Quietboy's Quietthought

"That sweet madman - how could he come to exist?"

He had a mother and father - and he knew them.

"One in a million, I suppose"

...Who knows?

I eat bakewells. Moo. Why the hell do you read this? It's not going to tell you anything about me. Just go to my diary make your own mind up.

My favorite diaries:

hermitage profile - diary
comments: I spoke to her a bit. Then my PC died. And then it all went quiet. Good diary though. And now we're even sporadically having conversation again, which is nice.
level profile - diary
comments: He's a nice boy.
carnageus profile - diary
comments: Carny's still scottish, and does appear to use his diary. Which makes commenting on it an effort now. Moo.
chaazz profile - diary
comments: Rumours of her death have been greatly exaggerated.
chiv profile - diary
comments: Chiv is liked by far too many people. He's gone from alternative underground to commercial mainstream. What a sell out. Mwaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaa!!!!!
goku81 profile - diary
comments: Goku's not quite dead yet. He's getting better. In fact, he wants to go for a walk...
mechanica profile - diary
comments: The Magical Mechyfairy lives in the fabled Mystical Bouncy Castle of PVC. It's not as if she were a maniac, a raving thing. She just goes a little mad sometimes. We all go a little mad sometimes.... Haven't you?
hellonewman profile - diary
comments: Newman's diary. If I could equal it then I'd be a happy bunny.
helsbells profile - diary
mister-ed profile - diary
comments: Ed's quality stuff, but you do have to wonder what's working the controls in there.
nata4 profile - diary
comments: She's great she is. And she eats bakewells. Maltesers too.
tonyd500 profile - diary
yodasnoog profile - diary
comments: Don Snoog is not to be trifled with.
john-bob profile - diary
comments: Probably hasn't signed my guestbook.
thunderkat profile - diary
comments: For those of us without helsbells password, another version...
jaclynhyde profile - diary
comments: Well, this nice person was the first nonforumer to post on my guestbook, so they get a special mention here.
no-answers profile - diary
comments: Newman's wifey (last I checked). Lovely lady, likes Pokemon and is my second nonforumer guestbook signer...
yoshi-c profile - diary
comments: Another forumer type. With a diary. How's that for an illustrative comment eh?
f-the-world profile - diary
comments: Seems to think I'm always being derogatory or magnanimous, Regardless, her diary is very nice, worth a visit.
willburs profile - diary
gra profile - diary
skyfire profile - diary
comments: Skyfire has me as their only favourite. That makes them special.
wendchymes profile - diary
comments: Writer of poetry and prose, keeper of an obscenely large CD collection. I think we've reconciled, but tis only a matter of time, I suppose.
vondage profile - diary
comments: Not American, thats a good thing. Add the Trish Stratus and the handcuffs, and its a nice little package..
emrielicious profile - diary
comments: Odd name. However, Emrie (emphasis on the second e, don't leave it out!) is my fan, and that makes her diary good. Read now, or I'll do nasty things to you.... more so now that she's my fiance!!
pixiia-8 profile - diary
comments: Pix had relegated me to her seconds page. Not anymore though. And I'm keeping a close eye on that list.....
damodred profile - diary
comments: Damo, who I think shares a lot of views with me, but we can't let anyone know that, so we use mutual putdowns in public.
moonshine76 profile - diary
comments: Mon sheen's butt-jiggy shines umpteen things clean. Well, so the commercial said. I think.
raq profile - diary
comments: Raq, alleged fixer of diaries, and learner of obscure pointless computer language. Whats wrong with BBC or Spectrum BASIC, eh? WELL?!?
cholera profile - diary
comments: Cholera means no sh*t, instead it's all watery, and your urine is a dark blue-green.
ripetomato profile - diary
comments: Well well. Ripey used to work in Claire's. That implies many things, none of which are related to her diary. Need I say more? Oh... her diary is quite good by the way :)
cedartrees profile - diary
comments: Out with one greasy haired obnoxious dead person, in with clean haired lovely person. Thats your tax money at work in my profile, folks.
thecrankyone profile - diary
comments: Because anyone with a decent appreciation of Doctor Who deserves a mention. And a promotion, replacing a typical backstabber.
quietus profile - diary
comments: My nickname has a diary. That's interesting enough in itself, perhaps I've a split personality...
morguecrawl profile - diary
comments: Still no idea how they found me, worth a click for the layout alone, as well as the fact that they've linked me, of course...
entropica profile - diary
comments: Been reading for a bit now, never got round to adding officially..
ink-grrl profile - diary
comments: I think this is where l0st-girl ended up. Mostly cos the pics look the same. Note I didn't email to get the new location, I found it myself, so there.
thecritic profile - diary
comments: Not just an amusing nickname for a +3 magic sword, but an entirely unconnected to magic swords Not-Ambiguously-But-Blatantly-Gay-And-In-Denial diary. How many of those do you see eh? Ok, rhetorical question.... And still can't get those %% links

My favorite music:

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

Anne Rice
comments: What more needs to be said?
Jason Cowan
comments: He did a very small book no-one's ever read, but he's a genius.

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