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six30 - It used to be that my life was my own again after work. It used to be that I would get home from work around 6:30 if I left work right at 5. I just job search now - that is my life.

My favorite diaries:

poppyfish profile - diary
comments: She's a true talent. Now she's in college! I check in daily to see how she's doing. Read what she writes, pumpkin!
popcore profile - diary
comments: I enjoy every written word here. Spare & funny.
for45minutes profile - diary
comments: Food for the mind. A great idea from a really nice guy.
thecritic profile - diary
comments: Everyone loves a critic. The more caustic the better!
perceptions profile - diary
comments: "save it. make it better. take it home for a pet, or a patient."
exiles profile - diary
comments: "I am not the greatest but I am pretty perceptive." ~ life in Honolulu
sooner profile - diary
comments: A totally nice, funny and intelligent man.
kabukicharms profile - diary
comments: Sweeter, cuter, nicer bunny of a guy.
glitterbat profile - diary
comments: Very cool & honest
finance profile - diary
comments: The Scientist is a very funny & sweet guy with a hella job. A regular must read.
weeme profile - diary
comments: A friend of Sooner's AND she's super talented.
stumblebee profile - diary
comments: A valuable brunchclubber. Worth checking in on.
todayiamfree profile - diary
comments: The fascinating journey of a musical man.
s-wonderful profile - diary
comments: Day to day wonderment.
travelogue profile - diary
comments: Daysuit does Europe! Just watch him go.
baobabs profile - diary
comments: "seeing a live band in a venue small enough that you may get to speak to the musicians afterwards and make new friends..."
until-we-die profile - diary
comments: Sweet togetherness.
savecraig profile - diary
comments: One of the cleanest layouts I've ever come across. Also a fave of exiles.
stranglepop profile - diary
comments: Cute & cool girl
robotislive profile - diary
comments: Live music reviews
astralounge profile - diary
comments: For the love of "Exploding Dog"
bratprince profile - diary
comments: Great designs & fun read
sam profile - diary
comments: Practically a Toronto neighbour in the Blogging sense
pauls-lab profile - diary
comments: Have to see what's new here on a semi-daily basis.

My favorite music:

Fruit Bats
comments: heartbreakingly sweet campfire music
comments: funny, sad & a bit trash
comments: beautiful & thought provoking - often gives me chills
comments: what's not to love?
comments: The Clientele, Great Lake Swimmers, Kings of Convenience, Lush, Belle & Sebastian, Spiritualized, Mum,, Vitesse, Massive Attack, Stone Roses, Portishead, Burt Bacharach, Style Council, New Order, Zero7, Mellow, Ladytron, The Smiths, Royksopp, and many

My favorite movies:

Royal Tennenbaums
comments: reminded me of J.D. Salinger's Glass family - sad, touching, quirky & funny. Not everyone's cup o' but I really liked it.
Habla con Ella
comments: unpredictable
Blade Runner
comments: fantastic set design & art direction. made a huge impact on me when it first came out in 1982
You Can Count On Me
comments: Sad, funny and true
comments: this French movie set the tone for most videos in the early 80's. looks a touch dated now, but what a great story.

My favorite authors:

Haruki Murakami
comments: some of the most beautiful, sad and strange writing I've ever read
Rick Moody
comments: Demonology was brilliant & inventive
Orson Scott Card
comments: I read Ender's Game summer
Nick Hornby
comments: I quite enjoyed "About a Boy"
J.D. Salinger, Edward Gorey, Roald Dahl, Lindsey Davis
comments: contemporary & historical fiction...the list goes on and on - Now you know to send me books as gifts!

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