Memoirs of a College Kid

This is for posterity.

It's a lame diary about my day to day life as a college student.

Currently working towards: B.A. in Biology

Currently Locked.

Please e-mail if you're interested in reading.

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My favorite music:

Shiny Toy Guns
comments: Who says we die before we live?
The Pixies
comments: Your head will collapse, but there's nothing in it, and you'll ask yourself, "Where is my mind?"
El Canto Del Loco
comments: Y al despertar, la vida me regala otro color / La vida que es igual que una canción / Tan llena de recuerdos y de voz
The Distillers
comments: It's warm and humid on Swanston street / and the air is filling with electricity / and the sky is deeper than a dream

My favorite movies:

All Across the Universe
comments: Beatles. Musical. Fantastic Cinematography.
Kill Bill v. 1 & 2
comments: And basically anything else by Quentin Tarantino.
P.S. I Love You
comments: Best Romantic/Comedy/Tragedy ever!
Dazed and Confused
comments: As well as Monty Python = most easily quotable movies ever.
Rocky Horror Picture Show
comments: Because it's Tim Curry cross dressing... do I need another reason?

My favorite authors:

J.K. Rowling
comments: Harry Potter. I'm lame, I know.
William King
comments: Gotrek and Felix was my first taste of Warhammer, and I haven't looked back.
Edgar Allen Poe
comments: The Tell-Tale Heart. The Pit and the Pendelum. The Fall of the House of Usher. The Raven.
Graphic Novels
comments: Sandman, the Watchmen, the Walking Dead
Ann Rynd
comments: In the process of reading the Fountainhead.

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