Head Above Water

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Months of traveling overland, vision clear in all directions, constantly threatened by the fog off of the filthy river.

Any moment, I could be devoured. Any moment, I could slip. Travelling the muddy banks is *that* dangerous.

And then a moment of hope opened up a world of vulnerability. I lost my footing and fell forever into cold choking darkness. Things swim beneath the surface that I can't even name. There is no hope when the hungry roots of the riverbank sentenals grasp your ankles and you have to fight for air.

My favorite diaries:

black-dahlia profile - diary
comments: :::I am such a fine example of the walking goth sterotype, it's getting ridiculous. Here I am trilling out my aubade in the form of clacking keyboard keys, in front of a glowing screen, at one in the afternoon (morning? What's that?):::
contour profile - diary
comments: :::Ghosts maybe? I hope so:::
monstre profile - diary
comments: :::When people, like Mike from last night, ask "what colour is the sky in your world?" I reply comically with "octarine" and inside I am secretly congratulating myself on the truth of the question:::
tornshadow profile - diary
comments: :::I am just looking for a place for my stuff, a place to drink, and a place to bitch:::
zerom3ph profile - diary
comments: :::awakening is synonomous with disapointment:::
LucianGrey profile - diary
comments: Thankfully, the long awaited debut of a dear friend.
gothicvoid profile - diary
comments: :::It is a fact of life that some people blow everything out of proportion. I have been blown up at:::
dirtelilhole profile - diary
comments: :::That necessary body part:::
ethereal-red profile - diary
comments: :::Excerpts From The Psych Ward:::
simulatusvox profile - diary
comments: ::.S?u-Z?e.:::
watercolored profile - diary
comments: :::muse snatcher:::
loathe profile - diary
comments: :::I clicked:::
oceans-depth profile - diary
comments: When you are drowning, I am the lighted abyss that will bring you back to life.
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: MOST LOATHED WORD: 'impact' used as a verb
loftwyr profile - diary
comments: YHN
xmalice profile - diary
comments: The things we forget never mattered; and the things we remember we want to forget.
the-thinline profile - diary
comments: it could be the thin line between me and you...
liquid-mojo profile - diary
comments: found him, decided to keep him.
ghostofgor profile - diary
comments: Blonde, Sadistic pervert with a cuddle fetish.... (we appreciate those here.)
michaelmyers profile - diary
comments: It's ok to smoke
anti-gens profile - diary
comments: I still swear by cigarettes in the time of loneliness as the novelty has worn thin.
aloka profile - diary
comments: This is her love story
icefacade profile - diary
comments: Our existence deforms the universe. That's responsibility.
ergoatlas profile - diary
comments: Husband, father and perv all rolled into one mythological being.
breakthedark profile - diary
comments: I have a memory of her from long ago.
black-bunny profile - diary
comments: A red rose is blooming, in this garden of mine.
rotted profile - diary
gaja profile - diary
comments: Not a fluffy bunnikins!
gothique profile - diary
akira profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: This makes me feel funny. It's something I can relax AND break stuff to.
This Morn Omina
comments: rivet rabble rousing
Aural Blasphemy
comments: If toasters lived in rainforests...
comments: There is no mercy here. Ground in the gears.
comments: So good.

My favorite movies:

Fight Club
comments: And to think....he did it to himself...
comments: All those peircings I will NEVER have...alas, my beligerant body *curses*
Doom Generation
comments: Anytime I buy something and it comes to $6.66, I hyperventilate, throw money and run away...
The Nightmare Before Christmas
comments: Jack....Jack, the perfect mate, if I ever meet that rag doll I'm gonna rip out her stitches *vows*
comments: I'm not a hostage, I just play one on tv

My favorite authors:

Poppy Z Brite
comments: I've had the chance to converse with her over the past month or more. She's not what I expected and I'm a little sad that she's decided the horror genre is behind her now.
Kristen Nelson
comments: She took up a feather quill and dipped it in the inkwell of her forearm. This may be an outdated technique, but she knew it was the soul of the story.
Diana Gabaldon
comments: Amazing storyteller with a very attractive sense of humor
Anne Rule
comments: True crime. All the gory details without losing the science of it all.
Mervyn Peake
comments: This tower, patched unevenly with black ivy, arose like a mutilated finger from among the fists of knuckled masonry and pointed blasphemously at heaven

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