"There is no such thing as weird human being. It's just that some people require more understanding than others."

-Tom Robbins

My favorite diaries:

almost-sane profile - diary
comments: " I actually stopped to ask the customer service person if I was silly for calling them on a 30 cent error, especially on a Saturday night. I don't think she realized how seriously I was asking. "
anniewaits18 profile - diary
comments: "I'm going to make a 30 second commercial and then do the dvd commentary."
bingoguy profile - diary
comments: "I've also had the added pressure of 3 people adding me on as a favourite. I question your sanity but that's alright. My sanity is in question itself. It's questions upon questions leading only to more questions."
blofeld profile - diary
comments: "Dude. I just fell asleep and then woke up and read those last two paragraphs, and I seriously don�t know what the fuck I was writing. �Salisbury steak�?...I�m so fucking confused right now. Sweet Saint Francis, I�m drunk."
bttrflychic profile - diary
dano profile - diary
comments: "As amazing as the Grand Canyon is, it's probably just as amazing that gradually, over a...short stretch of a few hundred miles, someone driving east from Utah can go from the parched red rock desert to snow-capped Rocky Mountains in July."
dizzy-dame profile - diary
elliorange profile - diary
everoboto profile - diary
comments: "Why in hell was he fighting with this guy, and...what did he think he was going to do with that sword? What made him even think to grab it? It's not like he normally walked around with an unsheathed sword."
falo profile - diary
gumphood profile - diary
comments: " today was been pretty much like trying to drag a dead body out into the woods and burying it. You are nervous the whole time and don�t want to get caught breaking the rules, and at the same time the minute pass like hours."
hsing-mom profile - diary
ihmx100 profile - diary
indiegirl777 profile - diary
comments: "You know what poster i'd like to see? 'Life's a bitch, and it doesn't get much better as you get older, so don't get your hopes up.' And, it can have a little basket of puppies. How's that for inspiration."
italktowalls profile - diary
comments: "No one can hide from life for very long. I now look forward to growing up and actually living my life, even though I know that means leaving everything I've known."
just--jenn profile - diary
comments: "I love first dates because I think of them as a chance to hang out with and get to know someone that you may potentially be interested in. I don�t get nervous, and it weirds me out if I think I make someone else nervous."
k8e505 profile - diary
comments: "I'm just realizing that I've become really proud of myself as a person and as a woman lately and I want that to continue and grow. I know that sounds super cheesey but I want to be proud of who I am."
la-blue-eyez profile - diary
lealoo profile - diary
comments: "Someone at our table who we didn't know referred to us as being married. I had an incredibly strong urge to stand up and say, 'No, we're not married. We're just living in sin.'"
loriebug profile - diary
miss-edith profile - diary
comments: "...I decided to try a small shot of wheatgrass. People swear by those little patches of lawn, so, what the hell? I might as well give it a try."
misterzero profile - diary
comments: "Why is it that all of us are single... We're all smart, we're cute, and come on, we're giant football fans. Fried food and beer on a weekend fall afternoon, screaming at the television? Come on, who doesn't want that."
mrs-roboto profile - diary
comments: "Do you know how embarrassing it take notes with this ridiculous thing? And don't think it went unnoticed by the President. 'Wow Mrs-Roboto',...'That's some Christmas pen...You must really like Christmas.'
peytonsplace profile - diary
comments: "Isn't it funny how you can be disappointed to not get something that you didn�t want right now anyway?"
pummela profile - diary
pura-vida profile - diary
randommuse profile - diary
redness profile - diary
comments: "I want my true love to keep the tears from my eyes, take the hurt from my heart. Life is spent longing to make the rain and storms leave my mind."
sarasvati23 profile - diary
secretchild profile - diary
shaded-lily profile - diary
comments: "It's difficult to get inside a dog's head when their senses are so different from ours... I'm eye- and hand-oriented and he's nose- and ear-oriented. It's amazing we get along as well as we do."
shygrl21 profile - diary
slippin-m profile - diary
comments: "I�ve lately been lamenting missed opportunities. Determined to live a life absent of regret, I try not to do so lightly. What-ifs never do anyone any good."
sock-girlie profile - diary
stumblebee profile - diary
comments: "While I was in the restroom, ridding my feet of the nasty pee germs, one lady stopped to stare...'Someone peed in one of the dressing rooms, and I stepped in it,' I told her. She seemed utterly appalled and rushed out. As would I."
sundry profile - diary
comments: "...the smile on a little boy's face can pull you in a thousand directions at once, and you feel like you are never going to figure all this out. Ever."
thisuser profile - diary
comments: "She had awoke just long enough to meet my gaze, just long enough to smile�or perhaps she wasn�t awake at all, for now, once more she�s asleep; but I�m still awake, awake and watching over them."
trancejen profile - diary
twelvebeer profile - diary
unclebob profile - diary
comments: You can't pick just one funny or interesting passage by Uncle Bob, just go start reading, ok.
weetabix profile - diary
comments: "But I certainly won�t live in fear of schoolyard taunts. Why would I let a stranger decide how I should feel about myself? Why does their opinion count more than mine? Good God, life is way too short. Besides, I�m fabulous. "
wllybere profile - diary
comments: "My greatest hope is that one day I will find real love with someone else, and that I'll have the happiness that my grandparents had."
thenewlyweds profile - diary
scrtgarden profile - diary
curvy-loo profile - diary
lasvegasliz profile - diary

My favorite music:

Dave Matthews Band
John Mayer
Ben Folds
Better Than Ezra

My favorite movies:

Moulin Rouge
High Fidelity
The Hours

My favorite authors:

Elizabeth Berg
Nick Hornby
Abigail Thomas
David Sedaris

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