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I'm a 30 year old trapped in a 73-year-old woman's body. I've been writing since a high school journalism instructor inspired me to follow my inquiring mind. As one of my readers describes this journal: "Speaking up and speaking out for the Silent Generation."

My favorite diaries:

pandionna profile - diary
comments: She, too, has been angry ever since the last inauguration.
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comments: Short little comments about her day and/or thoughts
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comments: Denver Doug - a kindred soul
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comments: She oughta get paid...but she doesn't post an essay often
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comments: Just found it...thought I'd check her out for awhile.
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comments: Just started reading her
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comments: 27 year old stay at home mom, husband a police officer
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comments: Funny...
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comments: Gifted writer...
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comments: Also new to Random Acts of Journaling
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comments: Too funny! Dangerspouse writes about exchanges with New Wifey (tm)
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comments: Good writer...short, rather tender pieces
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comments: law office..
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comments: Just met...
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comments: Casual, well-written, slightly edgy and humorous. My favorite so far.
seastreet profile - diary
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elsinora profile - diary
comments: 17 year old daughter of Ellen (Plankton) A gifted journalist! I predict we'll see her on N.Y.Times Best Seller list one day.
plankton profile - diary
comments: Ellen - Bev sent me.
mortimersmom profile - diary
comments: adopted a 15 month old in China -- everyone is adapting
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comments: He writes so well...lots of good description. A model for my students.
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comments: Funny take on political stuff.
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My favorite music:

Josh Groban
comments: My grandson sings...will be in Madrigal Choir next year at Davis H.S.
comments: Love cello music
Anything classical
Nat King Cole
comments: Oldies but goodies
The Carpenters
comments: Rainy Days and Mondays -- a favorite

My favorite movies:

My Cousin Vinnie
comments: Have seen it so many times can practically recite along with cast.
comments: Favorite line: "I'm so confused" by the grandfather
The Red Violin

My favorite authors:

Patricia Gaffney
Robert Tannebaum
Maeve Binchy
Kristin Hannah
comments: When I feel like a good cry...tear jerkers every one
Robert Tannenbaum

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