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My favorite diaries:

McClain profile - diary
comments: "If something gets in your way, Kill it! If something causes you pain, Kill IT! If something tries to stop you, KILL IT! If something exists, KILL IT!!!"
vocaccia profile - diary
comments: "cynicism gave me wrinkles and crooked lips. cynicism laughed and didn't enjoy the sensation. "
orpheusd0wn profile - diary
comments: On writer's block: "During the week I just can't think properly. Even now my brain is shot. Nevertheless, I smell fertile ground, and will be making notes until then."
iota profile - diary
comments: "this hour of the night certainly doesn't feel like this hour of the night. it feels like 3 hours in the future. which would place me somewhere in the ocean, if i were to chase it."
nictate profile - diary
comments: Hipster in L.A. But I knew her when... kinda.
thenonamebar profile - diary
blondefox profile - diary
comments: She's a lovely girl and wise. Full of perspective, too.
fuckinhippie profile - diary
comments: the name does not lie...
japonika profile - diary
comments: "being alone, i can play the cruelest, smartest tricks on myself. the wounded child in me shakes her head and poutily slinks away from offered embraces, insisting that she's a bad girl and that no one wants her. "
atavist profile - diary
dailycake profile - diary
comments: She is lovely. She is talented. And in 48 years, she will be mine.
Huckle profile - diary
comments: "I saw a guy wearing a Riff Randells T shirt on the bus today. It warmed my poor shriveled heart."
lumen profile - diary
comments: "Whew... sure, life has its problems, but all you gotta do it put on a toothy smile and kick it in the balls.."
redivivus profile - diary
stealthkitty profile - diary
comments: "You are not your khakis."
l-o-l-o profile - diary
comments: "________________________"
campbell420 profile - diary
comments: Come back to me, baby.
persimmon profile - diary
comments: Lived in my back pocket for two years. And I lived in hers. It got sweaty.
nudetheatre profile - diary
comments: My little friend in Arizona. I miss him so.
saunterblue profile - diary
comments: Tme's "Man of the Year," if I don't get there first.
dullsville profile - diary
comments: I want to meet this girl and play "what's your tweak?", that wonderful game of ripping apart the other's ego. She would probably win, but what the hell?
hotelrats profile - diary
comments: The Weasel and the Wren on the Road.
fu-fu profile - diary
comments: fun-fun. Ha ha ha. That was a pun-pun. Oh god.
swandiving profile - diary
comments: My darling across the world.
bfee profile - diary
comments: You can't not love her. This is woman kicking ass.
cafeaukitty profile - diary
comments: A girl I keep thinking I know. Then, I find out I don't. And I am still generally surprised.
hipkat23 profile - diary
comments: The girl in Chicago with the voice that will be the death of me... mmm...
silver23 profile - diary
tickfish profile - diary
comments: the Aunt in the Bikini...
llzllellell profile - diary
devallyk profile - diary
agoatnamedaz profile - diary
comments: A telemarketer. And Canadian, I think. Also, in her words, a "sociological satanist." That, my friends, you can't beat with a stick.
urbanality profile - diary
throcky profile - diary
and-then profile - diary
comments: Rina, again. Too much is never enough.
azure-bijou profile - diary
jetlagdream profile - diary
central-red profile - diary
cuillin profile - diary
comments: Sarah is beautiful. The rest of you are assholes.
omzhaara profile - diary
bipolargirl profile - diary
comments: I like her because she reminds me of myself... in that way that isn't self-loathing.
arquene profile - diary
comments: She is wise beyond her years, and writes it all down quite nicely. We'll all probably be reading her work in our book clubs one of these days.
ink-grrl profile - diary
comments: And she is adorable.
chauffi profile - diary
katherinhand profile - diary
comments: I seldom laugh so hard that I fall out of my chair. Brilliant, squared.
allumeuse profile - diary
kittynoir profile - diary
comments: Misadventures of a neurotic actress. I would say something jaded, but she and I are usually on the same page and it may seem redundant.
evil-floaty profile - diary
justcircles profile - diary
comments: If we lived in the same town, we'd either kill each other or get married. Or maybe both. You know how it goes.
chriistyl profile - diary
hungryghost profile - diary
lesbianrobot profile - diary
snailpetal profile - diary
comments: the lovliest of lovelies.
girlafraid77 profile - diary
comments: The feeling is mutual.
beatpoetgrrl profile - diary
throwingjuly profile - diary
comments: Of course, you make the cut.
alarm-call profile - diary

My favorite music:

Elvis Costello
Belle and Sebastian
Johnny Cash
The Velvet Underground

My favorite movies:

Annie Hall
High Fidelity
The Royal Tenenbaums
Chungking Express

My favorite authors:

Milan Kundera
Italo Calvino
Tom Robbins
Ernest Hemingway
Mikhail Bulgakov
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