Sket's Diary (of doom?)

Hi, I'm Sket. I share a place with my best mate Phoe. Fortunately we only try to kill each other occasionally, so it's working out pretty well so far. Neither of us can pull a rotten tooth out of a dead horses head so we'll probably be sharing for eternity, destined to be the laughing stock of the community and stinking of pee.... I wonder why I get out of bed sometimes.

Oh yeah, I forgot - FATE hates me :(

My favorite diaries:

i-am-weezil profile - diary
comments: Alas, this diary has now been abandoned
Treedancer profile - diary
comments: C'mon Tree, start posting again!
Ommadawn profile - diary
comments: Another abandoned diary pal - Dangerously Devoted to Devant
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comments: Fighting the good fight
allegedwife profile - diary
comments: She farms worms!
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comments: My first diaryland pal
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comments: She's a cool bird :)
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comments: C'mon bee - start posting again!
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comments: I care!
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comments: Oooh, someone interesting clicked my banner :)
ijbison profile - diary
comments: An old mate from Alternet and Fotothing :)
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comments: Someone else who wants to wreak havoc on the morons of this planet
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comments: Another banner clicker! From the UK to boot
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comments: Drawn to the name, I discovered a cool and funny diary all on my own!
TheBetterMe profile - diary
comments: ...the miserable bastard :)
mangofarmer profile - diary
comments: I found another soul who thinks they're going to be found dead, eaten by cats!

My favorite music:

David Devant and his Spirit Wife
comments: Dangerously Devoted
The Zutons
comments: Who killed?
comments: SO good yet sadly gone
Manic Street Preachers
comments: Sadly these boys are getting a bit grandaddy now :(
Oh, I dunno
comments: Been listening to LOADS of old stuff

My favorite movies:

Spirited Away
comments: Love it SO much and I can't explain why
comments: all of 'em and not just 'cause I wanna lust over Aragorn, no sireee
Howl's Moving Castle
comments: Japanese animation based on a Welsh book!?!
The 5th Element
comments: Brilliant film
Pan's Labyrinth
comments: Amazing - brilliant and brutal

My favorite authors:

Douglas Adams
comments: Dirk Gently, Hitchhikers Guide and much more
Scot Cunningham
comments: Magical Herbalism etc.
Thomas Hardy
comments: Classic. I'm banned from reading Return of the Native as I want to kill myself for a week after :(
Phillip Pullman
comments: 'His Dark Materials' trilogy

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