"...I get by with a little help from my friends..."

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult. Heh, not really...

Starving Artist/Journalist/Sardonic Bipolar Hipster trying to surreptitiously fit into a pristine New England yuppie enclave without being detected.

My favorite diaries:

hissandtell profile - diary
comments: If I ever go lesbian, it'll be hissy's fault.
dangerspouse profile - diary
comments: His wife is copyrighted. I wonder what that means?
bluemeany profile - diary
comments: Iraq REALLY sucks now that she's back in the U.S. Welcome home Meany.
sidewaysrain profile - diary
comments: a new read. I need some that actually write, you see.
Kathyesque profile - diary
comments: swimming uneasily in the vast midsection of life or something life that. I like her.
twelvebeer profile - diary
comments: ransom note received wednesday: Add 12% or the monkey gets it.
yeahimadork profile - diary
comments: in touch with her inner dork...kinda like me. Dorks rule!
awittykitty profile - diary
comments: oh, she's the chick who does nude calisthenics with the curtains open
scotvalkyrie profile - diary
comments: hates Bush, likes cats, knows theatre, what's not to like?
freshhell profile - diary
comments: mother of two daughters who hates Republicans as much as I do
annanotbob profile - diary
comments: A Brit who likes my artwork. See? They all live in foreign countries
janeygodley profile - diary
comments: a new humor read from Scotland
poolagirl profile - diary
comments: since all fabulous people are born on february 12th, she's in!!
gerg69 profile - diary
comments: I thought 69 meant something completely different. Love ya Gergsie
sparkspark profile - diary
comments: artsy, funny. Hey, kinda like me.
his-holiness profile - diary
comments: cool bay area dude whose snippets of life resonate
monkey-king profile - diary
comments: book collector, musician...horny, my favorite combination.
kungfukitten profile - diary
comments: Hiiiiiii-yah! I just hope she doesn't teach my cat any deadly kungfu moves.
geek-betty profile - diary
comments: I'm dumb, why don't I have you on my favorites list? I read you all the time anyways. Doink!
saru-san profile - diary
comments: if monkeys could read, they probably still wouldn't get the jokes.
unclebob profile - diary
comments: the comeback kid. Now we have somebody to make fun of tsunamis
jonnydarling profile - diary
comments: oh just because
warcrygirl profile - diary
comments: Calls Walmart the Evil Empire and makes fun of rednecks. You go girl!
thedailywtf profile - diary
comments: buying sexual lubricants at Walmart. Hell yeah!
stepfordtart profile - diary
comments: a tart with a heart. A delightful Brit. What else can I say?
idiot-milk profile - diary
comments: I gave her the patented Idiot-Milk Hairy Eyeball of Death and Destruction
bradleykay profile - diary
comments: New find. an artist who is as scattered and interesting as me.
sjat profile - diary
comments: Oh no, someone else from England. I should just move there.
unfukd profile - diary
comments: For all us unfortunate losers who aren't getting any.
artgnome profile - diary
comments: talented artist, who's actually employed as an artist. Imagine that!
onewetleg profile - diary
comments: Tatooed S.F. chick who is a kick ass photographer and waxes poetic about the people in her life.
sixweasels profile - diary
comments: princess of assholia and owner of weasels...what could be more entertaining?
bigpimpinmba profile - diary
comments: I suppose that I should just plow into the guy and he’ll be happy. (Comic Gold I say!!)
Azzweepay profile - diary
comments: A runner running, ummm, and other stuff.
danjeruskurves profile - diary
comments: Curvey British blonde with a razor wit
fairygodmum profile - diary
comments: bay area goddess who grants wishes, but only if you're nice
fuzzy-grey profile - diary
comments: I think we take the same medications.
enfinblue profile - diary
comments: Canadian who was very nice to me. Go Canada. Or is that Oh Canada.

My favorite music:

Broadway Musicals
comments: Chicago, Oklahoma, Cabaret, Gypsy, A Chorus Line, Evita, Sweet Charity, can I keep going?
George Gershwin
comments: I love George and every piece of music he ever wrote! Sigh.
Billy Joel
comments: I'm not ashamed to say the wild boys were my friends..
comments: I like almost any kinds of rhythm and blues...anything really
CHICAGO Soundtrack
comments: One of the best musicals ever. I can act this out for you if you want.

My favorite movies:

comments: Singing in the Rain, Wizard of Oz, Cabaret, Chicago, All that Jazz, Babes in Arms, American in Paris, Sweet Charity
The Birdcage
comments: Wall to wall laughs with Robin Williams and Nathan Lane. I never tire of watching this hilarious film.
Anything Tim Burton
comments: Beetlejuice, Big Fish, Ed Wood, Batman, Frankenweenie, Edward Scissorhands, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Nightmare Before Christmas
Some Like it Hot
comments: Funniest movie ever! I once edited this film for length at a TV station, but had a hard time because it was so perfect
The Birds
comments: Alfred Hitchcock's best film. Also like Psycho, Shadow of a Doubt, Rear Window, Vertigo, North by Northwest

My favorite authors:

Will Durst
comments: I like comedians more than authors so here are my favorite comedians. Will Durst because he's caustic and hilarious and I've seen him 2 weeks apart and he'll have all new material. Brilliant!
Robin Williams
comments: Manic, crazy, scatological humor. Never know what's next. Great with improvisation. The master of course.
Jon Stewart
comments: Commander in Chief at Comedy Central's The Daily Show. Nobody's sharper.
Howie Mandel
comments: He's toned down on "deal or no deal" but he's acidly funny doing stand up
David Letterman
comments: I do like the droll Mr. Letterman, and he can be rapid-fire sarcastic too.

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