The FairyGodMum is Granting WISHES Again!

Hi, I'm the Fairy God Mum.

Thank You... Heavenly & Earthly Guardians, and The Great Three Vehicle Body of the Buddha for guiding & protecting me on the path.

I am greatful for everything and everyone who passes my way.

You're Question is... HOW to eliminate negative karma enabling you to change your destiny, and LIVE a Happy Life.

As Buddhist Priest, I practice an ancient form of priestly lay Buddhism. You can change at any time, making a difference in the world by showing people that you care.

With YOUR Wish...You can connect to the marvelous Truths and Know Joy.

I give honest advice, say a few prayers and make a some wishes for your eternal happiness.

This is My Wish. That Your's is Granted. When making a request:

1) Please be Sincere.

2) Have love in your heart.

3) Remember to Give Back for what you have received

NONE of that "I Wish for 1,000,000 MORE Wishes!" Otherwise you will counteract any positive energy. If your wish is pertaining to: Controlling others, having Greed, Anger or being just plain Ignorant... Sorry to have to tell you that you need not ASK! Go Back to Genie 101. But do shop at the Disney Store and buy a plastic Alladins Lamp!!

Should you need a REAL wish, write me a short note and I'll certainly put you on my list.

Remembering that I am NOT the one making Your Wish come True, it is the Source of All Creation working through the Heavenly Guardians that do the work. Then, after your wish is granted, please remember to THANK The BIG GUY Upstairs!

P.S. My beliefs are in Truth, Beauty and Love... and by no means am I involved with some sort of hocus pocus. I believe in the Omnipotent, Universal LOVE, Harmony and Happiness for all regardless of Religion, Faiths, or Beliefs. Treat everyone equally, Friend and Foe alike. And just because these are my beliefs, doesn't mean that you do too. BTW... Good Luck if you can find something better. Then again, if you rely on Luck then you ARE in for a big surprise. As a Game of Chance is Just That.

Hugz n Lub, Bebe da FairyGodMum

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My favorite music:

Stevie Wonder
comments: Motown Sounds.... 4 Tops, Miracles, Temptations, Supremes, Glady's Knight
Ohio Player's
comments: Funk Bands... Earth Wind and Fire, Rick James, Funkadelic
Jimmy Hendrix
comments: Rock Soul, Janice Joplin, Bob Marley
Luther Vandross
comments: Most Magnificent Tenor... Ever Lived!
Marvin Gaye
comments: Sexy, Sexy Soul Singer

My favorite movies:

The Matrix
comments: Which world do you live in... take the red pill or blue?
The Sixth Sense
comments: I see them too, how about Youuuu
Shawshank Redemption
comments: The BEST prison movie and narration yet! All with MEN!!!
Bridget Jones Dairy
comments: Certainly a girl flick, but I love her tenaciousness

My favorite authors:

Edgar Cayce
comments: Spiritual Medium who see's Dead People..
Sylvia Brown
comments: An insightful spiritual psychic whom I admire for her vision

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