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"It's the good girls that keep the diaries; the bad girls never have the time." -Tallulah Bankhead

I'm 35, and I've had this thing since late high school. Accounts of my early 20s live here, and bits and pieces of other happenings.

If you're here, and we once communicated on DL, just know that I miss your company, and I hope you write, even just to say hello, even if we're totally different people.

About me: living in LA, and pursuing film editing. I use this space to cope, to celebrate, and to explore. Some entries are a log of goings-on, and others have more depth.

My favorite diaries:

twelvebeer profile - diary
comments: if you're looking for funny, fast reads, this is a good place to start.
buppie profile - diary
comments: interesting and very witty indeed
betholindo profile - diary
comments: she teaches in china. interesting, i like her.
thoughts159 profile - diary
comments: confessions of an overworked cashier--i too was a cashier once, and this is a sweet few entries
alainabelle profile - diary
comments: i wish she would keep writing, but i know she had her baby and is very busy!
penmaster profile - diary
aglaia profile - diary
comments: she's 22 and has kept her diary since she was in high school. way to be dedicated! lots of good entries, they're usually long and few in number. still worth reading!
ebm profile - diary
amazinfuckup profile - diary
comments: sad but well written, and I hope she has made it all up but I doubt it. Her journal is powerful!
ladyloo profile - diary
comments: i haven't read much of her stuff yet, but it looks interesting so far.
daath profile - diary
jonathan profile - diary
comments: you can't help but smile back at his layout. ...interesting guy.
officehours profile - diary
comments: never too long, and seems to be usually entertaining. i think i'll like her.
ann-frank profile - diary
comments: angry and hilarious! i haven't read much of her yet.
fiorile profile - diary
comments: another francophile!
unfukd profile - diary
comments: a group of people that aren't getting any, a funny read!
bassclargrrl profile - diary
comments: a fellow bass clarinetist!
newschick profile - diary
comments: another t-sip, the only diarylander i've met in person!
basal profile - diary
comments: angst!
doing-it profile - diary
comments: tales of married sex life; always an interesting read, and definitely nothing obscene, despite the title!
lettersanon profile - diary
comments: why doesn't somebody change the layout? i would love to contribute to this site! it's open to anyone to post various letters to anybody, but it has been down for a while now.
darktruth profile - diary
comments: "Ostensibly, after a recent poll, this is not what Brett's Friends consider a date. However, she does not care."
geoffchaucer profile - diary
comments: i've only read a couple of his entries, but they're both interesting--he dated a girl in high school, they broke up, and married years later
betholindo profile - diary
comments: she teaches in china. interesting, i like her.
daath profile - diary
officehours profile - diary
comments: never too long, and seems to be usually entertaining. i like her.
chalkstain profile - diary
comments: "Ever hear that phrase 'curiosity killed the cat?'. Yeah, well curiosity was framed. Ignorance did it. And I'm out to live, for living."
unofficial profile - diary
jonquill profile - diary
idiot-milk profile - diary
pischina profile - diary
comments: she calls it "diary of a grown woman." nice anne frank reference, i think!
strawberrri profile - diary
comments: Also planning a wedding! English gal!
bitterwineuk profile - diary
comments: "All girls must date men who were once in a band, regardless of success or lack of it."
sundaygirl profile - diary
comments: "I am so done with dating. So very, very done. If I never go on another date again for as long as I live it will be too damn soon." I sympathize, even though she's married and with a baby now!
Rizzn profile - diary
comments: stopped writing a long time ago (parental peeking nonsense), but I want to mark him for further reading.
fuck-nugget profile - diary
comments: stopped writing in '04, but she was brutally honest and funny for 19 entries.
sunfuck profile - diary
comments: "you - the you i'm stringing along - invited me to the hipster dance downtown - so hip it's on thursday! fuck friday nights to them! i declined like a thudding fist."
weatethesea profile - diary
comments: ATX! Looking forward to reading more!
lightfallsup profile - diary
erari profile - diary
comments: Short entries from a new yorker about drama and useful tips for life. :)
americansin profile - diary
girlsmad profile - diary
comments: "Girls, if a boy ever does not want to be your boyfriend, don't stick around and wonder why and dig and pray and think, 'well if i just wear my hair like this, then...'"
enurta profile - diary
comments: "Laugh, smile, cry...all feelings are precious."
gia-carangi profile - diary
suicidebomb profile - diary
comments: "I know in my head that finding anyone and settling down with them in my early twenties would be a recipe for disaster. Yet I can't help but feel dissappointed that I haven't found anyone yet. People bow down to social pressure and spend s
hungryghost profile - diary
haloaskew profile - diary
errantnights profile - diary
comments: an extension of the 23rd diary listed here. i won't write the screenname here, i think he's had a problem with a relative snooping.
ikissgrls profile - diary
comments: "ok, maybe im really stupid for writing this in here but if i cant express myself in my own diary, the world is fucked up."
cherryglaze profile - diary
cloverstar profile - diary
outwalking profile - diary
lanienaked profile - diary
jjiill profile - diary
becksaidyes profile - diary
comments: fellow texan. hello!
annanotbob2 profile - diary
vxxen profile - diary
jagged-pulp profile - diary
college-kid profile - diary
loveherwell profile - diary
x-y profile - diary
englishsucks profile - diary
byebeautiful profile - diary
extremelyshy profile - diary
dangerspouse profile - diary
comments: "Listen, if I don't get a snowblower there will be no blowing of ANY kind this winter, you understand?"
thedailywtf profile - diary
graceland profile - diary
spiralish profile - diary
absurniverse profile - diary
comments: A photo diary!
horvendile profile - diary
comments: Wise, a fellow therapy-goer, apparently lives in my favorite state and city, based on a chocolate shop reference!
dirtyboots profile - diary
comments: Hilarious in her calmness about life in general. I can't wait to read more!
jim515 profile - diary
comments: Actor on Shameless! I hope to read more.
jimbostaxi profile - diary
lust- profile - diary
papotheclown profile - diary
comments: "I realized that how I was feeling was just my depression talking." - smart!

My favorite music:

comments: definitely look into these guys if you haven't heard of them. simply awesome.
Red Hot Chili Peppers
comments: lovely schtuff!
Kings of Convenience
comments: beautiful, i don't like folk music but these guys are great
Something Corporate
comments: piano punk--if indie rock could ever be called elegant, Soco would be that sound
comments: yeah, i know...but i love them!!! I've been to three of their concerts, they were my first CD and the first band i clung to, so they hold a special, nerdy place in my heart.

My favorite movies:

Almost Famous
comments: i saw this my freshman year in college (four years ago) and i can't stop talking about it. patrick fugit is an absolutely amazing actor! also, Wristcutters is another film he stars (and rocks) in.
Shakespeare In Love
comments: great film! the first R movie i was allowed to see
Mr. Holland's Opus
comments: i'm a former band nerd so this movie is a big deal to me. I also dig High Fidelity, The Commitments, Amadeus, Les Choristes, Across the Universe, The Rutles, Singing In the Rain, and A Hard Day's Night, the Pianist, and La Vie en Rose.
Moulin Rouge
comments: pompous and colorful! they (whoever "they" are) need to make many more modern musicals!
comments: i was a french major for 2 years

My favorite authors:

J. D. Salinger
comments: very dark but i love it
J. K. Rowling
comments: i've read 3.8 of the harry books and a bio about her. don't ban her books, they rock and kids love them
Ray Bradbury
comments: scifi!
Tracy Chevalier
comments: "Only children and thieves run."
Rachel Vail
comments: friendship ring books!

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