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I'm ever changing, searching the universe for meaning. A conservative that chooses to believe in Faeries, Elves and Druids instead of religions beginning with a capital letter. A cynical optimist trying hard to believe true love can exist again in my life. Poetry, books and writing; the only sirens that won't hurt or betray me! *grins*

My favorite diaries:

minnapop profile - diary
comments: Perfect smile, perfect face, perfect body. If you know what Salma Hayek looks like, then you can visualize Wenchy. She's Salma's double! No kidding!
sbsneech profile - diary
comments: She's the Starbellied-Sneech. She's cute, she's cuddly, quirky and fun. Ain't no better friend around!
mrscoble profile - diary
comments: Lovely, sexy April. A genuine person, caring and loving mother. She deserved better and then found it. I'll always love her... erm... toes.
loversvanity profile - diary
comments: Short. Staccatto. Deep. Beautiful. I'm going to make her my wife. She's Love-fatal, walkingxby,Candy-sorrow.
jellyrose profile - diary
comments: Hot little blonde number from the Netherlands. Sadly liberal, but those curves make up for it!
buttwhore profile - diary
comments: She's a babe, a saucy wench, with a heart of gold and the mouth of a longshoreman if'n ya piss her off. The incestuous daughter I wished I had (in more ways than one!)
zalitar profile - diary
comments: My political twin, we have the same taste in women as well. He just doesn't piss them off the same way I do! Disturbing!
newsoulie profile - diary
comments: New! Improved! With a better last name!
orsimblossim profile - diary
comments: She's cuddly-cute, NEWLY MARRIED and now a quite overworked intern... but damn it, she's HAPPY!
fleureurope profile - diary
comments: grassyknoll's painfully drawn out account of her much anticipated trip to Europe in 2004. She has an excuse for not completing it rapidly; something called "getting her MBA." A must read!
hissandtell profile - diary
comments: I so love her wonderfully funny, sexy, witty and entertaining commentary on life in the (almost) outback! She truly lives in the Land of Oz and has lived to tell us about it! The sexiest babe I know from Oz!
secretinside profile - diary
comments: A wonderful lady who used to chat with Gelfling, Cordelia (Mo to you CEA'ers), Sure and I in Literotica Chat's "Stories & Authors" room. Oh boy, we once made the room steamy!
elgorbo profile - diary
comments: mrscoble's "tab A" for her "slot B"... if'n you get my drift
nightdragon profile - diary
comments: Another conservative. Writes better than I do as well!
grassyknoll profile - diary
comments: Orsim's old name
bindyree profile - diary
comments: This lady will be my reason to eventually venture back to the Left Coast.. I truly do like her.
lady-frenzy profile - diary
comments: Banner ads sometimes lead to neat places. And independent, but absolutely gorgeous babe!
breakthedark profile - diary
comments: LOVELY poetry! *swoons*
nilliem profile - diary
comments: "Heheheheheheheheheh" ...well, it's what she wrote for MY profile!
bettyford profile - diary
comments: Right now she's my favorite counter-culture cliche.
sketty profile - diary
comments: Clicked on her banner and found one really strange babe. I like that kind of strange though.
scotvalkyrie profile - diary
comments: She had an interesting banner. I clicked. She had a MORE interesting diary. I added.
kungfukitten profile - diary
comments: She's beautiful (just like Hiss), about my age (one of the few!), wears too much black and is a fellow novelist! Hoohah!
joiedv profile - diary
comments: She read my diary. She lives in my favorite city in the U.S. She's about my age. She added me. Sometimes that's all it takes.
nimbus- profile - diary
comments: She went profile-browsing and found me interesting. I'm flattered!
off-book profile - diary
comments: When you reach 21 you go through some changes. She's not quite there yet, but she's still my fav wench!
tudor-diva profile - diary
comments: Saw the banner. She's a fellow rennie. I added her. Any questions?
petmykittie profile - diary
comments: Liked her banner, read a few entries and decided she was very much worth adding.
chasngghosts profile - diary
comments: Yet another diary from Courtney! LOL
onewithout profile - diary
comments: I love her rants and raves
degausser profile - diary
comments: Yet another reincarnation blog of my secret lover! LOL
prisscoble profile - diary
comments: Everyone beware! SHE'S BACK!

My favorite music:

comments: Hell, I like just about Anything But Country... and I'm "iffy" on that!
Afro-Celt Sound System
comments: Good driving music! The belly-dancers at faire loved it!
Infected Mushroom
comments: Mainly because most folks haven't heard of them! LOL
Silly Wizard and other Celtic Folk Bands
comments: Oh, there's sober men a plenty, & drunkards barely 20, there are men of over 90 that have never yet kiss't a girl. But give me a Ramblin' Rover, fra' Orkney down to Dover, we will roam the country over & together we'll face the w
Minstrels of Mayhem
comments: "You told me that you'd leave me never... you told me you would stay forever...and now I'm here all alone... you fuckin' bitch!"

My favorite movies:

Anything with Errol Flynn in it
comments: Errol Flynn,... another hero!
The Unbearable Lightness Of Being
comments: Wonderful movie with Daniel Day-Lewis. Juliette Binoche and the incredible, sexy Lena Olin in it. A must see!
comments: Kevin Smith's ultimate movie. Besides, it has Linda Fiorentino, Janeane Garofalo and the droolingly gorgeous Selma Hayek (who reminds me of Wenchie) in it... all hot babes.
Monty Python, Live at the Hollywood Bowl
comments: Crunchy Frog? Worlds Greatest Pie Fight Lecture? Dead Parrot? Need I say more?
Lord Of The Rings
comments: Read the books 30 years ago. Thank god they were finally brought to the screen... AND they did a fair job of it!

My favorite authors:

Robert Heinlein
comments: Dean of Science Fiction. I turn to his works when I need inspiration to write. I once wished I WERE Lazarus Long!
Isaac Asimov
comments: Dirty Old Man of Science Fiction. My hero!
P.D. James
comments: Replaced Sue Grafton because she doesn't telegraph the fuckin' endings. I found the PBS versions of her books to be tedious, but she's a fab writer!
Dashiell Hammet
comments: My favorite "hardboiled detective" author
John & Caitlin Matthews
comments: Writers of inspiration, Celtic literature, shamanism and spiritualism

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