diary is designed to be a textual sorbet for DatSauceGuy. It is something to cleanse his writer�s palate while he wholeheartedly enjoys the craziness of working, parenting, and dealing with more paced and regularly-voiced wordage during the writing of his first fictional book.

Beyond that, it might just be great fun for this guy's son to read in about fifteen years.

Whatever the rationale, there is something so freaking absolute about being the ONLY parent to a wonderful little boy. Other things come and go...but this particular small carry-on-bit-O'-baggage/pre-existing condition is something that you OWN and it Ownz Your Ass As Well...

This is as it should be. Continue with your day.

My favorite diaries:

GolfWidow profile - diary
comments: Not Only Can She Write, but she actually cares about the universe. And she did my amazing template, and she was my first faved Sauce human. And I like her. Clix or vote or read her now.
Cruel-Irony profile - diary
comments: This woman's Humor-Despite-Her-HumanHood is rockful...she is a joy: "I was 15. The headwaitress was a former madam of a local bordello and was 150 years old, at least. She had a penchant for mooning the cook when she got mad at him."
BMI profile - diary
comments: I SO want to KNOW this woman. Her words are art. She reads /. And she talks of being an anonymous cowardette. She finds music through videogames. She finds solace in animation. I find solace in her existence, and I want to tell her, �I understand, Kiddo,�
KatieDoyle profile - diary
comments: This woman uses the words The Shrub. I haven't asked, but I am sure that she would agree that Ann Richards coined the proper nick for our 40 Watt President. Read her. She is wonderful.
DancingBrave profile - diary
comments: [Too Many FAVE Entries-MUST STOP READING HER. Or just fill my favorites page with her content.]
TattodNanny profile - diary
comments: She hates to be called hootchie. Much prefers "nasty slut" or "cock sucking whore". I am still laughing about an entry entitled Disclosure.
KikoMarie profile - diary
comments: What Can I Actually Say Other Than--WTFDTWDTM?
FierceLingua profile - diary
comments: It is swell to see such humor, hope, and general coming togetherness in one place. And I like her taste in dames. [Big Dumb Ass� Grin.)
Neon7c profile - diary
comments: Progress, ah, sweet progress. [Hug.]
FreeBlog profile - diary
comments: Because this shit's important. Bill Of Rights? Privacy? Church and State=Secular Government. Yeah. That. Get on with your franchise or at least poke fun at the Current Ass_ministration if you are Not US. Grin.
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comments: Been reading for a long time, and it was past time to knock this guy into faves.
RokLobster profile - diary
comments: Taking her life by the short hairs and finding a path... Yay!
DiaryQuotes profile - diary
comments: Snippets of wonderful and silly DiaryBits... Like PieHole's Eating Oompa Loompa Comment. DQ makes me laugh, snort, spit, and giggle. Sometimes I even release a fart in the process. Worth the daily click, promise!
ChubbyChic profile - diary
comments: Fun, funny and worth the read. 'Nuff Said?
TranceJen profile - diary
comments: 'nother parent... Talk about'cher struggle. Things seem to be on the mend and uptick. Read her.
Marn profile - diary
comments: "He said that with a straight face because if he has learned nothing else, the spousal unit has learned that humouring his church and state sanctioned source of marital duties Is A Good Thing. "
SquirrelX profile - diary
comments: As a boy I grew up with flying squirrels everywhere in Southern Vermont. I love squirrels, especially those guys who can go 200 yards on a good day and the right wind conditions. I like this one even more. Why? It's all in the flavor of her text.
SandyDahling profile - diary
comments: She's NEW, but good. Go read her. NOW! And she's a single parent which makes my heart go out to her in one way and cheer another. So der.
NudePlatypus profile - diary
comments: I'm not the only one who stands in a dark bathroom and: "crushed some Lifesavers Wint-O-Green mints in my mouth because sometimes you can create a little spark in your mouth with them."
Melii profile - diary
comments: Cuz She's Swell! She agrees about natural breasts as well. [Raspberry Noise To Those That Have Problems With This.]
Jehsika profile - diary
comments: Because her new template makes it all worth it. OK. I lied. I don't care about templates--but I do get a kick out of her writing.
Enondoiel profile - diary
comments: A great gal from Norway. No way, you say? Way. Finding her voice and doing it in a third language is incredible.
MollZ77 profile - diary
comments: I just read through her diary--and she seems kinda like a good human and doesn't have any folks listing her as a fave yet. Go read her? Now? Good.
PieHole profile - diary
comments: Feeling a strange and unusual kinship here. She claims to be a dolt, even though I am. And she notes that she wants to spell this chunk of un-reality DAIRYLAND. I have just broken a rule and fave'd her without YET completing a year of her diary.
CosmiCrayola profile - diary
comments: Cuz She Just Rocks. And Because She Doesn't Know What To Say About Me, and thus called me Interesting and Made Me A Fave Anyway!
