Bring on the pain. And bring on the noise.

My favorite diaries:

writhe profile - diary
comments: I was actually a little sad when I realized that Shine wasn't a real person. I've got this thing about bald, brooding cynical men... *sigh. Read the comics! *NOTE* This diary is now @
shannonk profile - diary
comments: Last Year's Pussy. Can't be beat.
the-aerie profile - diary
comments: If I met him, pints would follow.
ivoryfaerie profile - diary
comments: Fellow VNV fan!
morguecrawl profile - diary
andrew profile - diary
sarrowzend profile - diary
warmleftover profile - diary
comments: "It is time for the emergence of a totally narcissistic far left liberal psychopath with some heavy self-esteem issues and a curiously large collection of fake ID's."
Idiot-Milk profile - diary
comments: "I think there's nothing that would please a person more than discovering a teeny little pubic hair sculpture in their loved one's pants."
dailywisdom profile - diary
comments: "Real wisdom comes from experience. ... I have neither."
creepatron profile - diary
comments: "Don't leave giant stuffed animals around or twenty-something year old girls will take them."
his-holiness profile - diary
gerg69 profile - diary
im2evil4u profile - diary
comments: "The Hands Supervisor and Neck Muscles Supervisor are on thin ice at this time, but I tend to be forgiving of those two because they both bear some resemblance to Nicolas Cage."
holdensolo profile - diary
comments: Strange and beautiful
hissandtell profile - diary
comments: wow

My favorite music:

comments: Black Wings Radio, DarkWave Radio UK, Lava Lounge, Live Streaming Music that fricken rocks! (shameless free plug!)

My favorite movies:

comments: I still live in that faerie land.
Pitch Black
comments: Hmmm. Vin Diesel in all his murderous glory! *drool
Harry Potter
comments: Hmm... Severus Snape... oh, wait, the movies themselves are wonderful!
Wild at Heart
comments: The first love story that ever made sense
The Secretary
comments: For those of us who just *know*

My favorite authors:

Brian Lumley
comments: Screw all those wimpy, girly vampires (Lestat included) give me Vampires that actually KILL PEOPLE!
Neil Gaiman
comments: Read Neverwhere. Oh and Good Omens with Pratchett. I thought I would never stop laughing.
William Gibson
comments: What the world is coming to.
Michael Marshall Smith
comments: Read Spares if you have a strong stomach. Almost had to put that one down.
Evelyn Lau
comments: A woman truly gifted with insight on the wretched female condition. And Canadian to boot

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