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from dreamofblue :
I'm writing again! Come check me out!
from wyndspirit :
I am still reading, and loving watching Sierra grow. But I don't have much time to read favorites these days, so I only manage to sit down once in a blue moon and catch up on entries.
from pipwe1 :
I read, always have, I look at the photos, always have, I miss the old times, always have
from euphorically :
the similarities. your writing is really divine.
from tealeaf5 :
CONGRATULATIONS! I can't wait to see the pictures. All my very best to both mom and baby.
from engine-nine :
Behind the Scenes at the Museum is an excellent book. It doesn't surprise me that someone would steal it. By the way: hi. [Just a random Diarylander- Laura.]
from airsculpture :
are we willowly branches traversing through timelessness like globally encompassed realities which magically rotates through the everchanging canvas of the omnipotent artist?
from wyndspirit :
I borrowed a quote to use as your buddy list comment. Sorry I had to run it all on one line, but it won't allow line breaks.
from dreamofblue :
i'm so happy you've finally found the magic in your reality.
from candora :
a hug for you and your little one if you want it... and a hope that you find ways to de-stress that work (and yes, even seek a support group if nothing else works)... it was your 'word lover' profile that brought me here... and your comments aren't working, ya know? :)
from rainforme :
i love words too. yours string across the sky in a wonderful milky haze, replete with sparkle.
from hyacinthgirl :
hi! scrabble747 has moved to cheers!
from dreamofblue :
happy birthday! someone as wonderful as you deserves a good time so i hope you're doing something special for yourself.
from giallothang :
"a stunningly honest diary with gripping vulnerable profound gialloesque truths" I've read this many times, and each time I smile. Just wanted to stop in and say thank you. From a woman of your dramatic imagery... I'm humbled in the paintings you write for me.
from sooner :
Oh, Wend! It's been ages since I've spied you on the IM. We've not chatted in what must be a month of Sundays as my grandma used to say.
from scanzilla :
Anybody who's obsessed with the Cure is cool in my book.
from thisisjohn :
wow. its beautiful. =)
from ille :
whoa nice diary i like the pic and the layout
from nekono :
Oh wendchymes, I have heard SO much about you and i am mystified with your words! Grandmas, folding chairs, and Shasta. SHASTA! Let's trade pics!
from topazblue :
u like ur chest too much. (referring the pic on the bottom of ur diary.)
from l0st-girl :
hey this is petite-et0ile [but you dont know that..just read the info page about me on this diary name and you will know why] i just wanted to say thank you for the comment, and i am majorly working on updating but alot of things have been going on and l0st-girl is now going to be home of most of my more poetic and flowly entries. if you do note me back, please dont say my name in the entry, thats one of the many things i want to keep unknown with this new diary. well, keep writing, stay beautiful and always look to the stars. we're all just little stars when we stop and look..we're all just little
from sooner :
Oh, Wendchymes! I've missed you so! Where have you been? Where have I been? What is the story? There is a little girl here at the library. She looks like she needs a mommy. Will you be her mommy?
from peth :
OH, Wend. Thank you for all the hot pics. Your room is the cutest. Your cleavage, well, It's delectable. When do I get this makeover?
from sooner :
Oh sultry, delicious wendchymes. Are you being a tease? I appreciate the magic in a tease, but I think there is even more magic in refraining from teasing on account of the restraint factor. That's where the real magic is.
from sooner :
This is, magical sexy Wendchymes.
from sooner :
Oh, magical Wendchymes. You should come to Philly so we can do some stargazing. Really, you should.
from sooner :
Oh, Wendchymes. That last note was not from Peth. It was from me. Something magical happened. Peth had just been saying the nicest magical things about you and I accidentally forgot to log her out. I guess that wasn't really magic, but it's close.
from peth :
Oh, Wendchymes. I want this to be uplifting for you. I want you to know the magic of reading your sexy, sexy magicness. Please, dear Wendchymes, please don't loose the magic in your magical magic. Please?

magically yours
from giallothang :
To me, Ginger is like a sweet chilly drink on a lazy summer day. You can't help but adore her. :) Thank you for the link, I am honored.
from giallothang :
You may have noticed that there are no open spaces in my profile to fill with new diaries that I read regularly. What my note about you means; I chose to delete quoted and replace it with you. The fact that you didn't get my attempt at humor points out the fact that I should hurry up and describe you. :) Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
from sooner :
re: smores and erotica under the covers.

I'm in.
from sooner :
Oh, Wendchymes. I will be your script writer. But I've never writen a script before. I might suck at it.
from sooner :
Oh, Wendchymes. I saw you there at the Basketball game. I saw you and I wanted to say something to you. Tell you how my heart felt, but I was bashful like a doe at the border between the safe recluse of the traffic-light-green forest and the exciting adventures of the cinamon-toast-brown, man-built monstrosities that comprise the unnatural world.

For in the end, the day is only as long as the quarter. There was but a single parchment colored quarter remaining. I was but a drop of well earned sweat on the hardwood, you a viagra blue, size thirteen, L.A. Looks sneaker. I wanted to make the connection, to be with you, but I knew that to touch you could have caused you to slip, your well styled, corn muffin locks falling about your face as your cheeks lit up like fire trucks, your game over in needlessly beige injury. I wanted not the flame-orange time out buzzer to sound on your energy and ribald enthusiasm. So I handed you your thimble of coffee and I blended into the background like a chamelion on a toadstool. I hope you can understand.
from sooner :
I feel comfortable with this. I think you're a vixen. I think so.
from sooner :
oh, Wendchymes. I tried to send it, but it gave me a mailerdeamon. I don't know where it should go. I don't.
from peth :
I will do my best to look away from my sordid, soiled guestbook, you and pablo all nestled and stacked like that, but let me tell you, i am a bit of a peeping tom, so I can't promise you anything.
from sooner :
You may be a psycho. But I still don't know. What is Wyeth?
from sooner :
what is "Wyeth"?
from sooner :
from quietthought :
I feel like such a child now..
from johnpowers :
Good idea about the bar. I'll see what I can do.
from sooner :
Oh Wendchymes. I'm always available for a little nookie. You take me to Old City and I'm yours.
from sooner :
Yesterday Peth and I went to the Dunkin' Donuts to get some coffee before the blizzard. We wanted Theresa to go home early, because she is old and we didn't want her to drive on the slick streets after the snow. So we were trying to be fast and we got up to the counter and this woman who was 1) not wearing a name tag, 2) high on something she had been huffing in the back, and 3) probably a real life gypsy took our order.

So I said, two coffees and some Munchkins and she went to get the coffee and Peth and I decided we needed to bring Theresa some coffee too, so I said, "Ma'am? Can we have three coffees? Three instead of two? Can we have three?"

And the gypsy said, "I'm twenty-five years old, you know. I'm only twenty-five."

I didn't know what she was talking about, but then Peth said, "oh, because he called you ma'am? Is that why you told us your age? Because he called you ma'am?"

The gypsy spun on her right heel and once her back was to us, she looked over her left shoulder at us. "I'm not a ma'am. I'm still very young!" She scampered off to get us our Munchkins.

Peth and I believe she wanted to get a threesome on with us. That's what we believe because our box of twenty-five Munchkins contained so many more than twenty-five Munchkins. SO MANY MORE. But we had to get back because Theresa needed to be sent home before the great snow.

We're responsible like that.
from cdghost :

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