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I'm a grad student, which means I don't write here much. When I do, I'm usually complaining about something. This diary is almost seven years old. I'm not sure what that's about.

My favorite diaries:

sundaygirl profile - diary
comments: snarky soundbites from a fellow new yorker
slapmeharder profile - diary
comments: also has a fear of shopgirls. i am not alone.
swanbenet profile - diary
comments: would that i could replace my toolish cube-mate with her.
fionakator profile - diary
comments: wickedly funny queen of lists
snailandsky profile - diary
comments: who is this girl that makes me cry and laugh out loud?
gretl profile - diary
comments: every day is like Friday...
rubyfoxx profile - diary
comments: it's an east village thing
bevin profile - diary
comments: who's fancy?
faux-pas profile - diary
comments: brilliant
expatrica profile - diary
comments: i miss those stumbly college days abroad
delighted profile - diary
comments: i love finding places like this
kneesocks profile - diary
comments: stripe-y shirts and pretty pictures
tcklyrpharsn profile - diary
comments: a procrastinatrix after my own heart
allmadhere profile - diary
comments: it's not all bad... and neither is it all good
ohfiona profile - diary
comments: feefee
arajane profile - diary
comments: she knows from music and sugar
dirtylinda profile - diary
comments: a relocation. mean, awful snoops to blame.
division-day profile - diary
comments: another relocation
robotheart profile - diary
comments: lovely
harvestbird profile - diary
comments: a miracle of sustained thinking
odalisk profile - diary
comments: ahh, aardvark
bathtubmary profile - diary
comments: boston!
enfinblue profile - diary
sea-change- profile - diary
thegay profile - diary
idiomatic profile - diary
kayemess profile - diary
metonym profile - diary
somthin profile - diary
fifidellabon profile - diary
pipersplace profile - diary
smartypants profile - diary
sidewaysrain profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: no worthwhile adulation can fit here. touch me, björk. make me whole.
le tigre
comments: an effective, activist voicebox for the third wave. and you can dance to it!
comments: voice and guitar as weapon.
stereo total
comments: mmm... j'aime l'amour a trois aussi...
blonde redhead
comments: i could never imagine a sound like theirs before i heard it...

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

franz kafka
comments: i wandered prague looking for his ghost. unfortunately, so did everyone else.
noam chomsky
comments: thought you knew everything that was wrong with america? think again.
vaclav havel
comments: brilliant artists and thinkers *can* become president. of course, not here in the bush dynasty. i'm moving.
lucy lippard
comments: not only a femcrit pioneer, she brought me to eva hesse.
kathy acker
comments: 'i know you don't love women. i know Catholicism is really a secret order of assassins.'

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