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from dangerspouse :
Of course you should be doing this. Welcome back :)
from idiot-milk :
I suspect that eventually our house will be full of animals, and we'll be living in a tent in the backyard. I keep saying "no more rescues, goddamnit!" but then I take one look in their sad little eyes, and I'm a goner. Le sigh. It's not easy being a sucker.
from hissandtell :
Hi again - thanks so much for reading and for adding me to you list; I'm very flattered! I look forward to catching up on more of your recent entries, too. Love, R xxx
from the-aerie :
Happy holidays!!!
from the-aerie :
*Raises a pint* To old friends!
from m91879 :
Found u thru a shared interest in the works of Michael Marshall Smith and had a mosey on thrun your diary. You're v. good indeedy. You like Tori Amos. Just how cool are you?
from hissandtell :
Hi - I've sent you an email to your DiaryLand address re: desearchengining your diary. Let me know if it doesn't arrive! Love, R xxx
from ivoryfaerie :
I *love* that song.
from shaithis :
I feel the same way...all the time.
from dailywisdom :
Thanks for linking me. You need some html tips, darlin'. Lemme help. :)
from shaithis :
I am completely flattered...
from nainaenai :
Dude you rock, you like Brian Lumley, Harry Potter, Legend, and Pitch Black. Some of the greatest stuff known to man. I still live in that faerie land too. Brain Lumley makes vampires scary and real, Harry Potter himself is better *sticks tongue out*, And the character Riddick is to die for. Cudos to you
from ivoryfaerie :
Ok, this is just getting downright creepy...are you, like reading the "awesome song list" in my mind or something?? ;)
from kagome-1 :
i think its cool how you like Hp.
from ivoryfaerie :
As a fellow Canadian who likes vnv, I think you'll enjoy this tidbit of interesting news...they're [supposed to be] coming to Canada once their new album is finished...(this straight from the lion's mouth) apparantly the end of this year. I know of at least 2 people that will be there with drool dripping from their[our] chins....;p
from ivoryfaerie :
another amazing song...
from ivoryfaerie :
I love that song. Good choice! ("that" being namnambulu's memories..)

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