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I live in the state of Oklahoma and would like everyone to know that it's NOTHING like the musical.

My favorite diaries:

unclebob profile - diary
comments: found his diary after reading his hilarious recaps for TWoP. I'm probably going to lose my job because I have to read his entry before starting any actual work.
weetabix profile - diary
comments: started reading her diary after reading her entry "Uterus Talks" in the Classics diary. Amazing writer!
classics profile - diary
comments: love the diaries they choose, just wish it was updated more often.
quoted profile - diary
comments: desperate to be an entry here someday
diaryreviews profile - diary
comments: don't know if I have the guts to let these people review my diary or not; but they're honest in a constructive way
sock-girlie profile - diary
comments: found this diary through our mutual philanthropic efforts to save the Oakland library through pamie.com. A pop culture princess like myself! And, she's going to help me find a man (and possibly fight crime).
gjdebates profile - diary
comments: new diary that has two diaryland authors debate a subject. Great first debate with more to come, I'm sure.
genghis-jon profile - diary
comments: okay, this guy is nasty funny in the best way possible. Plus, he's the great mind behind the debates.
felicityp profile - diary
comments: the story of her and "the boy." Every female can relate to what she writes.
no1wakefan21 profile - diary
comments: great reviewer at Diaryreviews and writes a pretty great diary herself. Ahh. to be this young again...Nope still wouldn't do it.
lost-sweetie profile - diary
comments: found this at DiaryReviews and loved it. Great emotion and some great venting, too.
laboheme532 profile - diary
comments: excellent taste in music! But, more than that, great words about life, anarchy, and the pursuit of happiness.
groovebunny profile - diary
comments: mutual fan of Gengis Jon. Great writer with some pretty funny rants.
just--jenn profile - diary
comments: college football fan, witty writer, and likes state politics. Great diary from my suspected doppelganger. Plus, is part of the triumverate of men-getting, crimebusting chicas!
ho-made profile - diary
comments: fun words about the creative spark that can drive us all insane.
emiline220 profile - diary
comments: great diary...beautiful layout and a fantastic About Me section that I envy. Read about everything from paranoia to shoes.
femmeproject profile - diary
comments: wonderful idea. Female diaryland writers serve as guest writers for a variety of topics. Hope to be a guest writer here someday.
snowcherry profile - diary
comments: my fave Gris is back with a new diary. Let's all go and learn French and remember how much we hated high school : )
judgmental profile - diary
comments: the name says it all. Fun rants and observations.
bowie-firey profile - diary
comments: anyone that lists David Bowie, William Blake, history and Eddie Izzard is definitely on my faves list. Plus, I'm totally jealous of her layout.
la-blue-eyez profile - diary
comments: a transplanted Okie in the Sunshine State. Fun enough read that I'll forgive her for being an OU fan.
etchedinpain profile - diary
comments: my teen is back. She's still fragile though and needs some cheer.
snarkypants profile - diary
comments: listed me as a favorite and so glad she did. Go learn about bras and cow-tipping and laugh hysterically.
crow profile - diary
comments: another new diary. I so related to so many of these entries (and geez people, she quoted Elvis Costello!).
ochre profile - diary
comments: found through crow (and the circle continues). In an entry, said he had an enlarged, hyperactive sarcasm gland too large to be operated on. Thank god!
poolagirl profile - diary
comments: my doppelganger in San Diego. She and I need to write a cookbook together, plus she has a soap-stealing neighbor and gives an education regarding vaginal farts. Too funny!
chaosdaily profile - diary
comments: old chick like me...her profile alone sums up what I want in life. Baking, a Wisconsinite, and chocolate, kids, CHOCOLATE!!
hissandtell profile - diary
comments: she called someone a "omni-lactating harpy." That kind of adjective use needs to be rewarded.
im2qt2kr profile - diary
comments: finding herself at 40. Great read that's both poignant and funny about changing your life. It's never too late.
dangerspouse profile - diary
comments: life in NJ with him and New Wifey (tm). Look, the first entry of his I read about his unfortunate experience with bean soup was worth the price of admission. Plus, I want to play Spiky Ball.
starwhore profile - diary
comments: she's back and I'm ready to keep up.
falo profile - diary
comments: started as a competitor in the DL Oscar predictions. But, after reading some entries, THIS is the person I want to sit across a table from and debate entertainment issues. Seems happy with life, work, and it a great, positive read.
boxx9000 profile - diary
comments: she's a monkey, a cat, and Mario. Plus she burns bagel dogs in the microwave...this is my kind of cook!
x-plicity profile - diary
comments: words that are sometimes painful to read and sometimes beautiful to read. Plus, an all-girl kick-ass band. What more do you people want?
fairygodmum profile - diary
comments: go make a wish and watch it come true. Not any "I want a 1,000 wishes" crap, though.
catinasnit profile - diary
comments: life in the Ozarks. We older, wise women of Diaryland need to stick together.
punkyfish890 profile - diary
comments: let's go to England! And, I can certainly be thankful my university opportunities were in Okie-land and not there!

My favorite music:

My favorite movies:

Bottle Rocket
comments: Wonderful in its naive enthusiasm mixed with perverse sense of humor. "Let's get lucky" slays me every time.
comments: The contrast of Max Fisher's over-the-top sophistication verses Herman Blume's sad descent makes for one of the most original friendships I've seen in a movie. "We both have dead people in our families."
The Royal Tennebaums
comments: Notice a pattern here? Although a bit darker than the other two, it's an amazing juggling act of disparate people and the tenuous ties that bind them. "He's got the cancer."

My favorite authors:

David Sedaris
comments: To put it simply, the funniest essays ever written.
Dave Barry
comments: Another great essayist; makes what we try to do here seem effortless

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