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When you're sitting with people talking about some bullshit or other and you're all so tired and worn out that any kind of silly thing someone starts talking about seems to be the funniest goddamn thing you ever heard? Well thats kind of what I do here. In fact, that feeling you get when you tip your chair back from the table juuuuuust a little bit too far..... but then you catch your self at the laaaaaast possible second. Just before you fall flat on your back. Thats how I feel most of the time.

My favorite diaries:

luvabeans profile - diary
comments: It's time to change the comment about her I think....... um ...she rites gud, has a transvestite cat, and bookstores make her.......
unclebob profile - diary
comments: Insanely funny and the reason I found diary land in the first place
trancejen profile - diary
comments: she slays me, so goddamn funny
funnyfrog profile - diary
comments: great art gallery here, go check it out, say you knew her when....
bethany9 profile - diary
comments: the first blog to log my blog....bleah that dont sound too good.
twelvebeer profile - diary
comments: conglomeration of a bunch of strange sites like the discothekid
awittykitty profile - diary
comments: Did I take my bath? Hell yes. But I cursed the entire time at how stupid I was, as I picked pieces of black tea out of my pubic hair.
his-holiness profile - diary
comments: knows the name of everything, thats good.
chickie-legs profile - diary
comments: she wears a "uni-boob"
onewetleg profile - diary
comments: turn down the suck? I wish I could turn off the suck.
sundry profile - diary
comments: There's the people two houses away that own the World's Loudest bird. If it turns out that it isn't a bird at all but is actually a pterodactyl, carefully grown from hunks of petrified dinosaur shit, I would not be surprised. Its squawk is
shmeder profile - diary
comments: I had green docs too! Not that thats very profound or anything...
discodoll profile - diary
comments: she got a Rambo autograph weeeee!
kristintracy profile - diary
comments: No quote yet.... still looking
shmaren profile - diary
comments: Another good one. She's diggin' the torso man yo.
wilberteets profile - diary
comments: I'm a very large schmuck for not having her here already. Spleen!
catspajamas profile - diary
comments: Any one who likes skinny puppy deserves to be here. I don't care what their diary says, but she happens to be interesting also.
arletterocks profile - diary
comments: she has an immune system with a severe lack of initiative.
jdiddy profile - diary
redsirenbody profile - diary
comments: very ....well done i must say.
schmutzie profile - diary
comments: ok I won't swallow my tongue.
lobsterchick profile - diary
comments: very interesting.
stayinschool profile - diary
comments: Everyone knows that King Midas' touch made everything turn to gold. But what most people don't know is, when he touched something that was already gold, it turned into a Nickelback CD, which is the exact opposite of gold.
marn profile - diary
comments: I don't add too many journals these days. This one made me plotz just now. Whatever that means.
bluemeany profile - diary
comments: shes in the army, shes in iraq, she's covered in mud, she grunts a lot.
juddhole profile - diary
comments: asshead can piss up a storm
poolagirl profile - diary
comments: And hosts of angels flew around in the back yard and collided with each other in the small air space.
hissandtell profile - diary
comments: Holy crap is she a fun to read!
monkey-king profile - diary
queenoftart profile - diary

My favorite music:

Oingo Boingo
comments: Tom Waits, Wally pleasant, nine inch nails, marilyn manson, cocteau twins, Tweaker,
The Shins
comments: Coil, the beatles, the Fixx, Leon Redbone, Pinback, Chris Vrenna, KMFDM, the Legendary Pink Dots
depeche Mode
comments: Martin Gore, any swing music or anything from the 40's, Eels, Merrick, Jamie Cullum,
The Stills
comments: The music from "American McGee's Alice", Jem, Interpol, Bosstones, Recoil, Ruby, The Revolting Cocks, Sneaker pimps
comments: Rasputina, Portishead, the cure, alien sex fiend,Thomas Dolby, Frank Zappa, John Lee Hooker, Kate bush

My favorite movies:

comments: Ronin,City of Lost Children, The Empire Strikes Back, better off dead
a christmas story
comments: "..... I guess I'll just ask for some tinker toys or something"
Napoleon Dynamite
comments: Shocks ........ Pegs ....... Lucky......
Shaun of the Dead
comments: quote: "Wha about 'er then?" "cock-omaniac!" OR "Which one d'ye wan', girl or bloke?" "I'll take the later." *bonkbonkbonkbonkbonkbonkbonk"

My favorite authors:

sarah vowell
comments: first saw her on Conan O'Brian...I thought she was funny. So I bought this book
Dave barry
comments: "Guide to guys" should be read if you want to understand why we do stupid stuff.
David Sedaris
comments: Rather funny
Dan Brown
comments: Rather brilliant
Brian Regan
comments: Okay, so he's not an author... but he's funny.

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