somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond

L�s i hovedet og fast i troen boltrer Dumb-John sig i et bassin af komik og absurditeter.

My favorite diaries:

uglykatey profile - diary
comments: has fucked shit up
lettersanon profile - diary
comments: letters sealed and thrown in the world wide sea
nikatron profile - diary
comments: o� sont les neiges d'antan?
unamerican profile - diary
comments: best served chilled; delicious with fish & pasta
phoenixchild profile - diary
comments: a 14-year-old chess grandmaster. be afraid.
youlostme profile - diary
comments: semper crescis aut decrescis rota tu volubilis
sythy profile - diary
comments: sythyesque
carbonbased profile - diary
comments: my darling with the clara bow bob. puts the IT in SHI'ITE.
tanglespine profile - diary
comments: he's the WD-40 in my spinal column, the barbwire that knits my joints
sleepygirl profile - diary
comments: She abandons the Beatles because she's found love. The Beatles don't mind, they know she'll be back.
blu-iguana profile - diary
comments: Sie macht zu vieler spa�, mein herrn G�tt! Mensch, sitz du dich und lesen.
floodtide profile - diary
comments: beautiful thing. lovely, and valiant, and compassionate. My Cory.
bettinas profile - diary
comments: because i love her, you know
thepoint profile - diary
comments: i would love you over; and over
bicyclelove profile - diary
comments: brave, and pure
seastreet profile - diary
comments: histiriographer -- pornographologer -- world geographer -- masterclass kickboxer
teop profile - diary
comments: because; and because
red-river profile - diary
comments: au hasard, rebecca
myhips profile - diary
fluttter-by profile - diary
comments: "glitter glitter / my heart's a-twitter / my head is filled with music conducted by Nelson Riddle"
notaniceguy profile - diary
comments: minimalism is the new minimalism
wateryone profile - diary
comments: the palm at the end of the mind
division-day profile - diary
comments: look homeward
tariqa profile - diary
comments: a remarkable life

My favorite music:

The Langley School Music Project
comments: Makes me cry, sometimes. Of course I cry when my Big Mac's undercooked.
Belle and Sebastian
comments: We have a relationship, Belle & Sebastian and me.
Aram Khachaturian
comments: I love the overture to "Spartacus," it's so swoony and rainswept and skyscrapery and beautiful
Of Montreal
comments: "The Gay Parade." Hector Romano's my favourite boxer. "Sings and Songles": the problem with April is the problem with May, it's the problem with June and July.
Neutral Milk Hotel
comments: Because we all want to build a time machine and save everyone lost to history

My favorite movies:

Yi Yi
comments: I fucking love this movie.
The Colour of Pomegranates
comments: Pretentious in parts, yes. But in others it sustains a majesty and mystic beauty far outstripping all other cinema.
Les parapluies de Cherbourg
comments: I love love love this movie. Does this make me gay? Well yes! gay and fabulous!
Wild Reeds
comments: Sometimes, a salvation
Janet Reno vrs Tonya Harding: Doing It Doggy Style!
comments: The strangest porn flick ever made. Yes, that's Jeremy Irons, and no, that's not a "Boogie Nights" prop!

My favorite authors:

Ian MacEwan
comments: His writing is pitch-perfect in its modulated sympathy and crafted cruelty. Read at peril
Lemony Snickett
comments: The best writer in the English language!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David Edelstein
comments: Slate's movie critic. Him funny. & perceptive & cool as well.
Phillip Larkin
comments: "Aubade" for the evening, "This Be The Verse" for the morning.
M.E. Kerr
comments: "Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack!" changed me when I was 9. Introduced me to Vonnegut, the Beatles, neurosis, love, Communism, socialism, library science, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Sylvia Plath, the Elephant Man.... the list goes on and on

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