NixTress profile - diary
comments: This woman juggles the universe. She's a mom to two young boys. She works full-time (often nights.) She's as much a music fan as I am, and equally tome-entranced. And her content relating to the Joys of GivingAndReceivingJoy is pretty swell, and
LorSter profile - diary
comments: OK. Anyone who notes that her boy is a chef and an amazing lover gets my vote! I just read through her stuff, she rocks. Take that, you weenies.
BettyAlready profile - diary
comments: Hey, She's A Mommy, Sometimes Wry, and She Writes Lines Like, "Gee, Wally, I dance naked and howl at the moon."
allinonegirl profile - diary
comments: Brazilian, Porto-Gee Speaker, English Teacher, Writer Of Diary In English... Thoughtful and really sweet.
unequivocal profile - diary
comments: 21st Century Intellectual Smartass--and that is enough. Thank you. Goodnight.
oddly-enough profile - diary
comments: Interesting, Funny Human...And More, This Gal Makes Soap (Think Fight Club But Without The Human Fats), Paints, and She Loves To Work On Cars And Makes Beer....Go Boys, Go!
AnnaRain profile - diary
comments: Been planning on reading her diary since she gave me hell for being stupid enough not to include a link with my Notify. Now that I have done so, I can recommend her. Honest, Forthright, and mentions Strip Uno and Jenga--Which I had never pondered!?
UncleBob profile - diary
comments: I have avoided the prospect of doing the me-three with a few thousand other folks who list this guy as a fave. A bit on recipes just threw my ass over. Fuck you. I cook, OK? A snip? "stunk the house up like an camel's ass."
HipKat23 profile - diary
comments: Out, out, damned penis or uterus, or well, Welcome To My World...
BooberElla profile - diary
comments: She's fun, and she has a purpose... She's a Defender of Truth, Justice And Internet Prawns or Porn--Depending... And she fed her English Speaking Viewer the X-Files in Spanish for 15 minutes. That is a bit of engineering hilarity!
PinkCheeks profile - diary
comments: I started reading her with her DAD-piece and it is the first time a diary has given this boy actual tears (not related to laughter...) Read her. It is very much worth it.
Morganzola profile - diary
comments: Santa Kissing Who? As I just tol' her, she makes my text look like monkey scribble.
TrulyPoetic profile - diary
comments: I've finally caught up on her entries. How appropriate that the one I like best happened on the day she got faved. "He cried seeing the pain of a loved one."
ScanZilla profile - diary
comments: This male-human, classic-gamer, with a major sense of the absurd continually rocks my upstairs closet Of All Things Fun And Funny. Get Pac'ing, & read the Probable Loser Bitch Who Couldn't Play An FPS If He Were Wired In....[throwdown complete.}
AmberFalls profile - diary
comments: Peace Corp. Prospect? Chaser of Dreams? Funny Human? Heart? Yeah. All those.
HeidiAnn profile - diary
comments: Feel Like A Goof Here. This gal has been on my list of TO ADD forever.... I'm a dope. But here she is... Read her.
Ska-T profile - diary
comments: Finally got caught up in his journal. Kinda Cool as he is sometimes poetic and dark and kinda emo for a boy (feel wise, not content really...) A very different voice. And Another Thinking D-Land Male. Take that Dames!
ThisDarkGirl profile - diary
comments: Maybe because I am waiting for the romance portion to equal clicks. But, as a future player in Truth/Dare? Why is no one reading the diary of the recipient and daring them to do something fair-but-wicked in their current world and write about it?
PeteyPuke profile - diary
comments: It ALL STARTED, Said Pooh, With A Character from Animal Crossing Banner Noting That Vaginas Are Weird... Read Him. Wonderful.
ProwlingLeo profile - diary
comments: OK. I feel like a Grade A Number One Anus, As I have planned on adding this human for quite a while. Life gets in the way. Read. NOW!
MangoPrawns profile - diary
comments: [Sorry. He's In Locked State For The Nonce... Only Here So I see his updates fly into my bud list]

My favorite music:

Bad Brains
comments: But Wait! I love Louis Jordan
The Persausions
comments: And Yet Tom Waits Might Be Better Here!
System of a Down
comments: This should be India.Arie.
Sam Phillips
comments: And she was just a background singer for fave: Bruce Cockburn
24/7 Spyz
comments: Clutch?

My favorite movies:

Big Trouble In Little China
comments: The Hell Of Hanging Upside Down And Reading Diaries?
So I Married An Axe Murderer
comments: If it's na Scottish, IT"S CRAP!
Buckaroo Banzai
comments: I want part two... but it became Big Trouble Above
You Can't Take It With You
comments: Capra. I can't believe I am the only DLand User Who CHOSE THIS?
The Princess Bride
comments: To The Pain

My favorite authors:

Robert Heinlein
comments: The best friend I never met. I have loads of signed firsts and will get them all before I die.
Spider Robinson
comments: Or Robert Asprin
Theodore Sturgeon
comments: GodBody was both final and best. or there might be room for Dave Duncan.
Jacqueline Carey
comments: This woman rocks.
Jack Vance
comments: This could be Laurel K. Hamilton

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